Nike Air Max 90 Current Huarache

Nike has hooked up the orginal Air Max 90 with the Huarache’s to make one dope shoe.  The shoe comes in red or black and is a hybrid of the Max 90 Current along with the Nike B Huarache shoe.  They are said to be extremely comfortable because of the Huarache technology in the shoe, it has signature Huarache bootie and flywire.  Expect them to drop in the 2nd half of 2009.More pics after the jump.[sneakernews]


*NYC Boutique Sunglasses

I love me a hottie with a body that can pull off that naughty… 80′s punk rock look.  Really, I just wanted to drop that rhyme, but I do very much appreciate looking at fine women wearing cool clothes/accessories.  This is true.  But seriously ladies, if you’re into that look, these things are like 15 bucks, so pick up a couple pairs and make your friends jealous. More colors/styles and link to buy below.

Miami Vice Reebok Pack 09

Check the Reebok Miami Vice Pack for 09.  The pack includes two sneakers, including the one and only Micheal Chang Victory II pump.  The colors definitely represent Miami and theirs even a flamingo logo on the side of each shoe.  The shoes drop in the fall, check out more pics after the jump. [theshoegame]

Air Jordan – 60+ Shoe – First Look

HT gave you a look at the 60+ pack comin’ out with the two VII’s included.  Well now here’s a look at the actual 60+ shoe, with the first shoe expected to come out August of ’09.  They combine attributes from the I, II, V, and VII.  These are the only pics that anyone has so far, but as soon as i get some more, you’ll be the first to know. [via My Air Shoes]

Supra – Vega and Muska now available

The new Vega colorway (above) is shipping out as of yesterday, as well as a new muska sky low 1.5.  You check out that blacked-out kicker below.  Go on over to Supra Footwear to pick these up. Muska below.

Bape X Colette – Exclusive Hoodie

I don’t even wanna know how much this thing costs.  If you put Bape and Colette together on something, you can bet it’s gonna cost a pretty penny.  Scratch that… a magnificently beautiful penny.  You can only get it at Colette.  [freshnessmag]

“White Man Can’t Jump” Nike Air Flight Lite

This design was inspired by the kicks you’ll find on woody and wesley in the 90′s hit White Man Can’t Jump.  Looks like a kick straight out the early nineties that was dipped in a vat of freshness.  [hypebeast] More pics and link to buy below.

Crooks & Castles Lookbook Spring 2009

Check out the stuff Crooks and Castles is coming out for Spring 2009.  The popular California company is going with less flashy apparel for more of a mature look.  From fitted hats to hoodies Crook’s and Castles will have plenty of goods for the spring season.  More pics after the jump.[via hypebeast]

The Next Level of Toy Design

Toys are all the rage.  So hot right now.  You like em, but so does everyone else.  So how do you stay on top?  Lots of lil sneakerheads are gettin down on these things, then BLAOW you smack em in the face with this giant metal robot.  BAM sneakhype’s got you ahead of the game. [kanyeuniversecity] More pics and info below.


Nike SB Buck Dunk Socks

O en espanol… “calcetines.”  (That’s how you say socks in Spanish.)  I always wondered why I had never seen a pair of socks that look like a shoe… seemed like a no-brainer to me.  Of course… of course Nike does it.  I’d like to see nice pairs of kicks start coming with matching socks.  When sneakhype starts making hybrids with reebok and alife and whatnot, I can promise you, you’ll get a matching pair of socks.  These little guys come in a tiny little shoebox that you can check out after the jump. [hypebeast] Link to buy and more pics below.

XV Goes Off On Bad News Beat

HIP HOP NEWS @ DEFSOUNDS.COM XV just hopped on this Kanye beat to get some thoughts off his chest. If you haven’t heard of this kid yet you will, he kills this track. Not only does he got talent but he his fittin’ to put Kansas on the map.  Check out his Myspace page here.

Kobe Bryant Nike Zoom Kobe IV Ankle Insurance Commercial

Alright this video made me laugh, Kobe explains to the world why we should get Ankle Insurance aka the Nike Zoom’s Kobe IV.  The best part is when Kobe does a cross over on a dummy and suddenly his ankles explode.  This is just another reason Kobe wins the Footwear Faceoff against Lebron James.[via shoegame]

Rumors Confirmed Air Jordan 7 Sixty Plus Pack

Recently rumors have been circulating that Jordan will be releasing the “Sixty Plus” Packs which commerates the times Jordan scored over 60 points in one game.  Here we have a pack made up of two pairs of AJ 7s.  One pair is inspired by the “Raptor” AJ 7 while the  the other pair is based off the famous Magic-Bulls game, when MJ scored 64 points in 93′. The AJ 7 is a must have shoe so expect them to sell out fast.  Expect them to be released August 09′. More pics after the jump[via sneakerfiles]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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