Breezy Excursion X DJ Amen – Blessed Capsule Collection

Breezy Excursion just restocked their “Blessed” capsule collection they made in collaboration with DJ Amen. The collection consists of a couple t-shirts two pairs of sweatpants. Make sure to stock up before it sells out again.

Soul Pancake Invites Strangers to Relieve Stress with Kitten Therapy

Just in case you needed a smile today, Soul Pancake has got you covered.  Who knew that all it took to cure stress was to have a little kitten therapy?  Even dog lovers will smile at this.


Consume your Caffeine with this Supreme Espresso Cup

Everyone loves brand name products, so why not a streetwear brand name on an unexpected product?  This Supreme espresso cup just dropped today, and it’s only $12.  Sip your espresso in style by purchasing this here.

Premier Teams Up with Nike SB for “Northern Lights” Dunk Low

Premier is a retail store located in Grand Rapids that is one of the best boutiques out there for all things streetwear & skateboarding.  They are currently prepping for the release of their collaboration with Nike SB called “Northern Lights.”  The Dunk Low features inspiration from a radiant light show known as northern lights.  Look for these to release on November 22nd exclusively at Premier in limited quantities.

27 Beautiful Pastel Drawings by Zaria Forman

All of these “images” are actually pastel drawings created by the wildly-impressive artist Zaria Forman, who currently has her art studio based in Brooklyn, New York.  Apologies in advance if your mind explodes.

Frameri Eyewear Holiday ’14 Collection

We first introduced you to Frameri back in August, which you can check out here, and we were really impressed by what we saw.  They brought a brand new feature to the eyewear game with their unique interchangeable lens system, and now they’ve released a new collection of eyewear frames to suit your needs.  Head to their webshop to browse the full Holiday offering.

Super Bad Mario is Back & Causing Trouble in Episode 2

It looks like Super Bad Mario didn’t cause enough trouble in his first video, so he’s back for more.  In case you don’t remember the first video, watch it here.

Thursday Dopeness

  Don’t forget to check out Hump Dopeness Part 1 & Part 2  

Hump Day Dopeness – Part II (40 Pics)

So, about that Kim Kardashian magazine cover (seen here), she does know there’s a full blown adult film of her on the internet, right?  Going to take more than a butt pic to break the internet.

This artist combined pop culture with classical paintings

Artist Dave Pollot combines his love of pop culture and art with these classical paintings. Each one depicts a beautiful landscapes featuring notable characters from tv shows, movies, and even video games. Check out his work below and head over to his website to purchase a print.

Dude Perfect is Back with Archery Trick Shots

It’s crazy how fast Dude Perfect pumps out these trick shot videos that cannot be easy to make.  This time around they grab a bow & arrow for some archery trick shots.

ASIF Footwear Releases New Zus Lo Model

ASIF is adding a brand new footwear model to their line-up.  Today they introduce the all-new Zus Lo.  The hybrid shoe is half-sneaker, half-sandal, and weighs a mere 6.5 ounces.  This fusion allows for the comfort of a sandal, but with the composition of a high-performance sneaker.  The Zus Lo is available to order now in black & white.  Order here for $140.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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