Featured Artist – Alex Foerster

You really need to check out this dude’s website.  It’s one of the most creative portfolios I have seen in a while.  He also has a streetwear clothing line you can find at his site.  If you like his work, you can get some large renders of it at his DeviantArt profile for your desktop. 

Kübler House/57 Studio

This bad-ass bachelor pad is actually a single unit house but i’m fairly certain that if you lived in this house you would have a lot of guests sleeping over. It is located in Santiago, Chile and the whole house is designed around a padio in the center of the house. The architects hoped to incorporate the surrounding nature into the house as much as possible. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

New Caked Out Tees

Some fresh new t-shirts in at Karmaloop from Caked Out, all of which are pretty nice.  Of course it’s a new Michael Jackson tee, this one is pretty sick though compared to a lot of other ones i’ve seen.  The Jay-Z one i found pretty funny as well, check ‘em all out after the jump.

Analog Hats – Spring 2010

Analog always brings the fire when it comes to two things, t-shirts and then what this is about….. Hats.  Lately i’ve become a huge fan of the classic snapback hats so seeing a couple of those in this collection instantly got me psyched.  You can’t go wrong with this collab because one it’s Analog and two they’re collaborating with New Era.  Check out all the hats in the collection after the jump.

Taka Hayashi X Vans Vault

I can never get enough of Vans line, especially if it’s their Vault stuff, or their classics.  This recent collab with Taka Hayashi is definitely no different, i have got to get my hands on some of these.  3 different styles, and a couple different colorways in some of the styles.  Super sick is really all i have to say check them all out after the jump yo.

Johnny Cupcakes In-Store Exclusive Tees

Here is a look at some new in-store exclusive tees from Johnny Cupcakes. The Gator tee is this months Bakers Dozen Tee and there are two other shirts as well. Check out the rest of the line after the jump.

Supra Holiday ’09 Lineup

Thanks to CCS we get a look at some of Supra‘s Holiday ’09 lineup. I don’t know if i can’t wait for these i need em now. Check out the rest of the lineup after the jump.

DC Life Collection (Heist)

I am really diggin the Life Collection gear DC has been puttin out. They really only got one model but it is hella dope. Their new line of the Life Collection consists of four pairs of kicks all outfitted in metallic colorways and premium leather. These should out this fall. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

MANGO by Penelope Cruz

Listen up, ladies.  I’ve been receiving a lot of backtalk recently from some chicas hating on Sneakhype’s “Chicas” section saying, “You just have pictures of girls that guys would like; but you don’t have anything girls would actually like to look at, let alone buy.”  After hearing this, I take a deep breath to calm myself and lower my cocked-back open hand.  Then I say, “False.”  Regardless… here’s a lil somn somn to silence the naysayers:  Penelope Cruz and her hermana (that’s sister en español) started a fashion line called MANGO.  It’s good stuff and it doesn’t have the high-end fashion prices you’re perhaps used to.  There’s just a few pictures we have here, but if you like what you see, you can check out the full line here.  Thank you and you’re welcome. 

iPhone 3G(S) Cases by Jasper Wong

Various colors.  All come in a dope box with stickers.  All are available here.  Other colors seen after you click. 


Samsung Watchphone

Called the S9110, this bad mother is about to be the tinyest, and most ballin smartphone on the planet.  My question is… Do you have to wear a bluetooth headset all the time, or do you hold this thing up to your face or what?  I think texting on it would be quite a bitch, AND texting and driving would now mean BOTH hands off the wheel.  Regardless of any of this, I would still rock this out to the clizzubs, feel me?  It releases in France later this month for a lil over six hundo.

New Brand – ThinkBigBeBig Clothing

Based out of the UK, ThinkBigBeBig Clothing is brining some class to streetwear with its fresh colors and refined logo design.  Product line includes tees, polos, hoodies, and jackets… all for both men and women.  Check out some of our faves after you click me. 

Level Green Exhibit in Berlin

This is absolutely theee most SNEAKHYPE structure in the history of man.  It’s got the Sneakhype black-and-slime-green colorscheme splashed over some insanely dope interior architecture. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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