Give Your Kitchen an Ocean Theme with this Ballin’ Island

You want the dopest kitchen in all the land?  Then I would suggest investing into this Ocean Kitchen Island from Kolenik.  The oversized aquarium hides a large amount of storage space & equipment.  Got to have it.  More info here.

Watch This Angry Dude Defend Fedoras With An Epic Rant (Video)

You’ve never loved anything as much as this dude loves his Fedora. 

Jones Soda Releases Limited Edition “PB & J” Soda

No time to pack a pb&j sack lunch this morning?  No worries, Jones Soda has you covered with their newest flavor.  That’s right, they’ve introduced a limited edition “PB & J” soda.  You might have to do some hunting for these though.  Good luck.

18 Pictures of Enormous Landscapes (human included for scale)

What is this?  A center for ANTS!?

Amazing Photographs of Animal Colonies

Absolutely mesmerizing.  Some of these photographs of animal colonies are actually a little terrifying, but all of them are very cool.

31 pics of chicks taking selfies with iPhones

I can’t wait ’til them iPhone 6 selfies start making the rounds.  Imagine the megapixels…

Check out this 1-of-1 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

On very lucky, and very wealthy, customer will be receiving this 1-of-1 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse that was specially made just for him. The customer, who was unnamed at the unveiling, chose the classic black and yellow color scheme that has been featured on some Bugatti’s most notable models such as the Type 41 Royale, Type 55, and the Type 44. The grille of this Veyron was laser cut to feature the customers “PL” initials. The rear wing of the car is inscribed with the Bugatti emblem. The interior features the same black/yellow color seam as the outside. Take a closer look at the super car below. 

Air Jordan VI Retro “Sport Blue” Release Info

This Saturday, Air Jordan will load up another bomb to drop in the form of their Retro VI model.  This time around the shoe will be releasing in a “Sport Blue” colorway that is primarily white with blue accents throughout.  Available at retailers like Sneaker Politics this coming Saturday, the 30th.


Relive Banksy’s “Better Out Than In” with New Book ($35)

Writer & photographer, Ray Mock, has released his new book that documents Banksy’s 31 day stay in NYC.  The book offers a day-by-day first hand account of Banksy’s time in New York.  The book features over 120 photos and illustrations, and available in a limited edition of 2000 with a screen printed cover.  Head here to buy now.

This is What An F-1 Race Car Looks Like Under Thermal Vision (Video)

F1 race cars are some of the fastest automobiles in existent. Their sheer power is impressive to the naked eye, but when you add a thermal vision camera the race cars are even more remarkable. This footage was captured using a FLIR thermal camera, which showcases the insane temperatures an F1 car is capable of reaching while racing. Check out the mesmerizing video above. 


Ciele Athletics Releases Colorful Collection of GoCap’s for Fall ’14

Ciele Athletics just released a collection featuring their GoCap in a variety of different colorways.  The GoCap is not just for looks however.  The hat is geared specifically towards runners with moisture-wicking materials & UPF +40 sun protection on the front panel & brim.  The cap also features reflective labels for visibility & perforations for ventilation.  The full range is available for $45 a piece here.

‘Truth Facts’ are Brilliant & Spot-On

This website Truth Facts might just have the best infographics on the entire interwebs.  I gathered up 25 of the best recent ones, but you can get lost for hours going through all of the old stuff.  Check out their website here.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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