Featured Artist – Nikolai Kvartnikov

This first image here is a spider monkey ripping open the mouth of a leopard or jaguar or somethin.  Righteous.  Great photomanipulation.  After the jump there’s a zebra taking down a lion which is also equally bitchin. 


Nike Sportswear Fall 2009 Lookbook

As can only be expected, a fiiine lookbook was put out by NSW for the Fall season.  I love Nike Sportswear.  Just love it.  (That was a little play on their just DO it slogan.  You can only find this sort of cleverness on Sneakhype.)  Not to mention, the asian chick in these pics is kiiinda turnin’ me on with her step aerobics limberness she’s got goin on.  Turning me on indeed, but not nearly as much as I was turned on last night while watching episode 5 of season 2 of TRUE BLOOD on HBO.  Hot damn when Sarah (preacher’s wife) was gettin down with Jason Stackhouse in the bathtub.  Now THAT is quality television.  Mmm mm mm. 

Supra Suprano High – Grey Patent Leather and Green

I mean, anything in a SNEAKHYPE colorway is gonna look fresh — and if you throw it on a Suprano, you know it’s gonna be stuntin.  More info at Supra.

Gun Coat Hanger

The funniest thing about these is, if you look at the pics after the jump, you’ll see that in the ads they show a guy holding a “GunHook” as well as like a real ass 9 milli. That goes pretty hard. The colors are a bit questionable, but it would undoubtedly be a dope coat rack.  You can pick one up for $17 here (if you speak Japanese or know someone who does).

Twista featuring Kanye West-Alright

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the second fastest rapper in the world behind Tech N9ne. Listen to Twista’s new track Alright featuring Kanye West. Chicago’s finest have out done themselves, the beat on the song is real dope and has a summer time feel to it. Download the track after the jump.

Moschino Men’s Spring 2010

There’s something about the Moschino Men’s Spring 2010 line that really stands out.  Using newspaper and ink as inspiration, Moschino puts a modern touch on a classic look.  The splatter print is dope.  This is Italian fashion at it’s finest, make sure you take a look at the whole line after the jump.  

SNEAKPEEK-The New Dallas Cowboys Stadium

This is what 1.12 billion dollars will get you, three-million square feet of dopeness. The new Dallas Cowboys Stadium is the cream-of-the-crop, it ‘s definitely the dopest stadium man has ever layed eyes on. This stadium has it all, from marble flooring to giant dual 72-by-160 foot HD video screens(starts at the 20 yard line ends at the other 20 yard line), it even has a plush contemporary “Legend’s” Club. What was Jerry Jone’s logic for spending over one billion dollars during the recession? “I could have built this for $850 million,” Jones said. “And it would have been a fabulous place to play football. But this was such an opportunity for the ‘wow factor, and a chance to get on SNEAKHYPE’s homepage”.  $200 million for one SNEAKHYPE post? Don’t worry we’ll send him a t-shirt and some free mountian dew.  More pics after the jump. [newyorktimes]

KU Pre-season #1 Again?

Since SNEAKHYPE is homegrown in Lawrence, KS I think it’s time to update you on KU basketball.  Yuuuuuupppp.  We’re pre-season #1.  Two All-Americans and possibly four first-round NBA draft picks next year? Yezzzir. Anything less then a National Championship would be disastrous for a team that goes 13 deep(our bench can beat your starters). What’s that you say Josh Herwitt? We have 2 of the top 5 players in college basketball?  Alright I’ll stop bragging, enjoy the summer KU fans.

Trek Lance Armstrong STAGES Bike

New bike for Lance Armstrong? Why yes it is. It’s seem as though the KAWS and Shepard Fairey bike’s weren’t good enough for the One-Ball Bandit.  Here is the Trek Lance Armstrong STAGES Bike by Yoshitomo Nara, who is known for his contemporary pop art.  Take a closer look after the jump. [hypebeast]


Lakai “Rick” Commercial (Video)

Pretty hilarious skate commercial.  Fresh kicks as well.  Watch it.

adidas 3 Way Consortium – Samba

Well, since a good part of this shoe is transparent, you better wear some fresh socks with them… or have some dope tatts on your feets.  Available at MajorDC.

G-Shock – G300SC-6A

I think… I think I like this purple and pink.  I know I like it; I like it a lot.  I think I will buy it and smoke me some pot.  ‘Tis so fresh, like a fruit that is ripe.  As to be expected, as ’tis found on SNEAKHYPE.  – Dr. Seuss   In at in4mants.

Air Jordan XI – 25th Anniversary

Here we have a sneak peak at the 25th Anniversary Jordan XI’s that are pure as columbian cocaine.  You may have heard about the anniversary line-up — they’re supposed to be re-releasing the whole retro line in all white… that’s right 1 through 23.  No word on release dates yet though.  via sneakerfiles

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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