TGIF Dopeness (30 pics)

F yeah Fridays.


Rafael Nadal Looks Like a Capybara

If you didn’t know what a Capybara was, now you know.  It looks like a Rafael Nadal.  And Rafael Nadal looks like a Capybara. The evidence speaks for itself… and Rafa still gets way hotter chicks than you.


Thigh Gap Thursday (22 Gaps)

Thigh Gap Thursday is the new Hump Day. 

Visual Effects Highlight Reel From Game of Thrones Season 4 (Video)

Here we have a behind-the-scenes look at all the digital effects used in Season 4 of Game of Thrones. GoT is often praised for it’s amazing sets and aesthetically pleasing landscapes. This is largely due to the awesome CGI work of Mackevision. With a $6 Million per episode budget, the extent of the visual manipulation should come as no surprise. 

Check out SoundCloud’s Headquarters in Berlin

Ok, we’ve shared quite a few offices, but this one definitely sits somewhere atop the list of dopest workspaces.  Architectural Firm, Kinzo Berlin, recently finished these headquarters for SoundCloud.  It’s definitely filled with lots of cozy places & comfortable meeting spots.

These Amazing Drawings were Done with Just a Pencil

Wow.  These are drawings are truly incredible.  Paul Stowe is an artist based out of Shanghai that uses a combination of traditional & mechanical pencils to create these masterpieces.  He has more work over on his deviantART page.


Jetsurf Just Became the Dopest Watersport

I have got to try this.  Jetsurf features a specially-developed two-stroke engine that has a max speed between 32-35 mph.  They have a couple different models available, and you can get all the info over on their website.


Flosstradamus & Travis Porter “Drop the Top” in Latest Music Video

Flosstradamus & Travis Porter just dropped the music video for their song, “Drop Top.”  The hilariously dope video was directed by Nem Perez.  Make sure you turn the volume up loud for this one.

Limited Edition Corona X Golden Boy X Undefeated Boxing T-Shirt

Boxing and beer go hand-in-hand, so it’ sonly right that UNDEFEATED collaborated with Corona and Golden Boy promotions to create this new boxing-inspired t-shirt.

We Wish these Superhero Fragrances were a Real Thing

I really wish I could walk into Nordstrom’s today, and purchase one of these superhero fragrances.  You know that Captain America scent smells just like freshly-squeezed freedom.  These were designed by the digital design firm, Animink.  Which one would you buy?


Dubai is Building Temperature-Controlled City Known as the Mall of the World

Dubai has never been shy about showing off, I mean, they have Bugatti police cars!  They have the world’s tallest building, and a freakin’ underwater hotel. Now, they will have the world’s first temperature-controlled city, Mall of the World.  

Thursday Dopeness (32 Pics)

The Dopeness, it’s so hot right now.

Hump Day Dopeness – Part II (43 Pics)

Dopeness makes the world go ’round.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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