Converse Red (Lupe Fiasco – 100 Supplementaire)

As i was standing in my Chuck Taylors, all navy with chrome accents, at this 80′s party this weekend i thought to myself “I really wish some new Converse Chuck Taylor’s would come out”.  To my surprise, one of the first sites i check out today has some fresh new ones gettin’ ready to drop.  They’ll be droppin’ sometime here in February and just the fact that there created by Lupe gives me enough reason to buy them.  [via Sneaker Freaker]

Lil’ Wayne – New Tracks – Rebirth

HIP HOP NEWS @ DEFSOUNDS.COM HIP HOP NEWS @ DEFSOUNDS.COM Couple new tracks here from wayne recently surfaced. Both possibilities to be on his album due out on April 7th, Rebirth.  We’ll keep ya posted, for now this will have to do though.  Let me know what ya’ll think of the tracks.

Nike SB – Premium Purple Blazers

Pictures of these Nike SB Premium Blazers floating around the web recently so were excited to find out they were available at Ubiq. These Preium Blazers feature purple suede as well as a snakeskin swoosh. Get them here.

Nike Air Max 95- Austrailian Exclusive

Here is a look at some Air Max 95′s Nike is releasing at footlocker. Air Max 95′s will always be one of the most recognizable Nike’s ever released. These neon kicks come in a Black/White/Grey colorway with neon accents including the laces and Air Max logo. Sadly these kicks are exclusive to Australia for now, they are going for about 140 U.S. Dollars.  Check out more pictures after the jump. [Kicksonfire]

New Casio G-Shock x DQM and LRG

Expect two new Casio G-Shock designer model’s to come out this month. The white/black watch is a collaboration with Dave Quality Meat while the aquamarine colorway is an LRG collaboration.  Both come with engraved back plates and holographic back lights.  No word on the exact drop date but expect more information soon. More pics after the jump  [freshness]


Speak-er are high-quality multimedia speakers that plug directly into your ipod or computer. They are available now at Thinkofthe for $120. [daily drop]

2009 NBA All Star Game Nike Zoom LeBron 6

The NBA All-Star game is getting closer and closer so we’re giving you a sneak peak of the new Nike Zoom Lebron 6 colorway. The colors blue/turquoise are inspired from the East’s jersey.  They’re dropping at the Nike House of Hoops on February 13th. Check out the shoe after the jump. [theshoegame]

Nixon – The Outsider

Oh man.  Pictures like these just really get my juices flowing, as well as, make me want to buy this watch.  After taking a closer look, there’s a digital compass in this thing.  SOOO many times I’ve looked at my watch and said, damnit… which way is North you timepiece of shit!  Get it here for 150. Four colors.  Check em below.

iPhone Apps – Touch Grind

With almost 3000 reviews it’s rockin a solid 4 stars.  4.99 at the app store.  Looks pretty dope, but I like my apps like a like my women… free and easy. [ctothejl]

Urwerk UR103 Tarantula Watch

 So these Urwerk UR103 Tarantula watches are straight gangsta.  It supposedly has some innovative features like a 43-hour power reserve indicator, a chrono meter with minutes and seconds facilitating accurate time-setting. I dunno about you but I need those kind of things. Check out more pics after the jump [selectism] 

BBC/Ice Cream 2009 Spring Summer Collection

Here is a look at some more BBC/Ice Cream releases. This time the collection consists mostly of sweaters and outerwear. It definitely has more flare then the previous items we’ve showed you. It’s available now at BBC Hong Kong.[hypebeast]

F.C. Real Bristol Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

Check out F.C. Real Bristol Spring/Summer 2009 collection’s lookbook its sick. What is F.C. Real Bristol you ask?  It’s a brand between Sophnet and Nike, an exclusive and elusive side project but not a real futbol team.  In the past they have worked with companies like  Visvim’s F.I.L., Fragment Design and Honeyee and have come out with some very dope clothing/gear. This years collection is so fresh and will be available through Sophnet.  Check out more pics after the jump.[highsnobiety]

Featured Artist – Pan Suon

Check out more of his stuff here.

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