Undefeated New Eras

Undefeated just released their first installment of their fall fitted caps. They got 2 new styles of New Eras and i’m diggin both of em. Check out all the hats after the jump.

Rogue Status Stadium Jacket

Rogue Status just dropped this new stadium jacket. Coming in 2 colorways, white and black, the jacket features RS’s ever popular “Gunshow” print.

Adesso Silicone Keyboard

One of the sickest computer accessories i’ve seen in a minute.  Just a little bit ago i showed you some durable USB drives.  Now we have a look at the rugged, bendable, water & dust proof keyboard from Adesso.  If i had a desktop i would definitely use this, unfortunately i don’t though.  For all of you that do still rock the desktop make sure to pick this up so that you can totally snack, drink and make a complete mess of your work space, and not have to worry about ruining one of your most vitale organs to the computer.  Pick it up here. [NWS]

Hall Of Fame – Triple H Band New Era’s

Oh buddy, nothing cleaner than the old school Charlotte Hornets colorway.  If you think otherwise, i really don’t care, just kidding, but seriously.  Hall Of Fame usually keeps it pretty legit with their fitteds, and i would say these ones stick to the script as well.  Check out some other looks after the jump.

Romain Kremer for Mykita Sunglasses – Shutter Shades

These crazy shades were designed by Romain Kremer for Berlin based eyewear company Mykita. These sunglasses, which are not really sunglasses, have been dubbed the “Romain’s” and feature a stainless steel frame and feature shutters to shade your eyes from the sun. They come in 2 colorways and will be available at select Mykits retailers so they will be pretty hard to get.

Play Cloths Fall ’09 Collection

Play Cloths is getting ready to drop their Fall Collection and The new line is one of their best yet. They have a great selection of Jackets, Cardigans, Polos, and Logo Tees. These items should be available at Play Cloths online store and at select retailers soon. Check out the rest of collection after the jump.


Persuader Bag by James Piatt

Made by the same dude who made that brass knuckles handbag you may remember seeing a while back… but now he’s letting out all the stops and basically just strapping you ladies up with an AK.  The clip acts as a nifty cell phone pouch.  Buy it here. 

LeBron VII Box

This is the box your LeBron VII (7’s) will be coming in.  Order yours now (sizes 8-13 available) for 160 here.  The official drop is October 24, so they will ship on the 26th.

NSW – Dri-Fit Dawn AW77 Hoodie

New in at 21 Mercer is this superb fall piece coming in 2 colors.  Simple structure with the circle of swooshes logo on the chest… but the best part has to be the Safari hit on the inside of the hood.  More pics:


An entire gallery of sculptures, drawings, and mosaics… all either inspired by or using the original Rubik’s Cube.  I bet this F@#!er peeled the stickers off and put them where he wanted — that’s all I’m sayin.

Han Cholo X Lovemade – Cold Hearted Snake

Ladies, if you can pull this off, you’ll then find the key to my heart.  Mainly because i am very cold hearted, and this piece is titled “cold hearted”.  Anyways, you can pick it up now at 80sPurple.

Nixon Fluro Rubber Player – August Color

It looks like Nixon’s back at it with their Rubber Player series.  Another 4 months of a guessing game, which color is next?  Well we now know what the first color will be, apricot.  Looks pretty sick, i’m just excited to see the rest of them though.  Expect this to drop very soon, we’ll keep ya posted. [highsnobiety]


Wood Log iPhone/iPod Dock

It’s real wood — each one is unique.  A must have for anyone with the ski-lodge motif goin on in their place.  You can order yours here.  The manufacturer has some other cool wood stuff — like a twig USB drive (seen after the jump) that you can get here.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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