Deckstools – Recycled Skateboards

To be honest anything made from recycled skateboards usually looks pretty fresh.  These barstools are no different, i could use about 3 of these in my kitchen.

Bodega New Era Hats

Say it with me now, Bo-de-ga.  Oh what a great quote from classic film Half-baked.  Anyways Bodega’s always dropping some fly ish, they’ve hooked up with New Era multiple times, and it never dissappoints.  They are available now in-store as well as online.

New Colorways In The TK Society

Three new colorways in the Supra TK Society are supposed to be dropping here close to the holiday season this year.  They’ve been droppin’ colorways like crazy in this shoe, most likely because so far the success has been out of this world.  Not to mention their getting a bill 40 for each pair.


Huge Sale @ SPoT

Well i figured i’d better let all you guys in on this, so the Skate Park of Tampa is having a huge back to school sale.  Primarily my biggest focus was all the Nike SB’s on sale, and not only on sale, but pretty cheap.  I waited of course till i ordered everything i wanted because i know how many people out there probably wear 10.5’s.  Enjoy, check everything out here.

Featured Artist – Jared Nickerson

Gotta love some psychedelic sneaker art. 

Light Bulb Lantern

By Kyouei Design

Supra Odyssey Backpack

Back to school.  Back to school… to prove to Dad I’m not a fool.  I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don’t get in a fight.  …Oh Billy.  People might be trying to jack you for this pack.  Available now at CCS.  Three colors: grey (my favorite) and black seen after the jump. 

Zoo York – Sky High Deck Series

I have a huge print of the Brooklyn bridge in my bedroom, so you know I’m diggin this series.  The collection is already available at most all Zoo York retailers.  The photography on the decks is by Alessandro ‘Zuek’ Simonetti.  Take a closer look at the decks here. 

Nixon x DJ Kentaro – The Private Watch

Now normally I don’t like putting up items that you can only get from a Japanese webshop, but I’m going to make an exception on this one for 2 reasons.  1)  It’s super fresh, and I just had to share this freshness with the world, and 2)  You CAN get this watch just in different colorways from Nixon’s webshop.  You’ll find The Private toward the bottom of their watches, a couple to the left of the Newton.  90 bucks.  If you wanna check out more on this DJ Kentaro one, you can do so here. 

Upper Playground – August 09 New Eras (Available)

Ah man… I don’t even wear hats, but this Great White one might make me reconsider.  I know… I know… Sneakhype founder doesn’t wear fitty nine fitties???  Rest assured, I like them, I really do, and also know that the other guys in the crew rock em no doubt.  But I… I have an extremely unique head shape (it’s like a long thin oval… an egg if you will).  Such skull construction makes it very difficult for me to look anything but ridiculous in any sort of headgear, be it a hat, sunglasses, goggles, anything you put on your head/face — it’s not workin for me.  If you, however, are like the 95% of people who look just fine in a hat, you can pick up the Great White here, and the superFishbones here. 

Nike SB Dunks – Yellow Lobsters Availabe On eBay

I got some good news possibly for one lucky person.  If you’ve been wanting some yellow lobsters, wear a size 10.5, & have some mad cash to drop then there’s a pair of yellow lobsters waiting for you on good ‘ol eBay.  Currently there’s about 6 hours left and the high bid is at a whopping 4000 dollars.  Check ‘em out here.

Greedy Genius Ocean Runner – Big Blue Colorway

Greedy Genius just released their Ocean Runner shoe in this new “Big Blue” colorway. I am a big fan of the Ocean Runner, it is not often you get to see a hi-top deck shoe. These will be available this Fall. More pictures after the jump.

“Alphabets” by Bela Borsodi

I remember when I was just a wee lad, my friend had this pretty fruity poster of the wings of all these different types of butterflies.  Each one looked like the letters of the alphabet.  If I’m not mistaken, right next to that poster was another poster of a naked Pam Anderson wrapped in the American flag.  It’s no wonder he’s struggled with his sexuality ever since.  Regardless, this alphabet series by Bela Borsodi is different than many others in that instead of pictures of things that somewhat resemble letters of the alphabet, this chick manipulated everyday scenes to make very precise typography.  Sneakhype verdict: pretty cool and less gay than butterflies. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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