The Hundreds LA Store 2 Year Anniversary T-Shirt

The Hundreds Flagship store  is celebrating its 2 year anniversary today and are releasing this very exclusive Rosewood shirt to celebrate the occasion. There are only 50 of these shirts and they will be sold in-store at the LA store today only. Get more info here.

Estate LA – Dope New Fitted

Estate LA just came out with a dope new hat. As always the fitted was hand made in California, it comes in a Black/Grey colorway and the Logo on the front is made from lines of cocaine. The lines actually look pretty accurate if you ask me, notice the fatty on the brim. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Diamond Supply Co. – Custom Fitteds

We just got some pictures of the new Custom fitted hats Diamond Supply Co is getting ready to release. They will be coming in the colorways seen above and should be released soon, we will keep you posted. Check out more pictures after the jump. [CtotheJL]

Air Jordan 2009 S23 – HoH Release Event

Our friends at KicksonFire hooked us up with this exclusive look at the drop of the 2009 S23.  The shoes will be limited to 2009 pairs worldwide.  1005 in the US and the rest elsewhere.  You can pick yours up here for 230. Check out like 40 more pics after the jump.

Rogue Status – Spring 09

This is certainly the best stuff Rogue Status has put out ever.  I always liked the classic gun print, but they now have a a full line of great looks.  Guys and girls stuff.  A lot of them are available at Rogue Status.  [mashkulture] You definitely wanna hit the jump to check out the new stuff.

Roc Star X Ato Cowhide Boots

Roc Star hooked up with Ato Matsumoto on these new Cowhide Boots. These look like they are straight out of the 80′s, i’m lovin the pink splatter. No word on where to get them but we will keep you posted. [Kicksonfire]


Carhartt x Montana Colors

Carhatt and Montana Colors have come together for the first time to bring you one legendary spray paint can. Paris´ KoolFunc´88, member of the Ultra Boyz crew is the designer of this limited edition collection. It’s called the Cosmic Dust Brownin and has a futuristic spacelike design. It’s a limited piece only 1000 will be made and sold at Carhatt Europe Flagship stores. More pics after the jump[highsnobiety]

Undrcrwn “The Old NY” T-Shirt

The NY Knicks have been suffering ever since 2000, so Undrcrwn felt bad and made a T-shirt for all you Knicks fans.  Featuring the well known “I Love NY” slogan and Patrick Ewing it will have everybody saying “those were the days . . .  until 2010 when we get King James cause we got lots of cash money”.  Its available now at Undrcrwn.

Three Sixty Table

The glass actually rotates around on the wheels.  That’s why they call it the 360, or so they say.  Rippin off XBox if ya ask me.  They want like 1700 bucks or something for it, so that’s a bit ridiculous… I assume you’re paying for the concept moreso than the craftsmanship.  Our source, kicksandtoys, suggests just making it yourself for a fraction of the cost… plus, it’d be way cooler to say “I made it” when people ask you about it.  But if you’re lazy and rich like me, cop it here.

More 09 BBC Releases

We showed you a slew of the new stuff BBC is dropping this year, and I just now stumbled on some more stuff that is equally frizzy freshtastic.  Dopeshow.  Check out the BBC site.  [bigsean] A few more pieces below.

Futura Labs X Descente – Spring 09

Interesting that they put out this jacket for spring and not fall… but whatever, I’d rock this thing in the swimming pool.  It comes in 4 colorways, and the sleeves detach to make a fly little vest.  Check it out after the jump, as well as, a link to check out the jacket at Futura’s site. [kineda] Nice pics below.

New Kidrobot Fitted (New Era)

A slick classic red kidrobot new era.  You can try to get in touch with azuki for one. Check out the ballin underside below.

Nike Air Max Tricky’s

New this Spring… Nike is introducing the Air Max Tricky’s.  I’ve been catching a lot of flack recently… apparently we at SNEAKHYPE do a fair amount of “blue-balling” because people will see some kicks, and want them, but they can’t get them because they don’t come out for a while or they’re super exclusive.  Well too bad… we feed you the freshness; I’m sorry.  These are based on the Air Max 1′s but feature a pretty unique quilted pattern. [highsnobiety] 2 colorways.  Closer looks after the jump

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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