Hump Day Dopeness – Part II (39 Pics)

Not very many booties in this, but it’s still pretty effing good.

You’re Working too Hard: Simple Canvas Painting Sells for $44 Million

Most people will never even see a fraction of $43.8 million in their lifetime, let alone pay that amount for something like a painting.  An incredibly simple painting at that.  I don’t mean to knock Barnett Newman, the man behind the piece of art, but this seems pretty ridiculous.  I know, I know, art is open to interpretation & what not, but $43.8 million for this?  I’ll let you be the judge.  Check out the Sotheby’s listing here.

Loft Life with Mercedes Edison by Van Styles

Loft life with a woman who looks like this?  Count me in any day of the week, and twice on Sunday’s.  Van Styles recently shot these photos of Mercedes Edison, and they’re are quite delightful.  What a hump day treat.  Stay up to date with Van over on his blog.


The Real Mad Men of New York Advertising

Here’s a look at what “wall dogs” in NYC go through on a daily basis.  Known as the real Mad Men of New York advertising, these are the ones that paint those ads on high-buildings for 10-12 hours a day.  Pretty awesome.

The Hundreds Black Dominoes Set

The Hundreds just recently dropped their Spring/Summer ’14 collection, and included in that is this dominoes set.  Each domino features The Hundreds’ slant logo on the back.  Available now here.

Honest Trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street

Here’s an honest version of the trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street.  As usual YouTube channel, Honest Trailers, puts their own spin on the trailer, and as usual it’s pretty much spot-on.

Gourmet Footwear Summer 2014 Lookbook

Gourmet Footwear released its Summer 2014 lookbook this week which was shot in Los Angeles. Their latest collection consists of several fan favorites including the 35 Lite, Deici, Cinque, and Uno. The kicks are dressed up in Italian suede, camo print, multicolored woven textiles, Italian cork, and more. Look for this collection to drop online and at Gourmet retailers on May 3rd. 


Meet Neal Unger, The 60 Year Old Skateboarder (Video)

If you’ve ever felt like you are too old to to learn how to skate, or do anything for that matter, this video will make you reconsider that notion. Neal Unger is a 60 year old dude who just recently picked up skateboarding. Although he admits he is not the best skateboarder around, he claims it is a very therapeutic hobby. Watch the video and get inspired. 


NBA Playoff Preview in GIF Form: The Western Conference

On Friday, we previewed the NBA’s eastern conference in GIF form. Today, it’s time for the West. And just as the West is more competitive than the East in the NBA, we stepped up our GIF game for this gallery.

Facts of Modern Day Life Visualized Using Info Graphics

The facts of life are easier to digest when they are explained using simple info graphics. This itself is a fact of life. 


5 Photographers You Should Follow On Instagram

If you’ve been keeping up with our new recurring feature, 5 Girls You Should Follow on Instagram, you’re feed is probably filled with beautiful women at this point. While beautiful women are great, it’s nice to have some variety in your life. So we thought it would be cool to introduce our readers to some of the best photographers on Instagram. Here are some of our favorites.


Check Out The Upcoming Nike X Pigalle Capsule Collection

Thanks to Dazed, we now have a preview of the entire Nike X Pigalle capsule collection which comes right on the heels of Nike’s collaboration with Ricardo Tisci. The collection includes two matching jersey and shorts sets, two pairs of Air Force 1s, T-shirts, basketballs, and accessories. As you can see, the AF1′s have an aged look which was achieved by adding paint and rubbing it off, according to Pigalle’s designer Stephane Ashpool. Check out the entire collection below and head over to Dazed to read the entire article. 


Hump Day Dopeness – Part I (27 pics)

I’m thinking to avoid taxes and shit I should try to make SNEAKHYPE a religion and then Hump Day could be a weekly holiday.

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