Supra NS Skytop – Silver and Red Patent Leather

Factory 413 just got some some new Supras in stock. The Silver and Red Patent leather are available now at Factroy 413. Take a closet look at the kicks after the jump.

G-Shock x LRG – Highlighter Yellow

I don’t care how played out you may think the G-Shock is, you cannot deny the freshness of this collab with LRG.  Bright yellow with a splash of teal and white — a must-have for yours truly.  Our source says that it will soon be available here.  I’m going to be checking up on it for sure, so I’ll most likely let you know when you can grab it. 

Stussy New York – Store Opening Tees

Both of these look real clean, especially the black colorway.  Also, once again, i always say you can never have too many t-shirts.  That’s why you may as well go ahead and pick these up.  The store opens August 25th, expect the tees to come out that day.

Nike SB Zoom Tre A.D. October Release

Always a more expensive shoe, but always coming out in super fresh colorways, the Zoom Tre A.D.  is always a solid choice when trying to step to your shoe game up.  In october we’ll be seeing this colorway, Grand Purple/Black.  Also we see a little hint of aqua or turquoise in there.  Might have to cop these bad boys.


The Cool Kids Tonight @ The Granada

If you’re in Lawrence tonight you should definitely check out The Cook Kids who are playing @ The Granada.  Other performances include SNEAKHYPE friends, Greg Enemy & Stik Figa, also Approach will be there.  We’re getting ready to leave the building to catch up with the Kids for an interview, so look for that in the next few days.

Benny Gold – Dough Boy Fitted

Benny Gold has designed yet another version of his Dough Boy fitted. The hat has undergone several changes in the last year and this latest hat may feature the dopest of the tweaks. These new Dough Boy fitteds feature updated colorways as well as a buffalo plaid liner that mirrors the flight patterns of a paper airplane. The black hat is satin lined, and the khaki material is made to feel the same as a fresh pair of creased Dickies. These will be out this winter. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

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You Gotta Play With This Thing

One of the coolest audio web apps I’ve ever seen.  Check it out. 


Upper Playground x Chrome – “Artist Series” Messenger Bags

If messenger bags are your bag, then these bags are definitely your bag baby, yeah.  (That was a lil throwback Austin Powers reference in case you didn’t catch it.)  It’s early… I’m just gettin warmed up.  You can pick these up at Upper Playground’s online store. 

Nike – Fall 09 Tech Windrunners

As much as I love the windrunner with all of my cold, black heart… it’s a wonder why I still don’t have one.  However, this electric blue one is about to make me pull the trigger.  In fact, the only thing separating me from busting out the credit card right now to place the order is: you.  More specifically, my obligation to you — in that, on my honor, I swear to feed you the freshness and all that is dope, day in and day out… for the rest of my life.  Or at least until some corporate bigwig hits me up for a multimillion dolla dealio.  Damn, how sweet would it be to be a corporate sell-out?  One can only dream.  You can get my dream coat (volt blue) here and the black and red here.

Nike Sportswear Fall 2009 Footwear

Check out the upcoming releases from Nike Sportswear. All these kicks are due out this fall. Check out a bunch of pictures after the jump.

The Wolfman (Movie Trailer)

Benicio Del Toro as a frikkin warewolf… PLUS Anthony Hopkins.  Need I say more?  So badass.  I watched the trailer in my office with a bunch of monkeys making some ruckus, so I couldn’t hear a damn thing, but it looks siiick.  Check it!! 

Mike Tyson’s Abandoned Beast of a House

The ear-eatin’, face tattin’ fool left behind this ridiculous house — check out the zebra print carpet deckin out the 7 billion square foot living room.  After the jump, you’ll see a swimming pool that has overgrown with what looks like fish poo.  Apparently the mansion is still in the exact condition Tyson left it in. 

Reebok Freestyle Global Stylist Series – London

Reppin the London segment of their Freestyle Global Stylist Series for 2009, Reebok team up with London-based stylist, singer, magazine founder and editor Namalee on these brand new Super Chic Freestyle sneakers. The shoes are given a metallic super hero-like theme. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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