LeBron James Covers the First Issue of Sneaker News’ Magazine

Well-known shoe website, Sneaker News, has decided to start offering a new sneaker magazine.  With the fast-paced mentality that most have in the sneaker community, they hope to slow things down with coverage on topics that most might have missed.  The magazine will also be an overall celebration of sneakers.  LeBron James has been tapped for the cover of the first issue.  You can head over to Kickstarter to learn how to get your hands on one.

Tuesday Dopeness (31 pics)

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Ken Block gets Wild in the Streets of LA for Gymkhana 7

We recently showed you the custom built Ford Mustang that Ken Block had made for Gymkhana 7 (check it here).  Now, we have the latest in Ken’s Gymkhana series.  Watch as he gets wild in the streets of LA.

Van Styles Shoots Tianna G. While Flying in a Helicopter

Van Styles & Tianna G. really stepped it up a notch for their latest shoot.  The two recently went up on a helicopter ride in LA with Copter Pilot, and while in the air shot some pretty amazing photos.  Definitely looks like one dangerously sexy helicopter ride.  Read Van’s full story behind the shoot here.


Watch Nigel Stanford Show How Music Effects Matter

Prepare yourself for the coolest video you will watch today. Nigel Stanford recently decided to test the true power of music and the effect that it has on matter. In the short video Nigel uses water, paint, fire, and powdered beads to show how sound waves can transform matter. Check out the awesome experiment above. 

Burn Rubber & New Balance Draw Inspiration from Ginger Ale in Latest Shoe

Burn Rubber is no stranger to sneaker collaborations.  The Detroit-based boutique has been supplying the sneaker community with amazing shoes for quite some time now.  Their latest project pays tribute to another brand that was born in Detroit, Vernon’s Ginger Ale.  With the help of New Balance, their vision came to fruition in these primarily green 572’s.  These will hit Burn Rubber’s online shop on November 29th.

Movie Character Photographs inspired by Flemish Paintings

Photographer, Sacha Goldberger, recently created this photo series inspired by Flemish Paintings.  The photographs feature well-known superheros & movie characters in the Flemish form.  Batman always seems depressed, but it’s weird to see some of these other characters in such a somber tone.

The First Batmobile Ever Made Is Available For Purchase

The very first Batmobile ever made is going up for auction. Unlike the other Batmobile’s we’ve seen in recent years, this one is based on the very first design from the original comic books from the 1940’s. The custom Lincoln features a huge center tail fin, black/red color scheme and a bat face for the grill. It will be auctioned off by Heritage auctions. The car is predicted to sell for around $90,000. This is must-have for die-hard Batman fans with deep pockets. Take a closer look below. 

Nap Anywhere with the Nutshell

Sometimes you just need a nap.  We all hit those times in the day where the only thing that’s going to help is a nice little power nap.  The Nutshell is here to help.  Unfortunately, it’s purely conceptual at this point, but could become a reality in the near future.  Head here to read more about the pod-inspired platform for break-taking.

Wale & Jerry Seinfeld Cover Newest Issue of Complex Magazine

For the latest issue of Complex Magazine, the publication recruited none other than Wale & Mr. Jerry Seinfeld.  In 2008, Wale dropped a mixtape based off the show “Seinfeld” with his “The Mixtape About Nothing.”  Later that year, the two met & became pretty good friends.  Wale is on the verge of releasing his new project “The Album About Nothing,” which Jerry Seinfeld helped on in some aspect.  Check out the cover featuring the two, and be sure to watch the videos that Complex just put out featuring them both.  Read the full cover story here.


Supreme & The North Face Unveil Holiday ’14 Collaboration

Every year around this time, Supreme & The North Face show off their latest collaboration.  This year the two have put together a nice little holiday collection that features some very dope pieces.  As usual, there is jacket options, with this year’s sporting a classic bandana print.  The highlights seem to be the sleeping bag, that will be sure to sell out fast & the ThermoBall Traction Mule.  The whole collection will be available at Supreme NY, LA, London, and online on November 20th.  It will hit Japan on November 22nd.

Guy Skydiving Goes on a Magic Carpet Ride

Well, this is pretty epic.  One dude is skydiving, the other is flying in a wingsuit.  They combine to make a magic carpet ride.  It doesn’t get much more “extreme” than this.

Monday Dopeness

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