Now THAT’s G (Videos)

To hype the release of their new limited edition Michael Jordan Gatorade bottle series, the G team put together this awesome lightboard mural thing.  Check out the making-of video and the actual commercial. 

New from Alberto Seveso

Classic Seveso.  You can buy prints of all sizes at ClickforArt.

Supra – Baby Skytops

Damn these are dope, if only i had a kid, please believe they would be rockin’ these.  Expect these to drop in the Spring of 2010 in sizes 2-10.  They’ll be in the white/gold colorway as well as an all white colorway which you can somewhat see in the background.

Vans X Starter – Snapback Collection

I want each and every one of these hats.  They’re all snapbacks, they all look sick, and they’re Vans.  Unfortunately we won’t see these until about the Spring of 2010.  However they will release a pack of 7 to select top retail accounts in the US on August 15th but with each store only getting one pack, so expect them to be very hard to get a hold of.  Check out a bunch of looks after the jump.


Tera Patrick for Supreme

To Supreme — Props.  Note to self: use a stacked pornstar for Sneakhype’s first photoshoot.  Be sure to check out a few more photos IF AND ONLY IF, you’re OK with seeing some boooobs (or at least a severely soaked white Supreme tee).

Sneaktip X Mighty Healthy – Collab or Die

Sneaktip and Mighty Healthy just collaborated on this “Collab or Die” shirt which comes in a black and a white colorway. The shirt is made to match the Nike Sb “Skate or Die” Dunks. I love it when companies design shirts to match shoes, it makes picking out an outfit so much easier. Head on over to In4mation to pick yours up. Peep some more pictures after the jump.

Meister – Superstar

Can’t decide… do I like the blacked-out one or the whited-out one better?  There are 3 versions of this mannish watch in all; all of which are available at Attic for 199. 

Apple Tablet PC Slated for September Release

We normally don’t like to perpetuate gadget-hype rumors and whatnot, but I feel like this could be the exception to the rule.  According to the Financial Times and Gizmodo, Apple’s been working with some fools on some collabo features, and such work indicates that their new tablet (basically a 10 inch iPod touch) will be released in the near future — they’re saying September, because that’s when the new iPods are droppin too apparently.  Most of the new tiny little PC laptops (netbooks) have been retailing at like 5 hundo or less.  If this new Apple one is under 500 bucks as well, you better bet yours truly is coppin one.  Here’s one thing I don’t know about though: it’s going to run iPhone OS… meaning it’s basically going to function like a huge iPod touch.  Now, if this is the case, then I wouldn’t be able to use word processing or excel which would severely limit this baby’s productivity.  The OS would also make it difficult (or impossible) for me to post shit on Sneakhype, and since I already have a miniature one of these tablet things (the iPhone), it would essentially be pointless for me to get one. … More →

Nike Blazer Tecmo Bo – KC Royals Edition

Nike pays homage to the former Kansas City Royals star Bo Jackson with these “Tecmo  Bo” Blazers. The two tones of blue with the pixel print looks great on these high tops. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

“Atlantic Blue” Air Penny II Drop Today

The highly anticipated Atlantic Blue Air Penny’s  drop today at select retailers around the country. If your trying to get a pair you better get to the store early, they won’t be on the shelves long. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

Walter Knoll Circle Couch

Dope couch designed by Ben Van Berkel. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

“Abstract” by Lichtfaktor

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve shown love to Lichtfaktor, but I just came across a new series of theirs: Abstract.  I think it contains some of their best work, as it eliminates all background setting and external light, and focuses solely on the graffiti itself.  Many many (15) great pictures after the click. 

adidas – Porter Nizza Hi + Bag

You may have seen these on other sneaker sites a few days ago, but we’re going to be the first one to give you info as to where you can get them.  There’s a store in Cali that is accepting phone orders for these.  The shoe features a unique zippered back (obviously), and you know they gotta be expensive because: 1. There’s no price listed and 2. They come with a matching tote bag. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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