LeSean McCoy’s 20 Cent Tip Receipt up to $99,000 on eBay

LeSean McCoy was recently out for lunch enjoying “America’s Craaaaaziest Burgers” with 3 friends, when he decided to stiff a waiter by leaving just a 20 cent tip on a 61 dollar tab.  Some guy got his hands on the receipt, and it’s currently up for sale on eBay.  The receipt has over 140 bids, and is currently sitting at $99,000.  Check out the listing here.

Tuesday Dopeness (33 pics)

We got one for the ages today, folks.  Please enjoy. 


Guinness World Record for Longest Usable Golf Club is Insane

This honestly looked fake for the beginning of the video, but it’s on Guinness’ actual YouTube channel.  Dude has some serious skills being able to even hit the ball with that club.  Unreal.

Coca-Cola Is Bringing Back Surge Thanks To The Internet

Buzzfeed announced today that Coca-Cola will be bringing back Surge. Surge was first released in 1996 but turned out to be an epic failure. Production of the green drink was ended about 5 years later due to lack of interest from consumers. 

Hall of Fame’s Fall Lookbook is One of the Dopest You’ve Seen

Hall of Fame just recently release the second delivery of their Fall ’14 collection, and the lookbook is one of the best ones I’ve laid eyes on in awhile.  Shot on the streets of New York that utilizes the skills of calisthenics workout team, BarStarzz.  Then they paired the photography with illustrations from The Social Trust Agency.  The overall outcome is incredible, and you can find the collection for sale over on their site now.

Super “Bad” Mario Is Here To Ruin Your Day (Video)

Some genius decided to add Mario into a fail compilation. The resulting video is everything we hoped it would be and more.

30 Awesome Bridges From Around The World

These are some top quality bridges right here. The Golden Gate has nothing on ‘em. 

Keanu Reeves is “John Wick” in Upcoming Film

I mean, I don’t know that Keanu Reeves is an incredibly talented actor, but this actually looks kind of dope to me.  John Wick is about a former hitman who’s pursued by an old friend who was contracted to kill him.  In theaters October 24th.


Sneaker Porn (23 Pics)

Give me two purr, I need two purr. 

Air Jordan Retro XIV “Black Toe”

There has been no shortage of Retro XIV releases this year from Jordan Brand.  This coming Saturday, September 20th will bring another addition to the XIV family.  The “Black Toe” which originally debuted in 1998 features a primarily white/black colorway with red accents throughout.  Retail price will be set at $170, check with local retailers for availability.

Monday Dopeness (33 pics)

Dopeness: it’s like espresso for your eyeballs.  (It also gives you great content to share on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook early in the morning when everyone is checking their phones.)  SNEAKHYPE: helping your social media game since 2008.

Samsung Pokes Fun At Apple In New “It Doesn’t Take A Genius” Commercials

Apple’s recent iPhone keynote left Samsung feeling some type of way. They created six videos making fun of the Apple keynote live stream failure, larger screen size, the new Apple watch and more. But don’t let Samsung’s tactics fool you. We all know the iPhone is where it’s at. 

Sunday Animation Dopeness (17 Gifs)

Take a break from football and treat yourself to some animated Dopeness.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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