Vestal Watches – Destroyer

I’ve been on the prowl for a murdered out timepiece, and I think I’ve found quite a gem here.  You can pick it up for 80 bucks here.  Take a look at the full-size pic…

KIKS.TYO – Sneakers & Beer Tee

It’d be a lot cooler if it said “Titties and Beer”… but I guess this will do.  Plus the SB highlighted intials are tight.  Comes in green too.  Pick em up here.

L.A.M.B. Justice Sandals

Pass the dutchie pon de left hand side, that’s what you ladies will be singing while your rockin’ these rasta lookin’ heels.  I think their sexy, so therefore you should buy them, and then wear them to my pad…. thanks.  More looks after the jump.


NBA 2K10 – Who’s Ready?

With October 6th just a little over a month away, millions of people are highly anticipating the release of this game.  Us here at Sneakhype are not only huge fans of the 2k series, but we’re also pretty damn good, if you think i’m lying get at me on live.  Anyways, check out the Kobe Bryant trailer after the jump.

Supreme Fall & Winter ’09

Bringin’ that heat as usual, the team over at Supreme give us a look into their upcoming line for this fall & winter.  Take a look at all the photos after the jump, let us know what you think.

Incase x Paul Rodriguez – Signature Collection Skate Pack

Man… I wanna be P-Rod.  Dude’s got Nike SB and now Incase throwing more free dope shit at him then he probably knows what to frikkin do with.  The whole signature collection is ill, but this skate pack might take the cake.  Comes in black or gray; you can buy it here. 


Chair Made of 10,000 Straws

This thing sucks.  Get it? 

New Brand – Aegis Apparel

Support a start-up and rock somethin that no one else has.  It’s a win-win, people.  Check out some of my faves after the click.  And check out their webstore here. 

Cakedout Magic Party

Most of you sneakerheads probably know this by now but the Magic Trade Show kicks off this coming Monday, August 31st. The Trade Show, which is being held in Las Vegas, will last fom the Aug. 31st – Sept 2. I strongly recommend hittin’ it up if it is at all possible. In light of the show Cakedout and Kynew hooked up to throw a bitchin party in order to start Magic off right. The party will be held Monday night, the 31st, at Club Jet in the Mirage.

Uwe Ommer Photography

Only a German photographer could get away with this kinda photography. Check out the rest the pictures after the jump but i will warn you, there are a lot of boobies.

Absolut Vodka – No Label

  Recently becoming a fan of cranberry juice and vodka, i thought this Absolut bottle was pretty tight.  I’d almost want to collect it, like not even open it and just put it on the shelf.  This edition became available August 24th. [hypebeast]

Air Jordan VI – Infrared

I showed you a pair of VI’s the other day, and i told you i didn’t know when they were comin’ out, because i don’t.  So in light of that i figured i’d give you some good news regarding a different pair of VI’s.  Originally scheduled for a 2010 release, but now we may actually see them show up just in time for the holiday season this year.  You can take a look at some other pics after the jump.

Nike Auto Flight High QK LE “LA”

I have never seen these kicks before but they are pretty dope. The colorway was obiously inspired by the LA Lakers; the kicks even have “LA” stamped on the heel of the kicks. These will be available at Quickstrike locations in the next few weeks. Hit the link for more pictures.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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