Clipse Ft. Pharrell – “I’m Good” Video

New joint from Clipse featuring Pharrell, I’m Good.

Supra – August Releases

Check out Supra‘s August lineup. These should be at your local Supra retailer soon.

Hall of Fame – New Era “Size” Hats

Lemme get the seven and a half in a seven and a quarter, feel me? 

Zip Tie Art

Big sculptures made with zip ties that are zip tied to a bunch of other zip ties.  Sweet.  It’s actually not a bad idea to just go buy a bunch of colored zip ties, keep cinching them to one another while you’re watching True Blood and Entourage, and then BAM, you got yourself a nice little somethin somethin to hang from your ceiling after 8 or 10 episodes.  It’s like knitting but for creatives involved in streetwear culture instead of grandmas and shit. The featured artist is R Justin Stewart. 

Louis Vuitton Chop Sticks

I finally found what Kanye uses to eat every meal, some Louis Vuitton chop sticks.  Things like these just scream “I have to much money”, but i would probably buy them if i was loaded as well.  Pick ‘em up for $450 at LV’s online store.

Future G-Shock Collaborations

It looks like there is a ton of G-Shock collabs coming up.  My favorite one being with hip-hip artist Redman, the LRG one is pretty sick as well.  Other collabs include Mr. Cartoon, Todd Jordan, & Globe.  Check them all out after the jump.

Official Pics Of Nike Air Max LeBron VII

More pics of the Lebron VII’s for your viewing pleasure.  The new colorways are dope, but I gotta know what the public opinion is on these? Are they worth the $160 price tag?   check them out after the jump.

iPod Nano Cassette Tape Case

You gotta love the cassette tape — and now you can show some love to the classic device in a practical manner: by using it to protect your fancy smancy iPod nano.  You can order one from Contexture Design. 

Supra – Sling Wallet

When I was a wee lad, maybe 9 or 10 years old… I wanted nothing more than a chain wallet.  I wanted to be a badass — I knew the chain wallet acted as an immensely strong magnetic force that raked in all the super hot 12 and 13 year old eighth grade hunnies.  Unfortunately, my parents thought it was trashy or something and wouldn’t let me get it.  Well Mom and Dad… I’m my own man now, and if I want a chain wallet to attract all the hot 12 and 13 year old girls in town, then damnit, I’m getting one.  And you can, too.  The black one is available here, and the white here. 

Lara Stone by Willy Vanderperre

[WARNING: NUDE FEMALE.  BOOBS ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE.  WATCH YOURSELF.]  These are simply pictures of a naked chick.  It’s borderline pornography, but I had to post it to ask you all: do you think her tah’s are real or fake?  PG says they’re fake… I think they may just be photoshopped naturals.  I wanna believe they’re real.  Actually, I could care less; they’re great boobs.  And I love boobs — fake, real, one fake, one real… it’s all good in the hood baby.  Take a closer look. 

Air Jordan 60+ X Laney High School

Here are some more Jordan Fusion’s for your viewing pleasure. This time we bring you the Air Jordan 60+ in a Laney High School colorway. Laney is of course the High School which Jordan attended so it is only right to hook em up with their own shoe. These will be available at select Jordan retailers soon.

Billionaire Boys Club – Mission Patch Collection

BBC just released a new “Mission Patch” collection. The collection is made of 2 trucker hats and 2 tees all featuring graphics related too Space Travel. These will be released August 8th.

Air Jordan Fusion 13’s

Pictures of the these Fusion’s have been floating around for some time now and they are finally becoming available at select retailers.  You can get yours now at Marqueesole.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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LeBron James heads home to Akron in new Beats by Dre commercial