Supra’s Entire Spring 2009 Collection

We showed you the entire Supra Spring Skytop lineup for 2009 yesterday now here is a look at the rest of the kicks that Supra will be releasing. All the kicks feature fresh new colorways and premium leather; i especially like the lo-tops in this collection. Overall it is very well-rounded, check out the rest of the kicks after the jump. [Highsnob]


The Athen Mutlimedia Sofa – Never Leave Your Couch Again

As you may know we here at Sneakhype love it when style, class, comfort, and technology all get rolled into one dope joint, so we were really excited to come across this new couch. They call it the “Athena”; First off it is a sleek looking sofa upholstered in premium leather but it also features some integrated computers located in the armrest. This looks like something straight out of a sci-fi flick but seriously this thing exists. You can use the computer for all the normal purposes, such as checking out Sneakhype every other minute, and you can use it as remote to your TV, stereo, etc. I was thinking about getting one of these but i would honestly never get off of it, not to mention it costs a cool $15,436. Get more info here. [Bornrich]

Nike SB – February Releases

Damnit… about 12 other online mags beat us to the punch on this, but whatever… here’s your first look at the Feb Nike SB line.  I really like the zoom air harbors (above).  The new zoom TRE A.D. is looking pretty fly in the all-royal-blue colorway… still nothing compared to the Dec Marty McFly (BTW if anyone has a new pair of sz 12 or 13 in the McFly’s, I will pay top dollar).  Also, the P-Rod’s looking pretty crazy.  Check them all out below.  Here’s the SB site.

The Dopest Parking Garages

TheCoolHunter put together a nice little packet of pics that include the dopest parking garages in the world.  Gotta love a fresh garage to park your lambo in.  Check em all out after the Dopness link below

Eric Haze X Stussy Las Vegas

SNEAKHYPE will throw up just about anything that either Eric Haze OR Stussy puts out, so when they get together, it’s a big deal over here at the SNEAKHYPE headquarters.  We got pretty crazy last night because of this.  We woke up this morning, and on my nightstand, I found the deed to a strip club.  Apparently we bought some classy place called “The Snatch” last night.  Stussy’s got a store in Las Vegas, and the man the myth and the graffiti legend Eric Haze hooked em up with a pretty dopeshow façade.  There’s a cool video of the wall being painted at [hypebeast] Detailed pics after the More Dopeness link.

Timex Spring 2009

Sorry, you can’t get these yet… but I just came across them, and had to give you the heads up.  Timex is taking a classic style and splashin it with some fly colorways.  4 colorways to look at after the jump.  These will, however, be available at colette soon. [highsnobiety]


PSP Carnival Colors

Bout damn time.  Set to drop March 5th in… where else?… Japan.  $223.  Lickably fresh.  More info here. [ctothejl]


Drawing With Sound

Can you not draw for shit?  Do you have superb control of the tone inflections in your voice?  Then this is for you.  This web app, designed by Ze Frank allows you to draw with your voice.  High pitched sounds will turn your pen right, low… left, medium… straight.  I sang some throwback ricky martin into the mic and it drew two stick figures boofin.  Don’t ask.  Try it yourself here.  You’ll need a mic and you can get to it. [ctothejl] Check out the ricky martin creation below.

A Bathing Ape Valentines Day T-Shirt

A Bathing Ape is coming out with a special shirt just for valentines day. The shirt comes in a white and black colorway with a graphic featuring Baby Milo and his valentine sitting on a hear. This Tee is set to release on Valentines Day at select Bape retailers. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Evolved Footwear X KVN

Check out these new custom kicks our friends at Evolved Footwear just finished up. They used some clean Air Force One’s as the canvas and added some of their custom elephant skin that is complimented by a nice blue. These kicks also feature the Evolved Footwear and KVN logos. KVN is an orginator of custom footwear and thought to be a legend in the game. Check out more pictures after the jump.

The Complete 2009 Supra Skytop Lineup

Here is a good look at the entire Supra Skytop Lineup for 2009; you have probably seen a few of these kicks before, some are even in stores but we thought it was worth another look. The Skytops were very popular in 2008 and it doesnt look like ’09 will be any different. They have a great selection of Skytops out, check out more pictures after the jump. [Highsnob]

Converse Red (Lupe Fiasco – 100 Supplementaire)

As i was standing in my Chuck Taylors, all navy with chrome accents, at this 80′s party this weekend i thought to myself “I really wish some new Converse Chuck Taylor’s would come out”.  To my surprise, one of the first sites i check out today has some fresh new ones gettin’ ready to drop.  They’ll be droppin’ sometime here in February and just the fact that there created by Lupe gives me enough reason to buy them.  [via Sneaker Freaker]

Lil’ Wayne – New Tracks – Rebirth

HIP HOP NEWS @ DEFSOUNDS.COM HIP HOP NEWS @ DEFSOUNDS.COM Couple new tracks here from wayne recently surfaced. Both possibilities to be on his album due out on April 7th, Rebirth.  We’ll keep ya posted, for now this will have to do though.  Let me know what ya’ll think of the tracks.

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