StreetDome Skate Park in Denmark

This is quite possibly the dopest skate park we’ve ever seen.  Located in Haderslev, Denmark, the skatepark features indoor and outdoor skating areas, as well as a rock climbing wall & basketball court.  The park features 65,000 square feet and was designed by the people at CEBRA.  Grand opening was held earlier this month.

City Bicycle Co. Fall Fixed Gear Sale

Our friends over at City Bicycle Co. are currently having sale through the end of October.  Already known for making quality fixed gear bicycles at an affordable price, they’re now giving you a chance to grab one for even less.  Their fall sale gets you 20% off the bike of your choice plus free shipping.  Head here to check out their full line of bikes.


STRO “Living” Snapbacks

A go-to hat is always a solid accessory choice, especially one as dope as these “Living” caps from STRO.  It’s also a good hat to have as a daily reminder of what you should be doing, but what most people forget to do, and that’s living.  Available on STRO’s webstore for $35.  Order yours here.

Lionness with GoPro Strapped to Back Hunts Down a Buck

Lion whisperer, Kevin Richardson, has gave us one of the most epic GoPro videos you’ll watch.  With a GoPro strapped to her back, this lioness hunts down a waterbuck in the wild plains of South Africa.  Amazing.

Permanent Marker Drawings by Hollis Brown Thornton

These are some extremely detailed drawings done by the artist, Hollis Brown Thornton.  Each work of art is done entirely in permanent marker.  Some of these works along with others are available on his webstore.  Purchase here.

Standouts from the 2014 World Beard & Moustache Championships

These are insane.  The amount of time, dedication, and patience it had to have taken to grow some of these is unimaginable.  These are some standouts from this year’s World Beard & Moustache Championships.  Who do you think should take the cake?

Surfing at 1000 frames per second (video)

Watch some of the worlds most talented surfers, including Kelly Slater, Taj Burrow, and Billy Keen, as they shred some tasty waves in super slow motion. This film was shot by Chris Bryan who used Phantom Flex, Phantom Miro M-320S and Phantom 4k Flex cameras which allowed him slow down the action.  It’s amazing how easy they make surfing look. Take a look above.


Hump Day Dopeness (35 pics)

This is something of a special edition HDD.  For 2 reasons:

Da’Quan is Back & Causing Trouble in the Streets of SoHo

It’s been some time since we’ve heard from our friend, Da’Quan.  He’s back though, and discussing literature, culture, and fashion in the streets of SoHo.

Bacon Weave Ice Cream Sandwich Looks Glorious

One of the guys over at Dude Foods has created quite the interesting snack.  Bacon & ice cream have been seen paired up in the past, but this creation might take the cake as the best treat.  The bacon weave ice cream sandwich seems fairly easy to create, and I might just have to dabble this evening.  Here’s the how-to guide.

Go on a Land & Sea Adventure with the Submarine Sports Car

Inspired by the James Bond submarine Lotus, this Submarine Sports Car has the capability of travel via land & water.  The interior is impervious to both fresh & salt water.  It has seats for two and will travel up to 80 miles on land and three hours underwater after a four hour battery charge.  The biggest downfall, it costs $2 million.  Check it out here.


Dude Perfect Goes Neon with Glow-in-the-Dark Trickshot Video

With Halloween pretty much on our doorsteps, Dude Perfect put out this glow-in-the-dark themed video that fits the time of the year perfectly.  The lights they’re wearing on their bodies look pretty creepy.

Warm Up this Winter with these Dope Crewnecks from Epic Mob Clothing

Crewneck sweaters are great loungewear during the colder months, and Epic Mob has a great selection of them that feature some great prints.  They currently have a large sale going on with 30% off just about everything.  Head here to see their full selection.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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