Upper Playground x Chrome – “Artist Series” Messenger Bags

If messenger bags are your bag, then these bags are definitely your bag baby, yeah.  (That was a lil throwback Austin Powers reference in case you didn’t catch it.)  It’s early… I’m just gettin warmed up.  You can pick these up at Upper Playground’s online store. 

Nike – Fall 09 Tech Windrunners

As much as I love the windrunner with all of my cold, black heart… it’s a wonder why I still don’t have one.  However, this electric blue one is about to make me pull the trigger.  In fact, the only thing separating me from busting out the credit card right now to place the order is: you.  More specifically, my obligation to you — in that, on my honor, I swear to feed you the freshness and all that is dope, day in and day out… for the rest of my life.  Or at least until some corporate bigwig hits me up for a multimillion dolla dealio.  Damn, how sweet would it be to be a corporate sell-out?  One can only dream.  You can get my dream coat (volt blue) here and the black and red here.

Nike Sportswear Fall 2009 Footwear

Check out the upcoming releases from Nike Sportswear. All these kicks are due out this fall. Check out a bunch of pictures after the jump.

The Wolfman (Movie Trailer)

Benicio Del Toro as a frikkin warewolf… PLUS Anthony Hopkins.  Need I say more?  So badass.  I watched the trailer in my office with a bunch of monkeys making some ruckus, so I couldn’t hear a damn thing, but it looks siiick.  Check it!! 

Mike Tyson’s Abandoned Beast of a House

The ear-eatin’, face tattin’ fool left behind this ridiculous house — check out the zebra print carpet deckin out the 7 billion square foot living room.  After the jump, you’ll see a swimming pool that has overgrown with what looks like fish poo.  Apparently the mansion is still in the exact condition Tyson left it in. 

Reebok Freestyle Global Stylist Series – London

Reppin the London segment of their Freestyle Global Stylist Series for 2009, Reebok team up with London-based stylist, singer, magazine founder and editor Namalee on these brand new Super Chic Freestyle sneakers. The shoes are given a metallic super hero-like theme. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

BBC Metallic Green Accessories Collection

BBC is getting ready to release a new installment of their metallic accessories collection. This new collection consists of a belt, wallet, and key-chain all coming in metallic green. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

Chocolate “Exploded Chunk” Belt

New Belt from Chocolate. Keep your britches up in style. Get this belt here at CCS.

Nike x Hasbro Hyperize Supreme Destro GI Joe Pack

Nike has released this very special pair of Nike Hyperize Supreme Destro edition. Destro is a member of the Cobra team, the much despised enemy of the Joes.  Righteous.  Pick ‘em up here. 

Clout X Rime – Limited Edition Tee

The webiste Clout hooked up with artist Rime for this limited edition tee, limited to 120 pieces.  Looks super clean, and plus you can never have too many t-shirts.  Available in sizes S-3X.  Purchase info after the jump.

Egg Form Chair By Kenji Miyamukai

I don’t know about ya’ll, but this chair would make me feel like i’m Dr. Evil or some ish.  Thing looks clean as a mother, and pretty comfy as well.  It’s done by Japanese designer Kenji Miyamukai, and i’d say he did a pretty damn good job.  More pics after the jump.

Nixon Elite Ceramic Collection Fall ’09

Nixon does it again, coming out with some ish that just makes your jaw hit the floor.  I love all these in this collection, the huge all white 51-30 is by far the most bangin’, downfall to it though is it’ll probably be hitting for more than 2 g stacks, it also comes in two different sizes.  None of these watches will be in the more affordable range, but if you’ve been savin’ i definitely recommend picking one up.  Check out a close look at all of them after the jump.

Lichtfaktor Live (Video)

This video unleahes the secret to creating the dopest form of modern art: light writing.  Wanna know the secret? — Grown ass German men with pony tails waving light batons around.  No wonder it’s so hot right now.  Check it!

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