Rebel8 “Startin Up A Posse” T-Shirt

Rebel8 just released this exclusive t-shirt entitled “Startin Up A Posse” at their online store. Well Rebel8 actually released a shirt with this same graphic a while back but they made some new additions to this design including the half toned  grafitti graphic in the back ground. Only 88 were made get it here at Rebel8′s online store for 32 bucks.

adidas Originals – New Samba Colorways

You gotta love the classic Samba.  And you GOTS to love this new Sneakhype green and black colorway they got goin.  Mmm mm mmm.  49 Euros here.  There’s also an orange and royal blue one, check it:

NIKEiD – Trainer 1

Choose from a variety of designs that are probably way cooler than anything you could come up.  Let’s be real.  Come on.  BUT, if you disagree with me, you can customize your own.


Bedhead put together a nice little feature on 40 of the craziest hairstyles I have ever seen.  Check em out:

Glass Roof House

Possibly the sickest house i’ve ever seen to be 100% honest.  It was designed by the Sambuichi Architects, and i must say they did a damn good job.  You can check out some other looks at this amazing house after the jump.

Zevs Exhibition in Hong Kong

I know it’s hotter than Hansel right now… sooo hot right now… but I can’t get enough of drippy droppy art — and the multicolor LV print is always legit.  I know a lot of you Sneakhypers are worldwide travelers and whatnot, so if you’re in Hong Kong tomorrow, you should check out the exhibition at the Art Statements Gallery.  Check out the full size image:

Nike Air Max ST – Fall 2009

Nike’s gettin’ ready to drop some classics from the Air Max family, the ST.  Comin’ out in two different colorways, expect them to drop very soon.  We don’t know exactly when but we’ll keep ya posted.  Check out some other looks after the jump.

Nike Sportswear Tech Pack Tee

Let’s be honest — if you found this shirt at Gordman’s or TJ Maxx and it didn’t have the Nike logo on it, you might think it was weak.  BUT, since it does have the swoosh AND it costs 50 bucks…. it’s the shit.  That’s a badass beetle if I’ve ever seen one.  Pick it up here.

Gold Dipped Nike Dunk Highs

So this may deflate my baller status a bit — but my mom actually just got back from NYC and took this pic for me.  She said she doesn’t remember what store she was in because she had just finished a bottle of wine at brunch or somethin.  Oh… Mother…  But the tag says: Gold Dipped Nike Dunks. Ju$t Another Rich Kid. $4500.  Dope.  Check out the image in full size:

Meister Watches For Fat Lacce – 10th Anniversary

Fatlace celebrated their 10th Anniversary with a new timepeice made by Meister Wathces . They are calling it the CGMK watch after the color scheme; Cyan, Magenta, Green, and Black.  Each watch is individually numbered and limited to 100 pieces. They are available through Fatlace San Francisco/Tokyo stores and through the Fatlace online store. Check out some more detailed pictures after the jump. 

Stussy X Freestyle Classic Sharks

Stussy just collaborated with Freestyle Watches on some custom Sharks. All together they got three new colorways which feature the Stussy and Shark logos. Keep your eye out for a release at Stussy stores soon.

Hyori for InStyle Magazine

More Dopeness link please… 

Nike Sportswear T-shirt Gun ($1500)

You can now own the gun featured in Stephen Jackson’s NSW commercial.  Sick.  Buy it here.  via Kineda

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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