Famous Film Scenes Recreated with LEGOs

Who doesn’t love playing with LEGOs?  So, why not recreate a bunch of famous film scenes with the iconic toy.  The film itself was put together by Morgan Spence.

Grey Goose Launches New VX Vodka

Grey Goose has launched a new top-shelf vodka for all you premium drinkers out there.  If vodka is your thing, Grey Goose VX is definitely for you.  With the VX standing for “vodka exceptionnelle,” they have taken their “world’s best tasting” vodka & mixed it with a hint of cognac.  Learn more here.

Davinci NYC Releases Fall ’14 Bracelets

Davinci NYC has just released a couple of new accessories for fall this year.  Two new bracelets will definitely help you round out that perfect outfit.  The first one is a “Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet” that features a gold Davinci logo bead for $65.  Also available is a gold cuban link bracelet w/ detachable mini baby angel pendants.  Head over to their store to grab yours.

AMAC Footwear is Providing Soles with a Purpose

It’s not very often that a brand new footwear company comes through my inbox with something dope to offer.  Not only is AMAC Footwear currently offering a great-looking first model, but they are providing “Soles with a Purpose” by providing clean drinking water to a person in need with each purchase.  They currently are up on Kickstarter with a pair of their shoes starting at just $75.  There’s a bunch of other bundles to choose from as well.  Check them out here.


Your Worst Nightmare: U.S. Town with No Wi-Fi or Cell Phones

This is a solid plot line for a horror movie I have in mind.  You’re reading that title right, no cell phones, no Wi-Fi, just good ol’ fashion landlines & nature.  Pretty interesting stuff.

Breaking Bad Illustrations by Ralph Steadman

Breaking Bad has tapped Ralph Steadman for these Breaking Bad illustrations.  They’ll use these for upcoming limited edition Blu-Rays of the show.  While I do think that’s pretty cool, I would love to have them as prints to hang in my pad.

Karl Lagerfeld Designs a $175,000 Louis Vuitton Punching Bag

The only person I can see owning this is Floyd Mayweather.  The set includes a classic punching bag wrapped in Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram print, a suitcase, and boxing gloves.  Only 25 will be available for purchase, but the price is set at a whopping $175,000.


Hump Day Dopeness – Part I (39 pics)

Book of Dopeness: Chapter 3, Verse 11: “And on the 3rd day, the Creators of Sneakhype deemed this day a day of Butts. And it was thus known as Hump Day Dopeness.”

Mother Nature Never Disappoints (25 Pics)

Back in my day you had to go outside to see this kind of shit. 


Someone Vandalized Banksy’s New “Art Buff” Piece

It looks like some jokesters have vandalized one of Banksy’s most recent pieces of work. The “Art Buff” piece was recently spotted in the town of Folkestone, England. It originally depicted an older lady with headphones staring at a blank plinth. Over the weekend a vandal spray-painted a dick on the plinth. While it is kind of a funny prank, it’s never cool to vandalize someone else’s art work – unless you’re Banksy.


You Won’t Believe this is Computer Animated…

Technology — specifically technology in the field of graphic design — is continually making leaps and bounds towards furthering our enjoyment of entertainment.  Somehow, these designers are creating digitally rendered images that are nearly impossible to distinguish from reality (and somehow I’m still getting suckered into paying 12 dollars for a f*cking Godzilla ticket). If this video fooled you for even a second (which it did, don’t be telling stories now) then just think about the implications that this type of computer animated technology can lead to in terms of the future of gaming, movies, and of course blowing the average individual’s mind sending them into a spiraling confusion of what is and isn’t reality.   Source: Blazepress

Nike gives the Roshe Run Flyknit the “Wolf Grey” Treatment

Every dude needs a pair of Grey shoes in his wardrobe. They’ll go with any outfit you put together and you won’t have to clean them after every outing. If you’re looking to add a pair to your collection, try these “Wolf Grey” Roshe Run Flyknits. They’re perfect mixture of style and comfort. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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