Onitsuka Tiger Fall & Winter 2009 Bag Collection

To be honest i did not know Onitsuka had any items besides footwear, and now after seing this bag collection i’ll definitely have to do some snoopin’ around for clothing & accessories.  I like the colorways of the bags, and i like how it looks like there’s a couple bags for the guys, and then one for the ladies.  Take closer looks at all three of the bags afterwards.

OriginalFake Half-Zip Chompers

I’m diggin’ the hell out of these, all three colors are great.  I know i just showed you some Bape hoodies, but when i saw these i couldn’t resist, plus it is comin’ close to winter.  I own one half-zip hoody and love it, so now that there’s are out i may have to expand my collection.  Get some purchase info as well as a couple other looks after the jump.

Evolved Footwear – Custom Clae Blakey

Our friend over at Evolved Footwear is currently in a competition dubbed as the Clash of the Customizers.  He won the first round and is in his second battle.  These Clae’s that you see were his piece of work for this round.  I think they look pretty mad fresh, the detail is great, especially the water lookin’ drops on the toe of the shoe.  Take some closer looks after the jump.

DQM X Nike Sportswear Air Max Current Huarache

Following the collaboration with HUF, New York boutique Dave’s Quality Meat hooked up with Nike on another Air Max Current Huarache collabo. DQM used a bacon inspired colorway on these brown, pink, and red kicks. No release date has ben set yet but we will let you know when we find out.

The Hundreds Eyeware Preview

There have been some photos of The Hundreds Eyeware floating around the web for awhile now but they finally released some detailed pictures of the shades. It looks like the sunglasses are going to come in a variety of solid colorways  as well as a tortoise shell frame. We’ll keep you posted on release info. Hit the link to check out some more pictures.

Johnny Cupcakes X Looney Tunes – A Full Look

We showed you a preview of Johnny Cupcakes new Looney Tune collection last week but we now have a complete look at the entire collection. These are all available at Johnny Cupcakes online store now and as always they are only availabl ein limited quantity. Hit the lin and check out the rest of the line.

My Fantasy Team Could Kick Your Weakass Squad’s Weak Ass

Ah yes… let the fantasy trash talk commence!  Today my friends, today is the day.  The day that every lucky son of a byatch who drew first pick was handsomely rewarded with a beast of a performance from their man AP.  And what a beast he is.  I thought you all might enjoy some trash talk highlights from my league from some of the most clever trash talkers alive.  Namely… me.  Feel free to customize these and recycle them for your own smacktalk dominance: “i’m so excited my balls feel like they’re in my stomach. which is ridiculous, cuz i know they can’t be in my stomach and [opponent’s mom’s name]’s mouth simultaneously” “I should probably apologize. I didn’t realize that my smacktalk I posted about how your mom sucks on my balls a lot would strike such a chord with you. If it makes it any better, she’s not very good at it. But, practice makes perfect.” “Why are you even posting as if anyone gives a shit about anything you have to say.  ‘Tis true: as managers, you and I are very different from one another.  You’re right. I don’t jerk off to pregame shows and memorize player’s… More →

Bape Shark Park & Vinyl Toy Pack

I’m glad to see Bape drop some fresh hoodies that don’t have that crazy camo print or Baby Milo’s all over it.  These are simple and very fresh in my opinion.  The nice thing about it is you get a cool little toy that has a matching hoodie on it.  Check out all the colorways after the jump.

Air Jordan 60+ Laney HS Edition (Available Now)

PG gave you a little SNEAKpeek at these kickers a while back.  Now his ambiguously-gay-duo-better-half-partner-in-crime, EG (that’s me), is giving you the sneakLEAK on their availability.  You can pick them up here.  

Bespoke Air Force 1 by Adam Sofa

Here is another cumstom Air Force 1 from 21 Mercer. This time Adam Sofa designed the custom pair of Forces.They were inspired by the Yeezy’s and I’m really feelin the patent leather and suede combination, especially with the pink details and stitching. I would say these kicks turned out real well considering Mr. Sofa had to design these via an iChat session.  Check out some more detailed pictures after the jump.

Karl Langerfeld for Dom Perignon Oenotheque Campaign

Here is a swanky new advertising campaign from Dom Perignon. They must be doing something right because i seriously feel the urge to go buy a bottle of Dom and kick it with that model in the photographs. Hit the link to check out the rest of the pictures.

Nike Delta Force High AC

Oh wow, so excited when i first saw these.  Not only do i love Delta Force’s, but the sole they used on these is one of my favorite Nike soles.  The color choices are pretty much perfect i would say.  Expect these to drop in October, possibly November, we’ll definitely keep you posted.  Closer looks after the jump.


The Natalia Dress by *NYC Boutique

Damn, man.  This girl is just too hot for me handle.  If I saw her on the street wearing this, I would probably pull a Jim-Carrey-starring-in-The-Mask-ogling-Cameron-diaz-at-The-Bada-Bing “AHHHOOOOOGA!!”  Classic.  But back to the matter at hand… you need to check out these other pics:

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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