Andy Warhol X Marilyn Monroe – Nike Air Max 90

What do you get when you mix an all-time classic sneaker with a all-time classic painting by a creative genius?  One word….  perfection.  I want to buy three pairs of this shoe, one to rock, one to display, and one to sleep with every night.  Just plain sick, hit some more pics after the jump.

Fuct Fall & Winter 2009

T-shirts, t-shirts, & more t-shirts.  It’s somewhat hard to keep up with the t-shirt game because of the volume that’s produced by so many different companies.  It also makes it nice to know you have a lesser chance of seeing someone else rockin’ the same tee.  This is a preview into what Fuct is bringing to the game this fall & winter, looks like fire.

Nike Air Force One – Team Red

Not the biggest fan of the almighty classic, Air Force One.  If the colorway is done right though then i can dig ‘em, and i will say these we’re done right.  These just dropped today, and we’ll be somewhat limited as they only hit select Nike retailers.  Closer look after the jump.

G-Shock G-7900

Sweet hot mamacita… I need that white/blue one.  They’re available for $99 at the G-Shock website. 


LEGO Electronics

You can buy all this stuff here.  I’d probably roll with the blue boombox you’ll see after the jump.  Peep it: 

This is the inside of a Mercedes van

Check out the 2010 Brabus Mercedes Benz Viano Lounge van.  It’s basically just a super pimp office on wheels. 


Just when you thought there couldn’t be anymore iPhone/iPod peripherals… here comes the notePod.  You can get a 3-pack for 18 bucks here.  Or you could buy a regular notepad for 76 cents.  Your call. 

Huf X Nike – Hufquake Firefly Jacket

With the much anticipated release of the Hufquake Air Max 90 Currents right around the corner, Nike decide to release this Hufquake jacket to match the kicks. Available here at the Nike store now, this Firefly jacket features Huf’s signature Hufquake print and Nike’s Storm-FIT construction which is guaranteed to keep you lookin fresh in any weather. Hit the link for more pictures.

A Must-Have For The True Badass

Last December, I gave my father a hatchet and a machete for Christmas.  He looked at me like, “Son, WTF is this shit?”  Regardless, all I know is that if someone were to give me this knife as a gift, it would bring tears to my eyes, and a bond between myself and the gift-giver would become eternal.  This thing is specifically designed to pry open doors, bash out windows, lift nails, cut cables, and give its bearer 62 manliness points.  The blade is just shy of 8 inches long, and screams “Balllllllin.”  90 bucks on Amazon. 

Nike iD – Blazer High LE

The Nike Blazer is one of my all-time favorites amongst the entire Nike family.  Well now they’ve made it so you can customize your own pair, the color selection isn’t the greatest, but at least you’ll be rockin’ a pair that you would think no one else would be rockin’.  I know your diggin’ my nice little KU colorway you see.  Make your own here.

Atlas Chair

It’s one of those designer pieces that you can’t actually buy… but hey… if you’re super crafty-like, you could build one out of some lumber that you might purchase from a lumber yard.  OR, if you’re mad loaded, you could pay an even craftier person to craft it for you.  If you took that route, you could still paint it though.  You don’t have to be too crafty to paint stuff.  My two year old son just painted up a pumpkin today.  Looks great.  And he absolutely blows at crafts.  Kid can’t even build a paper airplane, let alone construct a dope-ass atlas chair out of lumber. 

Featured Artist – Mauro Perucchetti

Holy shit.  Shit is  D O P E.  You gotta check this shit.

Nike Santa Cruise ($45)

The other guys in the crew might think this post is weak, cuz they’re all into the exclusives.  PG, tsech… you know me.  You know I love me some expensive kickers.  You know I have a few pair.  Not nearly as many as y’all, but still a couple dozen.  (Just a little side note for you readers… tsech’s bedroom is lined with glass cases that are built into the walls, and his walls are ceiling to floor sneakers.  SNEAKHYPE son.  We ain’t just another sneaker blog, mmmk.)  But I don’t care who you are… a deal is a deal.  These are crispy clean classics, and they’re under 50 bucks.  All sizes available.  3 colorways.  You can buy them at EastBay.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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