Harrison Barnes Sets Official KU Visit

  If you haven’t been following the recruitment of Harrison Barnes you should, not only is he very interested in KU, he’s also the top recruit in the nation.  The 6-6 SF out of Iowa is extremely versatile, can finish at the rim, and has a silky smooth J. The high school phenom recently narrowed his school list which includes KU, Duke, UNC, Iowa St, UCLA,  and Oklahoma.  Expect Barnes to be at Late Night next month but until then check out his highlight video after the jump.

PUMA Dudes Build Ferrari Out Of Clothes And Such (video)

The Sneakhype crew was actually inspired to do this exact same thing, except instead of building a Ferrari, we built a Rolls Royce, and then we got tsech’s mom to model in front of it.  Check out the PUMA vid and our rendition (plus tsech’s madre) here: 

“Fake Fika” by Alberto Seveso

Another unmistakable work from Seveso.  This just might take the cake as my favorita.  Prints are available here.  Closeup shots:

Asics 2009 Directional Releases

We present you two of the limited edition Asics Direction releases for 09. The Gel Lyte Speed  comes with a black base and green/purple accents. The GT-II comes in a very solid white/blue/purple colorway with speckled sole. Hit the link for more pictures.

Woman By Common Projects

Got some simple, yet clean lookin’ shoes for you ladies.  Another good thing about these is you probably won’t see to many other girls wearing the same pair.  For the most part i think they look pretty sick, and i’m a little upset they don’t have some of these for men.  You can take a look at most of the line after the jump, these won’t be out till early 2010.

DQM Fall 2009 T-Shirts

Dave’s Quality Meat is getting ready to drop some t-shirts for this fall season.  In my opinion they always have designs and prints that are definitely out of the ordinary, but they still look pretty fly.  Check out looks at all the shirts after the jump.

Eliza Dushku Brings It On For Complex

Miss Dushku has always been a huge crush of mine, so i’m hopin’ she reads this and gives me a call, don’t hesitate Eliza, my phones never off.  As far as the real reason behind posting this is so all you fools can take a look at some sexy, yet classy photos that were taken for Complex magazine.  Enough talkin’, start the droolin’, more pics after the jump.

Elm Company – Reserve Crewneck & Strikeout Snapback

Once again we take another look at what’s to expect from Elm Company.  Their releasing little glimpse’s a couple pieces at a time just to lead us on like some kind of dirty little sk*nk you meet at the club on a thursday night while your all wobbly off some vodka & Red Bulls.  Um, anyways, both these items look super fresh, and they match once again just like the previous pieces, one word….. dope.  More images after the jump.

Supra Holiday 2009 Part 2

We just showed a few Skytops  from Supra’s upcoming Holiday releases now we get too take a look at the entire collection. Once again Supra did not disappoint. Hit the link and check out the entire collection.

The Paraty House…..More Like The Party House

I know we have said this before but this really is one of the dopest houses you could ever live in. First off, it  is located on the beach of an island off the coast of  Brazil…that alone is an instant panty dropper. The two concrete boxes that make up the house are completely open too the elements, this may suck when there is a storm but i think i could handle a few thunder storms if i was living in this house. Hit the link to check out the rest of the house.

Air Yeezy X Air Jordan VI – A Closer Look

It’s about time we take an up close and personal look at the Air Yeezy X Air Jordan VI collaboration. Personally, i thought they could have added a little more color too these;  maybe some pink somewhere, or what about some Tiffany blue? now that would be dope. But its all good, these are still pretty fly. As you may know these sold for over 7 grand Doernbecher Charity Auction. Hit the link for more pictures after the jump.

Ice Cream – Dotted Cones & Bones Tee

Ice Cream just released a new version of their “Cones & Bones” tee. The dotted look may not be noticeable from long distances but once you get up close you can see the extra detail. These are available now at Standard.

iPhone/iPod Cases by Vers

A popular case for BlackBerry users is that black leather sleeve that covers the whole phone.  Leave it to Apple users to one-up you BlackBerry bastards.  Not only is this thing a sleek wood (available in several fininshes), but it also has a little SNEAKpeek hole so you can view the time.  Available for about 40 bucks here.  They also make cases for the nano and other Apple products.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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