Atlas Chair

It’s one of those designer pieces that you can’t actually buy… but hey… if you’re super crafty-like, you could build one out of some lumber that you might purchase from a lumber yard.  OR, if you’re mad loaded, you could pay an even craftier person to craft it for you.  If you took that route, you could still paint it though.  You don’t have to be too crafty to paint stuff.  My two year old son just painted up a pumpkin today.  Looks great.  And he absolutely blows at crafts.  Kid can’t even build a paper airplane, let alone construct a dope-ass atlas chair out of lumber. 

Featured Artist – Mauro Perucchetti

Holy shit.  Shit is  D O P E.  You gotta check this shit.

Nike Santa Cruise ($45)

The other guys in the crew might think this post is weak, cuz they’re all into the exclusives.  PG, tsech… you know me.  You know I love me some expensive kickers.  You know I have a few pair.  Not nearly as many as y’all, but still a couple dozen.  (Just a little side note for you readers… tsech’s bedroom is lined with glass cases that are built into the walls, and his walls are ceiling to floor sneakers.  SNEAKHYPE son.  We ain’t just another sneaker blog, mmmk.)  But I don’t care who you are… a deal is a deal.  These are crispy clean classics, and they’re under 50 bucks.  All sizes available.  3 colorways.  You can buy them at EastBay.

Gourmet Nove – Spring ’10

Not to big of a fan of Gourmet, but just like any other brand, they had to make me change my mind because these are fresh.  Very basic look to these, and the strap is done just right in my opinion.  Unfortunately i won’t be able to grab these till next spring.  Check some other views after the jump.

Hall Of Hame X New Era – Nubuck “H” Lightning

Nubuck on hats now, wow, i like it though.  I think they picked the perfect colors for all three.  The light blue in particular is callin’ my name though.  These are available now, and can be picked up at their online store.  More looks here.

Sabre Fall ’09 Collection

You’ve seen Lil’ Wayne rockin’ em.  You’ve probably seen a good amount of other people rockin’ them as well.  Sabre seems to have blown up out of nowhere in my opinion.  Well there droppin’ some of there new collection for fall this year.  These are available at select retailers currently, but look for them to become more available as fall continues to draw closer.  Take a look at the rest of the shades after the jump.

Nooka ZEM

Never been a huge fan of Nooka, but this one fits me nicely.  Most of their watches just come off as a little crazy looking, but this one is a little more refined and simple.  All the colorways and designs look nice to me, you can take a look at all of them after the jump.  You can preorder this watch now for $375, look for it to drop November this year.


Kidrobot miniTotem Dopplegangers

I am going to buy 3 of these and put them in my fish tank.  Actually, I probably won’t… but that would be sick.  My fish tank’s dopeness is already unparalleled.  But Kidrobot vinyl would just put it over the top.  They’re only 5 bucks a pop.  Cute little shitters, aren’t they?  You can pick them up here at the Kidrobot store. 

DJ Clark Kent X Nike 112 Hyperdunk Supreme

DJ Clark Kent continues with his 112 pack that was originally released last year with the release of these Hyperdunk Supremes. These Hyperdunks feature a similar neon/grey colorway as the other 112 pack. These have been scheduled as a Quickstrike release and will be made availabe at a top tier Nike accounts. Hit the link for more pictures.

Clae Footwear Fall ’09 Collection Part 2

We showed you the first part of Clae Footwear’s fall collection awhile back and now we get a look at their second delivery. I personally like part 2 of their fall ’09 collection a little better than the 1st. They came out with some dope colorways and they used a nices selection of materials. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Nike Air Penny II “Copper”

God damn it took Nike a long time to figure out that Copper and Air Penny II’s go together well.  These Nike “Copper” Air Penny II’s are FRESH and hopefully will be released soon.  Thanks to SOLE we have pictures for you but know little else about the release of these kicks.  Until then check out more pics after the jump.

Harrison Barnes Sets Official KU Visit

  If you haven’t been following the recruitment of Harrison Barnes you should, not only is he very interested in KU, he’s also the top recruit in the nation.  The 6-6 SF out of Iowa is extremely versatile, can finish at the rim, and has a silky smooth J. The high school phenom recently narrowed his school list which includes KU, Duke, UNC, Iowa St, UCLA,  and Oklahoma.  Expect Barnes to be at Late Night next month but until then check out his highlight video after the jump.

PUMA Dudes Build Ferrari Out Of Clothes And Such (video)

The Sneakhype crew was actually inspired to do this exact same thing, except instead of building a Ferrari, we built a Rolls Royce, and then we got tsech’s mom to model in front of it.  Check out the PUMA vid and our rendition (plus tsech’s madre) here: 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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