Sneakhype Style: Volcom Footwear Gets Better with Age

Volcom Footwear recently celebrated their one-year anniversary, and they have only grown better over time.  We first showed a look at their new endeavor into footwear when they launched about a year ago, and I was thoroughly impressed then.  Now, after some time, we have a look a 3 of the stand out models in their line-up.

Michael Salisbury’s “Chicago in the Fog” Photo Series

Nothing like aerial photography of big cities.  Especially when that big city always has some crazy fog going on.  Michael Salisbury is a photographer based out of Chicago that took these over the summer.  Check out more of his work on Flickr.

Skateboard that Charges Your Phone & Has Built-In Speakers

This is the Chargeboard.  It’s a longboard that generates it’s own electricity through it’s rear axles, and then stores it into a powerbox.  1 hour of riding will provide enough power to charge your phone 8 times.  Oh, and an added bonus?  This thing has built-in speakers as well.  It’s not available just yet, but you can get more info here.

You Need this Bill Nye Imitating Jay Z T-Shirt

One of the Internet’s greatest pictures is now a t-shirt for you to rock.  That’s right, the classic image of Bill Nye the Science Guy imitating rapper Jay Z right there on your shirt.  Available on Etsy for $35.


2 Chainz Eats the World’s Most Expensive Burger

That is not just a self-proclaimed statement, this is actually Guinness certified as the “World’s Most Expensive Burger.”  2 Chainz & GQ tries out this burger on their Most Expensivest Sh*t segment.  Damn, that looks like one hell of a hamburger.

Creepy Abandoned Stasi-Prison in Berlin

Photographer, Philipp Lohöfener, was recently given access to this abandoned prison in Berlin.  The prison was also a former secret police hub.  These pictures definitely look eerily creepy, but I guess that’s about the norm with abandoned architecture.  Visit Philipp’s website here.

Pre-Order an Andy Warhol Edition Bottle of Absolut Vodka

Artists and alcohol brands pairing up for collaborations is nothing new, but this newest one is incredibly dope.  Absolut Vodka pays tribute to Andy Warhol with this new bottle that recreates his “Absolut Warhol” print ad.  4 million bottles in total will be produced, and you can order yours here for $26.

Boring Basement Transformed Into Ultimate Man Cave

Tired of your boring, basic-ass basement? Do what Redditor Kelhans did and transform that shit into a work of art. This guy renovated his entire basement to look like an old hunting cabin. The materials he used only cost him $107. He used reclaimed wood that to create the walls, installed a fake roof, created a fake window with a view and even added a faux fireplace. 

Stop what you’re doing. It’s Tuesday’s Tittaes (26 pics)

Earlier today, I suggested strapping an iPad to your face to block out the haters.  An alternative to that is to just put boobs in your face.

Greats Brand Adds Smooth New Color in “The Royale”

Greats Brand has showed no signs of slowing down when it comes to offering high-quality footwear at affordable costs.  Releasing new colorway after new colorway, they have now added another member to the Royale family.  This time around they drop the Italian-leather shoe that features a “cuoio” colorway.  These can easily be worn in casual situations, and even thrown on when you need to dress it up a little.  Available now for $159.

2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Finalists

Here’s a look at the finalist for the 2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year.  The contest is put on by London’s Natural History Museum and BBC.  A book of the winning entries and runners-up has been published every year since 1992.  This year is definitely packed with some amazing competition.  Check out the official website here.


Ride Some Waves with the Radinn Electric Wakeboard

Up until now, if you wanted to wakeboard, you had to be towed behind some sort of watercraft.  Well, Radinn has came in and changed the game with this electric wakeboard that is hand-controlled.  The main downfall to this wakeboard is that you’re not going to be able to do any sort of tricks off the wake of the boat you’re behind.  Having the freedom to just go out and sort of surf on your own is worth the sacrifice though.  Check out more info on their website here.

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