Star Trek-Themed Mini Fridge is the Dopest You’ve Ever Seen

Mini-fridges are an essential accessory for just about anyone.  This particular mini-fridge resembles a Borg Cube from Star Trek, and it looks awesome.  Not only can it keep up to 9 beverage cans cold, but apparently it can also keep food warm.  Available here for $149.99.


Instagram Launches Bolt, A One-Touch Picture and Video Messaging App

It looks like Facebook is still scrambling to create an app that can compete with the ultra-popular Snapchat.

Reebok Steps into the Bacon Game

Reebok has been all about the sport of CrossFit over the past few years.  In a recent move to cater to CrossFitters and their paleo diet, they have decided to make their own brand of bacon.  To get all the skinny on their newest product, check out Reebok’s website here.


Secret abandoned shopping mall in Bangkok is now filled with exotic fish

Tucked away from tourists and sitting behind a sign that reads “strictly no entrance beyond this point,” an abandoned shopping mall hides from view.  


Watch The Simpsons and Family Guy Teaser Trailer (Vide)

Two of the most popular animated TV shows will be joining forces for a special crossover episode. In the trailer, which was revealed at Comic Con, the Griffins’ find themselves in the Simpsons home town of Springfield. The 5-minute trailer touches on several story-lines that the crossover could touch on. Make sure you tune into Family Guy on September 28th to catch the entire episode. 


You know what to do with that big fat butt – 40 pics

…put it in Hump Day Dopeness.


Arguably The Most Epic Ping Pong Rally Ever

The Commonwealth Games are underway this year in Glasgow, UK. The games feature a multitude of sports from lawn bowling (bocce ball) to ping pong and squash. This match was between Singapore’s Gao Ning and Segun Toriola. Ning would go on to win the set advancing Singapore to the finals.

Protect Your Ideas With the All-New ICON Protective Sleeve from Incase

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen anything new from the good people over at Incase. But this week they announced the introduction of their all-new protective sleeve, the ICON. The ICON Sleeve is constructed out of neoprene and features the brand new Tensaerlite™ technology, which protects the outer edge of your device. The new design of the sleeve also makes it easier remove your laptop from the case. Head over to the Incase store to purchase the ICON and protect your ideas.

Surfing the Ends of the Earth (Video)

When most people think of surfing, they think of warm weather and beautiful beaches. But some people prefer to catch waves in the blistering cold rather than the sweltering heat. Surfers Patrick Millin, Brett Barley, and Chadd Konig traveled to the article circle with photographer Chris Burkard to surf some of the coldest waves on earth. The resulting footage is unlike any surfing movie you’ve ever seen. Watch the entire video above.  


Sneakhype Style: Short-Sleeved Button-Downs and Sweatshorts Should be a Summer Staple

For me, it’s always about being as comfortable as possible with the clothes you’re wearing.  Thanks to Frank & Oak, keeping cozy in the summer is possible with their wide arsenal of clothing options.  Pairing a nice short-sleeved button-down with a pair of sweatshorts can be a comfortable outfit in the summer that doesn’t cause you to overheat.

25 amazing boobs pics for Tuesday’s Tittaes

FYI – Tuesday’s Tittaes can get pretty NSFW pretty fast given all of the amazing boobs pics we got here.  Hold onto your hats boys, we’re goin’ in!


The Everyday Watch from MIJLO Gives you 10 Watches for the Price of 1

The Everyday Watch is a project that recently launched on Kickstarter.  With prices starting at just $89 USD, you have the ability to customize your watch the way you want it.  Right now they have an early bird special that gets you 2 different faces, and 5 different bands for just $181 USD.  The system is set-up to easily switch out different bands when you’re needing a new style.  Head over to their Kickstarter for all the details.

Check Out The New FILA X Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collaboration

FILA continues their recent series of successful collaborations with this new Teenange Mutant Ninja Turtles M-Squad sneaker. The ’90s basketball shoes features a nina turtle green upper, orange accents and a camo outsole. No release date has been set for the sneakers, but the Teenange Mutant Ninja Turtles movie hits theaters on August 8th so it’s safe to assume they will be dropping around the same time. Take a closer look at the kicks below. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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