The Hundreds – Fall ’09 Limited Edition Hats

The Hundreds is dropping 2 limited edition fitted caps this week. The hats were made to match a couple of limited edition T-Shirts. The Black/Grey RSWD will be vailable exclusively at The Hundreds LA location along with the matching shirt, and similarly the POST cap will be available at The Hundreds SF location along with its matching tee. Only 100 of each of these hats were ever produced so if you want one your going to have to act fast. Hit the link to check out some more pictures.

Spike Lee X Air Jordan – AJ1 “School Daze” Pack

You already know that when Spike Lee collaborates with Air Jordan the kicks are going to be a must have. On this particular collab Spike Lee took inspiration from his film “School Daze” when he designed these kicks. The Purple/Yellow/White colorway was inspired by the movie poster. The Black/Grey/White colorway was inspired by the Gamma Phi Gamma fraternity from the movie. These kicks should be hittin your local retailer soon. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

New Brand – Bloodbath

Solid lineup.  Get a feel for the brand and check out the images after the jump.  Everything is for sale at their webstore. 

New Balance 999 Feral Creation

I know it’s pretty hard for anyone out there to tell me you’ve never ever owned a pair of New Balances, i owned a couple pairs back when i thought they were ugly.  Then i started rockin’ the 574’s and thought they were really dope, which they were.  Now you have this 999 collection that is just crazy.  Every shoe you see is mad fresh, and you can’t tell me otherwise.  Check out looks of all the shoes in this line after the jump.

Paola Robba Spring/Summer ’10

The good thing about me showing everyone stuff like this is that it’s good for both you guys, as well as you ladies.  Guys, you get to look at pretty hot ladies in next to nothing.  Girls, you get to see fly clothing & swimwear that will be coming out in the future.  So, ladies & gents enjoy, and check out all the picks after the jump.

Vans X Flauge – Sk8 Hi & Era

It’s always a tough battle for me as to which sneaker brand is my favorite, Vans or Nike SB.  I always switch back and forth with which one actually is, but i think as far as all-time goes, it’s got to be Vans.  This recent collab with Japanese retailer Flauge is super sick.  My first pair of Vans i bought were checkered, not that big of a fan of the checkers now, but these are still mad fresh.  Check out some other looks after the jump.

SIGN UP FOR THIS. Seriously. (it’s free)

K this takes 2 seconds and it will totally change your whole streetwear game.  It’s called Jackthreads.  They get the best brands (10 Deep, in4mation, Mishka, etc etc etc) at ridiculously low prices.  They go on sale every day, and you buy stuff for like 10 dollars before it sells out.  You’ll love it.  Click here to sign up.  You can thank me later.

Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y – How Fly Mixtape

This dropped a little bit earlier this month, but i felt that for those of you who haven’t heard it/downloaded it, you need to.  Be expecting big things from both these guys in the future.  Oh and the mixtape is fire by the way.  Download it at DatPiff.

Cassette Mp3 Player

I know some people out there don’t have iPods, either cause they don’t want to spend the money or they just don’t want one.  Well if your reason is the first one then this Mp3 player is for you.  For more than one reason as well.  Reason 1, its your standard Mp3 player.  Reason 2, you can actually put it in your tape deck and it will read the songs off the memory card through the stereo.  Reason 3,  it can be used as a card reader when plugged into your computer.  The best part is that you get all this for a whoppin’….. $22.

Adidas ZX700 Boat – Grey Suede

I’ve been in love with this shoe since they came out with the first colorway, so sick.  Forget Sperry, forget whoever else makes boat shoes, Adidas is doing it right.  There going to cost ya, but their well worth it.  Check out some other looks after the jump.

Stussy X Clae – Kennedy Sneaker

Here is a lil preview of an upcoming Stussy and Clae collaboration shoe. The kicks feature a navy blue canvas colorway with red and beige accents. These should be available at Stussy LA soon.

BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept

Why can’t one of these concept cars, for once, become reality? C’mon BMW, all you need to do is involve SNEAKHYPE and this things as good as done.  I just finished reading two full pages describing how the car is packed with technology that doesn’t really exist yet.  Sure, everything sounds good on paper… but when exactly do we plan on getting this into production??  Now I know there are those out there that will think this car is to futuristic,  so why not shovel the task of promotion and sales to the Sneakhype team (we currently employ the Billy Mays Sales Model). We could say it has SNEAKHYPE technology  and have the HT, EG, PG, and Tsech models.  It would come standard with a navigation system wired to the Internet (Sneakhype as default homepage, of course).  I can imagine people going to the dealerships and saying “Oh Shit? It’s got SNEAKHYPE technology? Let me get a baker’s dozen of these right now”.  What a great idea huh? I’m telling you SNEAKHYPE sells.  P.S. Kids don’t smoke weed.  More pics after the jump 

LEGO Star Wars Photography

Mike Stimpson does a lot of LEGO photography but his LEGO Star Wars Photography (EG showed you this earlier)  really stands out the most.  It is some very impressive work considering his subjects were an inch tall.  Check out all the pics after the jump  

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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