Why Is Ketchup So Hard To Pour? (Video)

An age-old question is finally answered.

Tuesday Dopeness (33 pics)

Did you know that movie ‘Pay It Forward’ with that Haley Joel Osment dude was actually based on the premise that instead of thanking the person who introduced you to SNEAKHYPE, you should actually just tell 3 other people you know about SNEAKHYPE.  Hell of a film.


Stop What You’re Doing, 40oz Van Just Updated His Tumblr (25 Pics)

When 40oz Van updates his Tumblr, you know it’s going to be a good day.

Bugatti Legend Series – Black Bess Edition

Legendary car company Bugatti continues their Legends series with the new “Black Bess” Veyron.


Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang: Chengdu (Part 2)

Eddie Huang continues his adventure through China in part 2 of Fresh off the Boat: Chengdu. In this episode, Eddie hits up the Dead Sea Resort and gets buried in salt, swims in one of the worlds most crowded swimming pools, and eats some baby pig dick. Check it out.

Banksy Unveiled A New Piece of Street Art Today

The ever-elusive Banksy made his return to the street art scene today. He took to his website to unveil his latest piece of work. This is the first we’ve heard of Banksy since his month long “Better Out Than In” exhibition, which took place all over New York City. His new piece is obviously poking fun at our obsession with smartphones.

Upcoming Release: Nike KD VI Easter

This Friday, before Easter weekend starts, Nike Basketball will be releasing another Easter Pack.  One of the shoes in the pack is this KD VI Easter colorway.  The shoe features a camouflage-esque print with bunny rabbits hidden throughout.  Look for these to hit retailers on 4/18.

Brass Playing Dice ($29)

Cool Material just stocked some great looking brass playing dice in their webstore.  They are made from solid brass, and will develop a great patina over time.  Set of 2 for $29, grab ‘em here.


Never Go To The Store Again With Amazon Dash

There are so many reasons to hate grocery shopping. For starters, getting off your ass and scouring 76 aisles for a bag of Combos is insanity. But that’s not as bad as going through an hour of crowded misery only to forget one of the things you came for. Amazon is trying out a new product called Amazon Dash to help us avoid all that shit. Dash is a small device that you can speak into and scan barcodes to ensure all the items you need get added to your Amazon account. You still need to log in via computer, tablet, or phone to order the items, but they’ll already be in your shopping list so you won’t forget the staples like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The 6 x 1-inch device is easily portable and connects to a wi-fi network. For now, Amazon Dash is available by invitation only, so you have to know somebody who knows someone who has Dash to get your hands on one. Amazon Dash is part of an innovation push from the company, as it also recently launched Amazon Fire TV and teased us with future delivery drones.  

Micro 3D Printer Has Raised $2.6 Million with 22 Days Left on Kickstarter

This is pretty crazy.  ”Oh, let’s just set a goal of $50,000, that should be good.”  With 22 days left in this Micro 3D Printer Kickstarter campaign, they have surpassed their $50,000 goal by $2,633,277 so far.  Deemed “the first truly consumer 3D printer”, it will be incredibly intuitive, easy to own, and seamless by design.  Head over to their Kickstarter, pledge $299, and you can own one of these bad boys for yourself.

Miami Hurricanes Unveil New 2014 Nike Football Uniforms

Nike & the Miami Hurricanes have unveiled their football uniforms for the upcoming 2014 season.  They introduced 4 different colorways of the uniform, a home, an away, and two alternates.  The uniforms are set to reflect the vibrant, bold style of the city.


Childish Gambino feat. Problem – Sweatpants (Music Video)

Childish Gambino gets his “groundhog day” on in his latest music video.  The video is for the song Problem-assisted track, Sweatpants.

Movie Posters with 1-Star Reviews from Amazon

There’s this account on Twitter that is just pure genius.  The account is @awfulreviews, and they basically edit movie posters to have quotes from 1-star reviews off of Amazon.  Here’s a look at what the account has to offer.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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