Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 X Versace

I think the only way a Laborghini can be cooler is if it was decked out with custom Versace interior and it just so happens that they did just that. Only 20 of these Lambo’s were ever made and they are going for $318,000. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

Nooka SpongeBob Watch (Available Online)

Originally when we showed this to you, it was only available in San Diego… Now you can get both colors at the Nooka online store.  The yellow is 175, and the black is 225. 


Alessi Watches – Daytimer

Also available in green and red.  Purchase here for 120. 

BBC – Denim Chukka

These are dope.  I don’t own any BBC at all, just not for me i guess.  These Chukka’s though, i could definitely see myself rockin’ them.  They will be dropping later this month.  Downfall is they are going to run you about $230. 


Undefeated + adidas Originals present KEEPIN’ IT ORIGINALS

Undefeated and adidas are hooking up for the opening of Undefeated Tokyo. adidas will be hosting “KEEPIN’ IT ORIGINALS” party on Thursday, August 20th, from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm. The after party will be thrown at Shibuya’s MICROCOSMOS, get in free if you wear adidas or Undefeated.  More pics after the jump. [hypebeast]

Asics Gel-Lyte Speed – Grey Goose

A pair of Gel-Lyte’s are going to be dropping next month, these ones called the Grey Goose.  Grey is possibly my favorite color, possibly more versatile than black & white themselves.  The laces on these things are just sick to.  You can check out a gang of photos after the jump.


K-95 Waterproof USB Drive

These, my friends, are super nasty.  Not only do they look like a rubberized submarine, but they are waterproof.  Pure Genius.

Nike – Leroy Smith & Michael Jordan Tees

I still have no idea what this Leroy Smith (Charlie Murphy) thing is all about.  I’ve seen the videos and whatnot (, but what is it?  Is there going to be a movie or a TV show that they’re just advertising ahead-of-time for?  Regardless, there were only 75 of each design made (probably why they cost 70 bucks).  Check out the other design after the jump, and you can buy them here. 

Commonwealth X New Era

Commonwealth and New Era just released their latest collaboration cap. The new hat features Harringbone material and Commonwealth logos on the front and the back. It comes in 2 colorways and is available now at Hall Of Fame.

Gravis – Hubble Backpack

The baby blue is looking mighty fresh contrasted against these muted tones.  I would grab this up for 50 bucks in a heartbeat if it wasn’t for the fact that I already have a couple packs, and I feel like if I switched my backpack every other day, I might be pushing my accessorization allowance.  The bag also comes in a blacked out version that’s pretty fly.  You can pick them both up, as well as, check out the rest of Gravis’ product line here. 

Clae Footwear – Fall ’09 Part 2

Clae Footwear is currently releasing Part 2 of their Fall collection which should be hitting select retailers now. The collection is looking good as usual; Clae brought a strong lineup of hightops in simple tonal colorways. Plus all the materials they used are top-notch as usual. Check out more of the collection after the jump.

Nike SB August ’09 Quickstrikes

These new Nike SB Quickstrikes should be hitting your local SB retailers soon if they are not already there. Check some more pictures after the jump.

UTS Diver Watch PVD Version

First off let me just stress the face that this watch is water resistant up to 2000 meters.  2000!  That’s wild, i guess that’s partly why it has quite a heavy price tag.  It looks pretty ill as well.  Only 200 units going to be produced.  Another look after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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