Non-Format Design Team

Non-Format is a contemporary London-based Anglo-Scandinavian graphic design team specializing in design projects for the publishing and music industries. The firm was founded by Kjell Ekhorn and Jon Forss in 2000. They’re long list of clients include Nike, Gap, and LG.  More pics after the jump 

Nike SB – Zoom Bruin – Military Blue

Sick colorway in the SB Bruins we have here.  These are definitely a lot more dope then the first colorway the released (not talking about the Supreme collection they had).

Featured Artist – Clemens Behr

Check out featured artist Clemens Behr and his unique “installations’.  Using things like cardboard and wood, Behr creates one-of-a-kind work that actually interacts with it’s surrounding’s.  Behr’s work has been seen in major cities like Barcelona and London as his popularity continues to grow   Take a closer look after the jump

Nooka Summer Collection 2009

Take a look at the entire 2009 Summer collection from Nooka.  The new summer series of Nooka designs are inspired by higher dimensional physics and utopian optimism that the planet will once again embrace space as a necessary next frontier.  More pics after the jump.

UNION NY X Pegleg X G-Shock

Pegleg and UNION NYC just hooked up to create their own version of a G-Shock DW-6900. In celebration of Independence day they outfitted the watch in the Stars N’ Stripes. It’s too bad this wasn’t out for the actual Fourth of July but it’s still dope. Only 100 of these were made and you can get one now at Pegleg’s online store. Check out some more  detailed  pictures after the jump.

Crooks & Castles X Fabolous – Loso’s Way T-Shirt

  Fabolous is celebrating the upcoming release of his new album, “Loso’s Way”, with this Crooks and Castles collaboration Tee. The white tee features a pretty simple design on the front and a Medusa head logo on the back. I am quite really if or where you will ever be able to find these shirts but you can pick up the new album on July 28th.  Hit the link for more pictures.

*LA Boutique Swimwear

Some people hate the fake-leather look on chicks.  Those people are stupid.  If you click the image… something amazing happens: you get to see more pictures.  Sweeeeeet.

Featured Artist – Nikolai Kvartnikov

This first image here is a spider monkey ripping open the mouth of a leopard or jaguar or somethin.  Righteous.  Great photomanipulation.  After the jump there’s a zebra taking down a lion which is also equally bitchin. 


Nike Sportswear Fall 2009 Lookbook

As can only be expected, a fiiine lookbook was put out by NSW for the Fall season.  I love Nike Sportswear.  Just love it.  (That was a little play on their just DO it slogan.  You can only find this sort of cleverness on Sneakhype.)  Not to mention, the asian chick in these pics is kiiinda turnin’ me on with her step aerobics limberness she’s got goin on.  Turning me on indeed, but not nearly as much as I was turned on last night while watching episode 5 of season 2 of TRUE BLOOD on HBO.  Hot damn when Sarah (preacher’s wife) was gettin down with Jason Stackhouse in the bathtub.  Now THAT is quality television.  Mmm mm mm. 

Supra Suprano High – Grey Patent Leather and Green

I mean, anything in a SNEAKHYPE colorway is gonna look fresh — and if you throw it on a Suprano, you know it’s gonna be stuntin.  More info at Supra.

Gun Coat Hanger

The funniest thing about these is, if you look at the pics after the jump, you’ll see that in the ads they show a guy holding a “GunHook” as well as like a real ass 9 milli. That goes pretty hard. The colors are a bit questionable, but it would undoubtedly be a dope coat rack.  You can pick one up for $17 here (if you speak Japanese or know someone who does).

Twista featuring Kanye West-Alright

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the second fastest rapper in the world behind Tech N9ne. Listen to Twista’s new track Alright featuring Kanye West. Chicago’s finest have out done themselves, the beat on the song is real dope and has a summer time feel to it. Download the track after the jump.

Moschino Men’s Spring 2010

There’s something about the Moschino Men’s Spring 2010 line that really stands out.  Using newspaper and ink as inspiration, Moschino puts a modern touch on a classic look.  The splatter print is dope.  This is Italian fashion at it’s finest, make sure you take a look at the whole line after the jump.  

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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