Vans Switchback – California Collection Holiday ’09

I want these nowwww.  I can’t wait to have these, they are so sick.  Vans always comes correct when it comes to the classic lookin’ shoes that they come out with.  Both colorways are crazy, and i hope to cop both of them.  Unfortunately for me and everyone else wanting them, they won’t hit stores until October at Vans retailers.  Check the other colorway after the jump.

Comic Shelf

Simple design — something that anyone who owns a hammer could probably furnish themselves.  We do ask, though, that if you do make it… and when people ask about it… you don’t necessarily need to give credit to the designer, Oscar Nunez, but you do give credit to Sneakhype for giving you the idea.  Cool?  Cool.  Other cool variations of the concept here:  

Element Fall 09 Kicks

Ooooweee… I’m liking some uh deez.  Many models come in various colorways and just about all of them are available to order online.  My favorite (the “why-no pp”)… seen after the jump… is still not yet available for order, but the day it becomes available will be a great day for me… for I will have ordered a fresh purr.  Check out the Element catalog for more pics, info, and purchase availability, and

Supra – Fall ’09 Suprano Highs

Got a look at some of the new Supranos that are going to be dropping in the fall.  Honestly all three colorways were done just right in my opinion.  Check out the others after the jump.  Let us know what you think.

Inside The SNEAKHYPE Bathroom

Dopest bathroom ever or what?  I’ll let you be the judge.  This is a new concept from Sopha Industries, and i hope they become more then just a concept because i definitely need my bathroom lookin’ like this.  Check out some other pics after the jump.

Noodle Shoes – Sampan Rig

I try to stay away from boat shoes as often as possible, but i like this crossover looking shoe, with a mix of boat shoe slash casual dressy shoe.  They got some other fly colorways which you can check after the jump.

Tarina Tarantino – Leather Gun Wallet

I want that woman… I mean bag.  I mean, that woman with that bag.  Ahh who’m I kidding… I’ll never have either.  Unless I pay.  For the bag. 

PF Flyers – Windjammer ($55)

We gotta give some occasional love to the deck/boat shoe… ’tis the season after all.  PF Flyers is reissuing this clean classic, and is available at pickyourshoes. 

3D Wall Art

See… it looks like you’re looking inside a building throooouggh the wall, but actually you’re just looking at a wall.  Yeah, i know… I just blew your F’in mind. 

Phenomenon – Pen Badge

Display your intellectual side with pride.  Also a good gift idea for that “um dude… what the fuck is this?” response that makes a gift unforgettable.  Pick yours up here. [via snobbysnob]

Louis Erard 1931 Regulator Power Reserve Watches

Nothing but a lot of dope watches coming out lately. If your having a problem finding a nice @ss watch for you collection lately, then you definitely have some problems, and need to be hitting up SNEAKHYPE everyday for the latest & greatest in the watch game. Check out the other colorways after the jump.

Burberry “Boyfriend” Tank Watch

I realized awhile ago that i haven’t showed much love to the ladies as far as the watch game goes.  So i have for you here a pretty slick lookin’ watch from Burberry called the Boyfriend Tank Watch.  Pretty simple & very clean, who knows maybe if i find the right lady i’ll buy her one…. doubtful.  Haha, but anyways check out somet other pics after the jump.

Alife Summer ’09 Collection

Nice look at the new collection coming out from Alife.  New Era fitteds, dope shirts, doesn’t get much better.  Check out the rest after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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