Tama Art University

Located in Tokyo Japan, this may be one of the most SNEAKHYPE Universities on the Planet. Check it out.

The Hundreds Fall 2009 Footwear

This Thursday The Hundreds will be releasing their new line of Fall Footwear. The new releases include new colorways of the Valenzuela as well as a perforated Johnson mid-top. Check out some more pictures after the jump.


Plugs Into Your Cell Phone or USB

As ridiculous as this may seem, I’m really tempted to grab one of these.  Could you imagine having your phone in your pocket and rockin a lime green one of these on campus?  I can.  I can also see me ballin up a storm with it.  It comes in like 10 different colors, retails for 39.95, and you can get it here.  Maybe I could just keep it in the office.  Plugs right into your iPhone or whatever other phone you got… also, you can get it with a USB adapter so you can Skype with it or whatever. 

WeSC – The Bag Pipe Headphones

They look comfy.  Any Sneakhypers own a pair of WeSC headphones?  I’m curious to know the sound quality.  These are retailing at 175… which is just shy of the price tag on some quality Bose’s or some equivalent.  I like the looks, but for that skrilla, I better feel like I’m inside the frikkin Melbourne Recital Theater.  You can buy these here. 

Probably The Dopest House Ever

This house is ridiculous.  Just hit the link and check out some more pictures.

Nike Hypermax Release Reminder

These limited edition Nike Hypermax’s are available now at select stores. The Tennis ball colorway is more limited than the Red and Blue so they will be a little harder to come by but they are available at Sneaker Bistro now.

Crumpled Up Chicas

WARNING: There are some crumpled up titties shown on the next page, so if you’re at work, clicking “More” will certainly brighten your day. 


Surfer/photographer/badass Clark Little rides gnarly waves, and snaps gnarly pics.  Peep this shi…

Air Jordan 4 Fusions – Black/Varsity Red Colorway

The latest colorway of the Air Jordan Fusion 4’s is now available at select Jordan retailers. The Black/Varsity red colorway is my favorite so far. I was getting tired of the Fusions but i think i’m going to have to pick up a pair of these 4’s.

Supra NS Skytop – Silver and Red Patent Leather

Factory 413 just got some some new Supras in stock. The Silver and Red Patent leather are available now at Factroy 413. Take a closet look at the kicks after the jump.

G-Shock x LRG – Highlighter Yellow

I don’t care how played out you may think the G-Shock is, you cannot deny the freshness of this collab with LRG.  Bright yellow with a splash of teal and white — a must-have for yours truly.  Our source says that it will soon be available here.  I’m going to be checking up on it for sure, so I’ll most likely let you know when you can grab it. 

Stussy New York – Store Opening Tees

Both of these look real clean, especially the black colorway.  Also, once again, i always say you can never have too many t-shirts.  That’s why you may as well go ahead and pick these up.  The store opens August 25th, expect the tees to come out that day.

Nike SB Zoom Tre A.D. October Release

Always a more expensive shoe, but always coming out in super fresh colorways, the Zoom Tre A.D.  is always a solid choice when trying to step to your shoe game up.  In october we’ll be seeing this colorway, Grand Purple/Black.  Also we see a little hint of aqua or turquoise in there.  Might have to cop these bad boys.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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