New Era – NBA Fitteds

New Era has finally decided to start producing NBA fitted caps and it is about time. They have made hats for all 30 teams and they are available at the New Era Flagship store. Check out some mor ehats after the jump.

G-Shock – Exotic Watches

G-Shock is coming out with some new “Exotic” watches for the Summer season. The first of the exotic watches to drop will be a metallic gold 7800 with a gold face and a simulated crock skin band. The 7800 has never been sold in the U.S. for some reason so this your chance to finally get one. The second exotic watch will feature a chrome face and a black crock skin band. Stay tuned for more info.

Levi’s “Fenom” Summer 09 Preview

Well it’s almost summertime, so let’s get these babies to market already.  No other pics are out there, nor is there any info to speak of really.  But what there is to speak of is the nastiness that is this collection.  I have always kept my denim pretty standard… not too flashy.  I’ve never been into the loud prints on my jeans, because the louder they get, the less versatile they become.  But these Fenoms seem to transcend the diminished versatility, while still allowing for flashy additives.  Thus, I am more excited about this denim drop than any other denim drop in the history of man.  [via hypebeast].  You might also like the Rocksmiths that are droppin next season as well.

Your Very Own BMX Museum

Ever wanted your very own BMX museum?  Well now that ther is one for sale on eBay you can.  The whole thing is housed in the back of a truck trailer somewhere in Wisconsin.  It has nothing but models between ’84-’88.  Including some pretty rare Mongoose & Redline bikes.  Check out a walk-thru after the jump.

Ghetto Rock Spring ’09 Lookbook

Here’s a little preview into Ghetto Rock’s new lineup coming out this spring.  Tell me the blonde in the very top right corner isn’t my future wife, she’s going to be, just watch.  Anyways, a lot of sexy stuff for the females here, as well as some pretty dope stuff for us guys, which you can check out after the jump.


The Tightest Bookshelf Ever?

If you’re like myself, your best way of organization is being unorganized.  This bookshelf here called Kaos has that sort mentality to it.  With the crazy shelving going every which way makes for a dope look, as well as creative unorganization.  Check out some other looks after the jump.

BBC/Ice Cream “Deep Space” Boat Sneakers

In case you wanted some matching shoes to go with the BBC/Ice Cream spring/summer lineup, here ya go.  The deep space sneaks feature the same concept as a few other items recently out from this brand.  Right now they’re in limited quantity, but i’ll give you more details about that and more pics after the jump.

Nike SB – May Releases

The May releases (for the most part) are not doing it for me.  But I’ll tell you what is doing it for me — these black and gold zoom TRE AD’s.  Hot damn gimme gimme.  Maybe it was because my high school colors were black and gold, or maybe it’s just because these kicks are dope enough to cuddle with at night.  CCS has the zoom harbors available for preorder — hopefully when the official releases drop, there will be another SB Classic.  If not, I guessss I’m satisfied with the zoom TRE.  Check out the pics:

NikeiD Now Offering Material Customization

NikeiD is now allowing for whack wannabe sneakerheads to make their shoes look even more ridiculous — now they can put metallic leather and several other materials on their Dunk Lows.  But for those of us who know what’s really hood, these new options allow us to make some 1 of 1 mad exclusive kicks… such as the Sneakhype edition seen above.  (I gotta give myself some props here… those are pretty ill.)  Check out another view after the jump, and make your own here. 


Major DC hooked up with BLACK SCVLE again on this clean New Era. The bright red cap features a combined Major and BLACK SCVLE logo embroidered on the front. It also features BS’s Swords logo under the brim, and MAJOR/BS logos on the back. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Aloha Army Spring/Summer ’09 Tees

Summer’s coming up quick, and you need fresh t-shirts.  It just so happens these represent summer to a tee (no pun intended).  Aloha Army just dropped their new collection, and it’s lookin’ awfully dope.  You can get them directly from Aloha Army here.  Get ‘em quick! [hypebeast]

Dior Christal Mysterieuse Watch

So do you really consider yourself a baller?  I mean really, do you?  If you dont, buy  this watch to help your efforts.  It’s going to barely set you back at the price of 20,000 euros, which equates roughly to $26,000.  It’s supposed to drop sometime in Autumn.  More detailed pics after the jump.

Nike 1World Air Force One – Yi Jianlian

Yi Jianlian is a pretty decent ball player.  He’s probably thinking to himself “Pretty good?  I’m damn good. I mean, Nike just asked me to customize my own pair of forces for Pete’s sake”.  Made in nothing but premium leather, the shoe is accented by a doo doo brown outsole.  To set the whole thing off there is a flaming “Yi” logo on the heel tab.  We probably won’t be seeing these over here in the U.S. anytime soon.  They will be released in China on May 17th.  Check out some more detailed pics after the jump.

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