IKEA’s Sit/Stand Bekant Desk is Everything

Sitting all day and working on a computer is pretty bad for your health, and yes I type that as I sit here working from home at my desk where I sit for the majority of the day.  

Jim Carrey made fun of Mathew McConaughey’s Lincoln commercial on SNL

Jim Carrey does his best Matthew McConaughey impersonation for this SNL sketch spoofing the new Lincoln commercials. Hey SNL, we need more skits like this. Keep it up.

Sunday Animation Dopeness (17 Gifs)

The weekend is never long enough. Make the most of what’s left with some Sunday animation Dopeness.

Sideboob Saturday (17 pics)

Our weekly offering to the Sideboob Gods. 

55 Examples of Dope Street Art

Can you really ever get enough street art?

Google Maps Uses Camels to Document The Liwa Desert

Recently, Google started a new street view campaign where they don’t actually 


Satisfy your hunger with some Food Porn (25 Tasty Pics)

Good enough to induce a food coma.

Fortune Cookie Halloween Capsule

Don’t have a costume yet?  Need something for Halloween weekend?  The Fortune Cookie Halloween Capsule that released today (Friday, October 24th) has you covered.

Guinness Introduces New Luxury Limited Edition Ale “The 1759″

Guinness has decided to break into the luxury beer market with their new limited edition blonde lager.  The 1759 is an ultra-premium amber ale that will be sold in 25.4 oz. bottles that are set to retail at $34.99.  They only have plans of producing 90,000 bottles, so when they go on sale later this month you’ll have to act fast.

Undefeated Teams Up with Nike for Another Air Force 1 Collaboration

For the second time in the past year Undefeated will release another collaboration with Nike featuring the Air Force 1.  This time around both shoes feature the Lunar sole & are the low top version of the shoe.  There hasn’t been a release date set just yet, but I would expect them to release in the next month or so.

Tinder Problems (27 Pics)

Oh yes, what better way to end your week than with some Tinder Problems?  Enjoy, and be safe out there.

Old Apple Computers Turned into Furniture Pieces

We’ve seen people turn old Apple computers into fish tanks, but this one is a first.  Klaus Geiger has converted old G5 Power Macs into a bench and a container.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like they’re for sale anywhere.  If you can get your hands on a G5 Power Mac, then maybe you can attempt to make your own.  Read more about the upcycling project here.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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