Nike Dunk X Coraline (Promo)

This recent collab was made to help promote the animated film Coraline.  Everything done on these sneaks is flawless, from the lacelocks to the glow in the dark sole.  Even the box and lining that they come in is sick.  There going to be 1000 pairs released, that you can have a chance to win if you stick around for the credits of the flick.  Coraline comes out Feb. 6th just so you know.  Check out some more pics after the jump.  [via Sneaker Freaker]

Bo Jackson Nike Air Trainer High SC Retro

Its Bo Knows time, check out the new pictures of the classic Bo Jackson Nike Air Trainer High SC Retro. The “Total Orange” colorway is fresh and only adds to the super-hyped shoe. No other information has been released but they are scheduled to release in the fall of 2009.  [theshoegame]

Featured Artist-Sebastian Onufszak

Our featured artist today is Sebastian Onufszak, the German graphic designer and art director  who is responsible for some incredible work.  He has worked with about every company you can think of including Nike and Rayban. His combination colors and shapes create some jaw dropping images  for sure.  Take a look at his whole portfolio here which includes a wide variety of projects. More pics after the jump. [thecoolhunter]


Sharky Tea Infuser

This is for all of you who sip on that Earl Gray tea daily, this interesting concept is called the Sharky Tea Infuser.  Designed by Pablo Matteoda this shark shaped infuser makes drinking tea a little more exciting. I don’t even drink tea but might start after seeing this dope creation. More pics after the jump [yeezy]

New Era “Fantastic 4″ Pack

New Era has been hooking up with Marvel comics for a while now and have come up with some interestingly entertaining hats.  The New Era “Fantastic 4″ Pack is crazy, it features all 4 characters in a unique way. The Mr Fantastic hat is made of neoprene, making the hat stretch just like the character. The Invisible Woman hat is half transparent for her invisible capabilities. The Human Torch hat is made of black jersey like his suit.  By far the dopest one though is The Thing hat which is made to look like his rocky exterior.  They will be dropping at New Era Europe retailers this week.  More pics after the jump. [highsnobiety]


Take a look at the new Rock Paper Scissors New Era hats.  Each feature the RPS embroided logo and come in three colorways to match recently released kicks: Grapes (Jordan V), Neon 95s and Tiffany (Dunk SB).  They are available now on the RPS online store. [strictlyfitted]

Nike Hyperdunks NBA All-Star Edition

New Nike Hypedunks made especially for the NBA All-Star Game.  The red/white dunks will be worn by the West while the blue/aquamarine dunks will be worn by the East.  The East’s shoes have a flashier design then the West’s which I like.  Look for these kicks during the game.  More pics after the jump. [kicksonfire]

Green Peace Design Awards 2009

Check out this poster design for the Green Peace Design Awards 2009.  Director of the Green Peace Awards Gjoko Muratovski says “the design is inspired by one of the most famous posters in the world – Che Guevara’s stencilled image based on Alberto Korda’s photograph. However, while I have kept the posture, I have replaced the face with the one of Dr. Cornelius – chimpanzee archaeologist and historian (and in a way a revolutionary of its own) from the cult movie ‘Planet of the Apes’, as a way of sending a hidden message of a mixed utopian/dystopian post-futuristic apocalypse, or paradise”. [adsoftheword]


Span of Sunset X Disney X BLOC28 X New Era

Is anyone else intrigued by Disney getting involved in the streetwear game?  I am.  I mean, we wear shirts with half naked women blowing nike signs on them, and Disney’s trying to get down with our demographic?  Mickey Mutha F*ckin Mouse fo life, son. This vinyl and new era set is quite dope — Mickey’s standing a strong 10.5 in tall, and their limiting the sets to 500.  Pick up your set at Span of Sunset for 120. Span of Sunset 7527 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90046

Freshjive Spring 2009 Collection

Here is a nice look at the new Spring line from Freshjive; The LA based brand has some new shirts featuring some provocative themes, as well as their usual fly graphics. Overall this season is looking great. Their are a bunch more pictures after the jump as well as the purchasing info. [Highsnob]


DC Shoes X Darren Brass (Miami Ink) Spring 2009 Releases

DC Shoes hooked up with Darren Brass, one of the tatto artists from Miami Ink, on some new products for their Spring 2009 collection. Darren Brass is a Artist, skateboarder, and self-proclaimed sneaker head. He collaborated with DC on 7 items, including 2 pairs of mens shoes, 2 pairs of womens shoes, 2 hoodies, and a hat. Brass incorporated his graffiti/tatto inspired art throughout the products. Check out more pictures after the jump. [Highsnob]

Reebok ERS 2000 X Solebox – Reebok Meets Solebox

Solebox hooks up with Reebok for another recent collab.  They did one about a week ago i showed you with Puma.  This one is going to be available a lot sooner to, actually February 7th is the release date.  Not only do you get the shoes, you get some nice Solebox car freshener.  They’ll be going for 110 euros, and will be available at Solebox.  Check a couple other pics after the jump. [via Sneaker Freaker]

BAPE – 15th Anniversary Leather Down Jacket

BAPE just released this leather down jacket in celebration of their 15 year anniversary. The jacket is made from Sheep Skin hide and features their signature camo print. As always BAPE payed close attention to detail, adding in some interior pockets, custom buttons, and 15th anniversary tags. More pictures after the jump. [hypebeast]

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