mophie & Opening Ceremony Collaborate on Jacket that Charges your Phone

We’re getting to the point where you never have to be with a dead phone ever again.  Opening Ceremony teamed up with mophie to make this technologically advanced letterman jacket to fruition.  The jacket has a built in mophie powerstation with a cord that runs to the jackets side pocket, so you can get some juice while your phone is just chilling.  The black & gold jacket is available to order here for $465.

Waka Flocka Flame Stars in Hilarious Cough Drop Ads

Waka Flocka has had a couple amazing media stories lately.  First, he goes on a hunt for a personal blunt roller.  Now, he’s a spokesman for the cough drop company, Pine Brothers.  “They magic.”


Hamburger Bedding is here for your love of Burgers

First it was pizza bedding, now it’s hamburger bedding.  Retailer, Emotional Rainbow, just stocked their newest bedding addition.  Who doesn’t honestly love hamburgers?  Show that love, and purchase this brand new bedding here for $80.

Learn from Van Styles in his new Skillshare Class

Skillshare is an online learning community that helps you master real world skills through project-based classes.  One of their most recent course additions is from none other than Mr. Van Styles.  He’ll show you his process of executing a model photoshoot, and how to conduct your own.  Sign up for the class here.

KITH x Nano Universe x Nishikawa “Black Diamond” Collection Keeps Cozy Levels High

2014 has been the year of the rise of the #CozyBoys.  This most recent collection from KITH, Nano Universe, and Nishikawa will help you maintain those cozy levels throughout the rest of the year with their cold weather pieces.  Look for the collection to release in-store at KITH on Black Friday, and online at kithnyc.com on Cyber Monday.

Semi-Truck Jumps over an F1 Racecar in Epic World Record Jump

You might have seen in this in today’s Dopeness gallery (here), well he’s the full video of what was a world record.

Monday Dopeness (37 pics)

This just in: Scientists have determined that viewing Monday Dopeness can actually work to reverse the effects of post-weekend depression (PWD), and prevent one from contracting a “case of the Mondays.”

28 Times Panorama Photos F*cked Up

Being able to take panorama photos is, without a doubt, one of the most badass things to grace cell phone photography ever.  But with this sweet technology comes even sweeter mistakes.  Here are 28 times panorama said, “F*ck your photo op, son!”

Sneakhype Song of the Week: Professor Fox Helps your Hangover with “Sunday”

In a new series, we’ll be bringing you new music every Sunday with the Sneakhype Song of the Week.  We figured it was only right to start the series with a track of the same namesake.  Professor Fox is a producer from Chicago, who has produced records for a wide variety of artists.  This recent track “Sunday” features Ishmael Raps, Cae Jones, Frank Leone, and Monster Mike.  Enjoy.

17 Cartoon Characters Caught in Unfortunate Positions

Someone has taken the time to compile some freeze frames of classic cartoon characters in some shall we say, “compromising positions”. Enjoy these dirty, dirty cartoon characters.

The Newest Edition of “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” Might Be The Best Yet

Jimmy Kimmel unveiled another edition of his “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” series last night. This time around, Chris Pratt, John Stamos and Adam Sandler join in on the fun. Check it out above. 


How to Make Deep Fried Turkey Balls with TJ Miller

Want to switch up your normal Thanksgiving meal?  Watch as TJ Miller and Chef Andy Windak make deep fried turkey balls.  Be the most impressive dude at your next friendsgiving, and show up with a 12 pack of some good beer & these turkey balls.

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