Light Art By A Robot Vacuum

I used to think elephants painting with their trunks was cool when I was a kid.  (You can’t see it, but I’m currently making the jack-off motion with my hand and just typing with my left.)  F–k elephants.  It’s the 21st century, bra.  Introducing abstract art by a tiny robot vacuum.  Check it: 

World’s Largest Rubber Duck

People are dying in Africa, yet somehow there’s money for some idiot to build this thing.  Pretty large. 

Benny Gold for Desired Hearts – Heart Of Gold Tee

Benny Gold recently worked with Desired Hearts on their new logo and first collection. The range drops Monday including a special collab colorway that is exclusive to shop.bennygold.com. Here are some pics of the Heart of Gold shirt that will be available through the Benny Gold shop on Monday.

Mishka Loveless M-65 Jacket

I wish they would have produced this in a heather grey colorway, but nonetheless…. tis very fresh, almost too fresh.  You smell me?  Really though, you should buy this because we know your having a hard time with the ladies, it’s okay, Sneakhype’s got your back.  Plus winter is speedily approaching.

Where Brooklyn At?

I came across this online fitted cap shop earlier, and honestly think they may have the dopest New Era’s you’ll come across.  One that stuck out at me was the Gucci inspired colorway, Brooklyn hat you see above.  That’s definitely not all they have though, check out some of my favorites after the jump.

Playstation 4 Concept by Tai Chiem

Is this the future of gaming? maybe, but for now it’s just a pretty dope concept by Tai Chiem.  The PS4 console would feature transparent surfaces made for adaptive touch screens, with a glossy black round compartment to place the discs of your choice.  More pics after the jump.

The Hundreds Kicks ($30)

OK.  How can you say no?  30 dollars?  My dad will probably even buy these.  We’re talkin over 50% off here.  I promise I’m going to get off JackThreads‘ jock, but these deals are too good not to share with you.  Sign up for the sale in 4.3 seconds here and gettem while they’re hot.  The sale also has some Hundreds fitteds, as well as, plenty of other kicks and colorways.

Dramas Young & Reckless Clothing

If you have been watching Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory lately you have probably noticed Drama Rocking his new Young & Reckless clothing. If you haven’t been watching Fastasy Factory, you should be. I wonder if everyone associated with the Rob Dyrdek programs gets a their own clothing line. Rob has Rogue Status, Big Black had his own line, and now Drama has Young & Reckless. Drama’s line is looking pretty dope though i must admit. Check out the rest of the collection after the jump and hit up the Y & R online store here. UPDATE Feb 9, 2010: Check out the newest collab between Young and Reckless with Diamond Supply Co. here and check out the Diamond Pop Up Shop Exclusive items here.

New Nooka Watches

Nooka is preparing to drop a new line of watches with a more refined look. The watches still feature Nooka’s most popular faces but with a few upgrades accents. They are starting $350 dollards and available now for pre-order.

Asics GT-II “Kiwi Fruit”

Asics is packing major heat when it comes to the fresh colorways and the GT-II “Kiwi Fruits” are no exception. Look for these too drop this december.

OriginalFake – Better Wash Your Hand T-Shirt

New shirt from OriginalFake reminding all of us to keep our hands clean. Coming in 5 different colorways it will be available this Saturday at select retailers. For more info hit up Original Fake’s website.

Kanye West I’mma Let You finish… T-Shirt

We already posted a t-shirt for all you Kanye haters, but now there is a shirt for all of you that can’t get enough of the sudden burst of Kanye mashups. As my homie EG posted, there are some damn funny pics going around the internets and I posted some of my favorites below.  If you can’t get enough of these, BustedTees.com has a dope t-shirt that you can order here.

Inspiration : Destill

Wow, don’t even know what to say about this stuff.  Artwork by Destill aka Mike Harrison, these are all recent updates to his portfolio.  Take a look at some sick ones after the jump, and check out his portfolio here.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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