A Bathing Ape x Medicom Toy 100% Bearbrick

Medicom Bearbrick Toy has hooked up with some of the top brands around the world so it’s no suprise that they hooked up with BAPE again.  They hooked up to make these limited edition A Bathing Ape x Medicom Toy 100% Bearbrick.  They come in all the freshest colors and are available now on the BAPE website. [hypebeast]

Via Lattea Glowing Air-Filled Furniture

Introducing the new SNEAKHYPE furniture line for Summer 09.  The Via Lattea glowing air-filled furniture is made out of recycled fibres and filled with air . . .except for the green one, we filled that shit with some chronic smoke.  How do they glow in the dark?  that’s a SNEAKHYPE secret. . . I mean that’s what makes us crispy as f%&#.  I wish I could say but that’s like OD’ing on your daily dose of dopeness.  More pics after the jump. [likecool]

Cheap Monday – Clairvoyant Shades

Cheap Monday had a great idea too come out with a new line of dope shades that are not outrageously priced, our favorite of which can be seen above. Simply put the Clairvoyant Frame is one bad ass pair of sunglasses. Some of Cheap Mondays products are available now at Caliroots. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Huf – Logo Hoodie

Huf just came out with some fresh logo hoodies for their spring line. The jackets come in Grey and Blue colorways as well as a Black one which is not pictured. They feature the classic Huf logo on the front chest and a large “H” on the back.

Bapex “Clear” Watch

Bape just came out with a new “clear” version of their Bapex watch which comes in a Black and a Blue colorway. Check out some more detailed pictures after the jump.

Nike Free – Supernatural Running

Check out the new Nike Free’s.  Buy em here.

Von Zipper – Lucre Collezione

I may have just found a soon to be purchase for myself.  Summer time’s just creeping right up on us, and you always got to make sure you got the fly shades, but you also want something that no one else has.  These glasses from Von Zipper are the way to go.  You can check out some other looks after the jump as well as some other info.

Sneaker Freaker – Issue 15

Issue 15 of Sneaker Freaker magazine is now available for preorder.  It’s got a glow in the dark cover showcasing the soles of the yeezy’s.  Prorder it here.

DQM Spring ’09 Fitted Caps

I showed you a little look at some DQM products coming for this Spring/Summer a little bit ago.  Now there do some more fitteds for ya, entitled the “Basic”.  Quite a few different colorways as you can see.  Release should be very soon, we’ll keep you posted. [highsnobiety]

Sneakhype Version 3 Preview

Here is an exclusive sneakpeak of the new Sneakhype site. We are about to blast off into the upper echelons of dopeness when we drop this on ya’ll in the next week or two. A lot of hard work and time has gone into this already and we over here at the Sneakhype crew are real excited to get this out as soon as we can so we can continue delivering the freshness in the nicest way possible. Keep your eyes peeled for it and let us know what you think in the comments.

UNDFTD New Era – Champion Strikes

Well once again UNDFTD has me changing my pants because of how excited i got when i saw these hats.  All 4 sick colorways will be releasing tomorrow.  I really am i at a loss for words.  Make sure you check with your local UNDFTD retailer or there online shop tomorrow. [highsnobiety]

Lamborghini Toro Tractor

Yes, ladies & gentlemen, you read the title correctly.  This is a tractor, and it happens to be made by Lamborghini.  I’ll tell you something though, you paint this baby black and i’d use it for my everyday street ride.  The question that this has been striking up runs along the lines of, “is this the coolest tractor ever?”.  I’ll let you be the judge, but I’ll be the over-ruling decider…YES?  Check out some other pics after the jump.

Flight Club X Asher Roth All-Star T-Shirt

We’ve seen a lot of Asher Roth t-shirt collabs lately.  Mostly relating to getting drunk, college, & partying, and hey i like all three of those things so i’m down for the cause.  This time its a threeway collab between Asher, Universal Motown & Flight Club.  It was created to commemorate his new album release that came out on 4/20.  Check out some detailed looks after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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