Subcrew X Casio G-Shock

More G-shock coming at you.  This time Casio G-Shock hooked up with Hong Kong’s Subcrew for a custom G-Shock in 4 colors.  This “Power and Unity” version will not be coming to the states but a new version will be available online. It’s some eye candy that’s for sure. More pics after the jump. [hypebeast]

KAWS CBS Interview

  CBS has been stepping up their game lately, first a Katie Couric interview with Lil Wayne and now an interview with our main man KAWS. It’s really dope giving an inside look on how the artist works his magic.  Check it out now. [shoegame]

Ray Gun Pen

I would officially have the dopest desk on the planet if I had this.  It’ll be out in like a week.  More info on it here. [kanyeuniversecity]

New Undrcrwn Products Available At Ubiq

Ubiq just got some new Undrcrwn clothing in store recently. The shirts feature fly graphics as usual. They got about 4 or 5 new tees, my favorite of which can be seen above. Check out the rest of the collection after the jump its worth it. They also have some jackets available too, get all these available at Ub iq


The Hundreds Spring ’09 Collection Available at Major

Major DC just got in a shipment of some Hundreds clothing from their Spring ’09. They got awhole gang of goods including some sweaters, shirts, pants, hats, and jackets. These are all available at Major DC. Check out more pictures after the jump and hit up Major to see the rest.


Now I know what you’re thinking… you’re thinking, that window decal sure does look like it’s on the back of an ’01 Camry.  Well you’re wrong.  As you can plainly see in the other photographs, and the subsequent pics after the jump, the decal is actually on a Porsche Carrera 911 — The SNEAKHYPEMOBILE.  We figured it would also be a good time to show you our garage, which is basically just a giant dungeon of world-class whips and trunks full of gold and diamonds and gems and shit.  And hot naked women in cages.  Chill out chill out… we let em out twice a week to hose em down and whatnot.

Incase Hardshell MacBook Covers

According to our analytics, 21% of our readers have Macs, and according to me, 60% of our readers don’t have Macs, but want one.  So for the 81% of you that are in the market for these covers, they look legitttt.  Incase makes the best mac peripherals; I have had like 3 different cases for my iPhone, and BY FAR my Incase one that I have now is the absolute best.  Buy these here.  [uncrate]

Nike Air Max 90 Mean Green

Do Air Max colorways ever get old?  Cali Roots just got these Nike Air Max 90′s in a mean green colorway.  These are so fresh and would go great with things like some Benjamins and some Cali Green.  Take a look at a closer look after the jump. Get em now at Cali Roots online shop.

Laser Blue Air Jordan Dub Zero

Dub Zeros are coming back in 09!  Can you believe its been four years since the orginal’s came out.  This year they will be rereleased in a laser blue and black colorway. No word on the exact release date, stay tuned.  More pics after the jump. [shoegame]

Alife “State Of Mind” G-Shock DW-5600E Watch

New limited editon G-Shock collaboration is coming out.  Introducing the ALIFE “State of Mind” G-Shock, this dope watch is limited to 100 pieces only available at ALIFE flagship stores today.  Could be the G-Shock of the year.  Black on Black is Back. [highsnobiety]


Kvadrat Clouds

They call em clouds… they’re tiles that you construct yourself, to create your own unique 3D art.  They come in 7 different colors that can all be mixed and matched.  Check em out below.  Check out the designers’ site for more info. [kanyeuniversecity]

The North Face – Raging Viking

Unfortunately, these won’t be out til next winter, but this stuff excites me, because it shows a trend toward the more general acceptance of our culture.  3 years ago, The North Face would have never considered making a chain link pattern jacket, or a zipper that is the mouth of a badass viking, and now they’re taking cues from SNEAKHYPE and all that is hype, and bringing the freshness to the masses. Closer look/different styles after the jump. [radcollector]

Dopest Table Ever Made?

I challenge any sneakhyper out there to show me a more bitchin table.  The thing looks like it’s floating, but is supported by the ooey gooey drippy droppies.  I can’t speak for its structural integrity, but if it can support the weight of the upper-body of this chick… I think we’re good to go.  More pics and info after the jump. [stylelusts]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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