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Blake Griffin Gets Artistic with Slam Dunk Poetry

Vizio enlisted Blake Griffin for a new video series called “Slam Dunk Poetry.”  So far, they’ve released several videos with Blake Griffin reciting poetry in a slam dunk fashion.  Tearaway Pants might be my favorite.

Tuesday’s Tittaes is French for Boob Tuesday (26 pics)

I know this translation is accurate because my great grandfather was French Canadian.

Overkill x KangaROOS Unveil Coil R1 “Grape Pack”

KangaROOS has just announced another incredibly dope collaboration for this year.  This time around they hooked up with the boutique Overkill for this amazing Grape Pack.  The homage to German wineries & winemakers is set to release on September 20th.


Stance Socks Headquarters Are Like A Playground For Adults (Video)

I don’t know how you would get any work done in an office life this. The Stance Socks headquarters are filled with everything you need to distract yourself from the boring responsibilities of your job. They’ve got a fully stocked kitchen, mini ramp, driving range, and a basketball court. I’ve just got one question for you Stance, are you guys hiring?


NFL Stars Get The Simpsons’ Treatment

Bleacher Report and Adrien Noterdaem, an artist who is known for his ability to recreate the distinct Simpsons’ style, came together to create this celebration of both the show’s 25th season, and the start of the NFL season.  View the full feature here.

Jimmy Sweatpants & Najeeb Sheikh Release Ripcord Sweat Shorts as Second Collaboration

This is the second time that Jimmy Sweatpants and Najeeb have teamed up for a cozy collab.  The first time around the released a similar two-tone scheme, but in a pant version.  Now, we have these ripcord sweat shorts that feature ripcord top-halves, and cotton bottom-halves.  Sneaker Politics just stocked all 4 colorways, available here for $90.

The Art of Billiards Trick Shots with GoPro

We’re always a big fan of trick shot videos, but this might be the first one we’ve shared featuring the game of pool.  Ziemowit Janaszek is a pool pro, who demonstrates the art of the trick shot using a GoPro.


LeSean McCoy’s 20 Cent Tip Receipt up to $99,000 on eBay

LeSean McCoy was recently out for lunch enjoying “America’s Craaaaaziest Burgers” with 3 friends, when he decided to stiff a waiter by leaving just a 20 cent tip on a 61 dollar tab.  Some guy got his hands on the receipt, and it’s currently up for sale on eBay.  The receipt has over 140 bids, and is currently sitting at $99,000.  Check out the listing here.

Tuesday Dopeness (33 pics)

We got one for the ages today, folks.  Please enjoy. 


Guinness World Record for Longest Usable Golf Club is Insane

This honestly looked fake for the beginning of the video, but it’s on Guinness’ actual YouTube channel.  Dude has some serious skills being able to even hit the ball with that club.  Unreal.

Coca-Cola Is Bringing Back Surge Thanks To The Internet

Buzzfeed announced today that Coca-Cola will be bringing back Surge. Surge was first released in 1996 but turned out to be an epic failure. Production of the green drink was ended about 5 years later due to lack of interest from consumers. 

Hall of Fame’s Fall Lookbook is One of the Dopest You’ve Seen

Hall of Fame just recently release the second delivery of their Fall ’14 collection, and the lookbook is one of the best ones I’ve laid eyes on in awhile.  Shot on the streets of New York that utilizes the skills of calisthenics workout team, BarStarzz.  Then they paired the photography with illustrations from The Social Trust Agency.  The overall outcome is incredible, and you can find the collection for sale over on their site now.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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