Bedroom By Presotto Italia

I’m gettin’ ready to move, and i think that i’ve decided to turn my bedroom into one of these.  I just can’t choose which one though, so let’s start a vote, which bedroom is the sickest?

Acapulco Gold Fall 2009 – New Era’s

Acapulco Gold brings some heat to keep you warm during this fall with a bunch of New Era caps.  The “dollar bills” joint seen after the jump is probably the freshest, but their all pretty sick.

Nike Sportswear Lunar Mariah Collection

If you look at Sneakhype on any sort of regular basis you probably already know we are big fans of the Lunar’s. I think I like them so much because they are cool enough to wear to a party and if the cops show up and you gotta start hoppin fences and running through back  yards you will take comfort in knowing there is no way the cop could catch you as long as you are wearing these bad boys. Anyway, these Lunar’s will be released in the Fall but they will be very hard to get your hands on. Check out more pictures after the jump.


Music Painting (Video)


Element Travel Well Skateboards

Dubbed as “alternative transportation vehicles,” Element has put out a new line of boards for the casual cruiser.  Made of various materials including bamboo, maple, and oak, most all are available online.  A pretty cool accessory to lean against a corner of your room… even if you don’t skate.  Just don’t tell anybody.  Maybe scratch up the underside a bit on a curb so people don’t even question you. 


Nike Kicks Keychains @ Dope Factory

I love 2 things about these.  1.  The obvious.  2. They’re made at the “Dope Factory.”  We here at Sneakhype love us some dopeness.  Get yours. 

Bagua Shoes

Are these Kung Fu slippers?.. you ask.  Indeed they are.  Here’s what their own website has to say about them: “Since the 19th century these shoes have been spotted on the feet of the master Dong Hai Chuan as well as in Bruce Lee films.  Even today, millions of Chinese people wear these shoes while practicing Martial Arts or while doing Tai-Chi.  The Bagua heritage has sprung a product that is rich in history, with a modern twist, while still preserving its fundamental values.”  Siiiick.  I wanna be a Kung Fu master!  You can too.  Pick them up here. 

SpongeBob X Nooka Watch Available Now @ SDCC

We showed you this collaboration between SpongeBob Squarepants and Nooka not too long ago and now they are finally available for purchase at SDCC. These two exclusive are sure to go quick so hurry up and grab one now. Check out some more picures after the jump.

Stussy Fall ’09 Collection

Stussy just came out with a gang of graphic tees for their Fall of ’09 collection. They got a bunch of their classic logo tees as well as some new stuff with some heavy graphics. All these Tees are available at Standard now and they all retail for $24. Check out the rest of the collection after the jump.

Big Sean – “Getcha Some” Video

Big Sean just released this new video for his single “Getcha Some.” It was directed by Hype Williams so you know it’s gonna be dope.

Featured Artist – Alex Foerster

You really need to check out this dude’s website.  It’s one of the most creative portfolios I have seen in a while.  He also has a streetwear clothing line you can find at his site.  If you like his work, you can get some large renders of it at his DeviantArt profile for your desktop. 

Kübler House/57 Studio

This bad-ass bachelor pad is actually a single unit house but i’m fairly certain that if you lived in this house you would have a lot of guests sleeping over. It is located in Santiago, Chile and the whole house is designed around a padio in the center of the house. The architects hoped to incorporate the surrounding nature into the house as much as possible. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

New Caked Out Tees

Some fresh new t-shirts in at Karmaloop from Caked Out, all of which are pretty nice.  Of course it’s a new Michael Jackson tee, this one is pretty sick though compared to a lot of other ones i’ve seen.  The Jay-Z one i found pretty funny as well, check ‘em all out after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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