Prynt Case Turns your Phone into a Polaroid Camera

Polaroid photos have mostly became a thing of the past.  There’s only a few options out there for instant development of photos, and most of them aren’t very portable.  In comes Prynt Case, a polaroid case that fits both iPhone & Android.  No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth required, just plug, snap, and print.  Prynt Case will be launching on Kickstarter soon, head here so you can sign up to be notified.

Apple Store in Istanbul is the Dopest You’ll See

Located in Zorlu Center shopping mall of Istanbul lies quite possibly the dopest Apple Store on the planet.  Designed by Norman Foster’s firm Foster + Partners, the store is actually the very first Apple Store in eastern Europe.  It features two subterranean levels with a glass rectangular box at the top, which gives it the appearance of a lantern.

20 Titillating Tuesday’s Tittaes

These boobs pics are a gift from me to you.  

Snapchat Let’s you Pay People back with Snapcash

Well, in case you missed another one of Snapchat’s incredibly invasive snap stories, we’ve got some news for you here.  The wildly popular social media app is now letting you send money to other people with their new feature called Snapcash.  Don’t be a sucker and starting paying for those nudes now.


Nike SB & Poler Celebrate their Roots with 2014 Collection

After a successful inaugural collection last year, Nike SB & Poler have hooked up again for another collaboration.  The collection shows off the Pacific Northwest roots of both brands.  Orange, brown, and tans tones are predominant throughout each of the pieces, especially each of the shoes in the collection.  Everything is set to release on Saturday, November 22nd.

Win a Night in this Spacious Airplane Apartment

This would be something cool to do just to say you did it.  Obviously, being in Amsterdam would be cool, but staying in this remodeled airplane would be pretty sweet.  The apartment offers 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, breakfast, and the almighty Wi-Fi.  airbnb is currently offering a contest that the winners will receive a one-night stay in this one of a kind apartment.  Head here for more info.

What Your Life Looks Like in Thermal Vision

Umm, yeah…  Full-on censored man boner at 1:37.  You were warned.  Anyways, this video is actually really cool.  It shows what some everyday activities look like under thermal vision.

Russian Photographer takes the Most Incredible Photos of Foxes

These are without a doubt the best fox photographs you will ever see.  Ivan Kislov is a mining engineer who spends his free time taking this amazing photographs of foxes.  His photographs vary in scenery, but he has said that foxes are his favorite subject matter.  I wonder if he knows what the fox say?  Visit his website here.

Bentley’s Grand Convertible is the Most Sophisticated & Elegant Convertible

Bentley has officially unveiled a brand new model known as the Grand Convertible.  While not set for production just yet, Bentley promises that if this model reaches the roads it will be a highly exclusive & extremely limited collector’s piece.  The convertible is sporting a sequin blue finish, and under the hood it’s packing a twin turbo V8.  Look for the car to be LA Auto Show starting November 19th, and Art Basel in Miami as well.


Tony Hawk takes a Ride on the First Real Hoverboard

It’s still amazing that this is actually a real thing now.  I just hope that these are easily attainable & affordable in the near future.  Anyways, Tony Hawk was recruited to test out the Hoverboard by Hendo.  Watch the video to see how he does.

LeBron James Covers the First Issue of Sneaker News’ Magazine

Well-known shoe website, Sneaker News, has decided to start offering a new sneaker magazine.  With the fast-paced mentality that most have in the sneaker community, they hope to slow things down with coverage on topics that most might have missed.  The magazine will also be an overall celebration of sneakers.  LeBron James has been tapped for the cover of the first issue.  You can head over to Kickstarter to learn how to get your hands on one.

Tuesday Dopeness (31 pics)

Turn up… on a Tuesday.

Ken Block gets Wild in the Streets of LA for Gymkhana 7

We recently showed you the custom built Ford Mustang that Ken Block had made for Gymkhana 7 (check it here).  Now, we have the latest in Ken’s Gymkhana series.  Watch as he gets wild in the streets of LA.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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