Think Your Treehouse Is Cool?

If you think your treehouse is pretty cool, your probably wrong if it’s not one of these.  The one seen above is super cool, and goes by the name of Free Spirit Sphere.  Personally i don’t think i would want to live in a treehouse, just doesn’t seem to safe, don’t get me wrong it would be sick as hell, just don’t trust the support mechanisms enough.  If you want to check out some other crazy @ss houses in the trees be sure to hit the jump.

adidas Originals by Originals 09-10FW James Bond for David Beckham

Take a look at adidas Orginals by Orginals for fall/winter 09-10 designed by James Bond of UNDFTD made for David Beckham.  These are some dope colors for the classic ZX 800N0, Beckham will be pleased.  No release date set but expect more info soon. [hypebeast]

Nike Sportswear ’09 Holiday Preview

If you think that shoe seen above is sick, just wait till you see some of the crazy ish after the jump.  These pics have me more excited then when i got my N64 for christmas, and that’s saying a lot as you all know how sick N64 for was.  I’m at a loss for words right now, so i’m just going to let you go ahead and take the jump to the next set of kicks.

Dutch Newman & Greg Enemy Made An EP…. Wanna Hear It?

This cool @ss dude with some fly @ss glasses hooked up with Dutch Newman and made a super nice new EP.  Greg Enemy always comes correct with production as well as lyrics.  You better go check this ish out, download it here now!  It’s Free!

G-Shock X Magical Mosh Misfit

The Japanese brand Magical Most Misfit is celebrating their 10th anniversary by doing this collab with G-Shock.  Sick, classic black colorway in the DW-5600 model will go great with any outfit.  You can check out some other pics and purchase info after the jump.

UNDRCRWN Windy City Gingham Flight Jacket

Check out this Windy City Gingham Flight Jacket from UNDRCRWN.  Its got a dope pattern design and is lightweight which is perfect for spring time.   Buy it here for $125. [kineda]


Japanese Axe Ad Campaign

Sure makes me wanna spray… some Axe.  More (way better) pics:

Sunshine & Shadow Spring/Summer 2009

As i was driving down the street the other day in my SNEAKHYPE mobile, a young, cute lady pulled up next to me and asked “what is SNEAKHYPE?”.  That being said i realized i haven’t show much love to the ladies on here as of late.  So what we have here is the Spring/Summer lineup from Sunshine & Shadow designed by Lily Raskin.  Pretty eccentric, and comfortable looking collection.  Check out the rest of it after the jump.

Nike Dunk – 3M Supreme Spark

Icy-blue soles, the way to my heart.  Here’s some fresh new dunks out.  There only availalbe at a few locations, but don’t worry i got you covered, purchase info after the jump.  All the materials that make this shoe just scream at me, so yes Nike will be taking some more of my money.  3M trim with mesh throughout the shoe, makes for one comfortable, and also clean looking sneaker.  Check out some other pics after the jump.

MPC-2000XL USB Flash Drive

All you music producers out there will love this.  The MPC series of drum machines is probably the best series of drum machines, and if you idolize it then you might as well pick up the USB flash drive that is identically the same to the actual machine.  Check out some other pics after the jump.

BBC/Ice Cream – Metallic Silver New Era Cap

If you like standin’ out this hat is most definitely for you.  Oh so shiny, it just screams “i have nothing better to do with my money”.  Its brand new out and can be copped at BBC/Ice Cream.  Applause to the first person i see that can pull it off. [highsnobiety]


New in at eastwestworldwide.  They also have some real nice new Clydes in that are definitely worth checkin out.  The Trinomic R698′s above are goin for 90.  Pick em up here.  More pics:

Featured Artist – Mr. Dheo

This lil montage doesn’t do the Dheo justice.  Mr. Dheo.. more like the reo dheo.. you feel me?  That’s “real deal” for all of you that don’t speak street.  You really need to check out his portfolio here.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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