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Anaconda (Fart Remix) is way better than the original

It’s rare that you find a remix that is so much better than the original song.

The Evolution of Madden Football in a 2-Minute Drive

It’s crazy to see how far video games have came in a short time.  To help you visualize the transformation easier, here’s a 2-minute drive that starts from the beginning of Madden to where it’s at now.


Thigh Gap Thursday (20 Gaps)

So many gaps, so little time. 


Photographer Shoots Past Playboy Bunnies Years after their Prime

So, maybe these aren’t the type of ladies you expect to see in our “Chicas” section, but they once were all smokin’ hot Playboy Bunnies.  Robyn Twomey is a New York-based photographer that created this photo series of previous bunnies.  All of the photos were taken at a Playboy reunion in Las Vegas.

Encyclopedia of Air Jordan Sneakers Could Be Yours

Kickstarter has helped a number of new & interesting products come to life.  This could potentially take the cake as the coolest one yet.  If you’re a sneakerhead or Jordan lover that is.  Jay Lawrence from Orlando is putting together an Air Jordan Encyclopedia that will feature pretty much every Jordan shoe ever.  It will be the most comprehensive and informative hardcover book on the history of Jordan Brand ever.  $60, and you can reserve your copy.  Check it out on Kickstarter.

Watch Eli Reed Skate Around The Playboy Mansion (Video)

Following in Danny MacAskill’s footsteps, skateboarder Eli Reed teamed up with Playboy to shoot this “Lost in Paradise” short film. Watch as Reed takes a nasty spill while skating in NYC’s Chinatown and subsequently wakes up in Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion surrounded by Playboy bunnies. He also does some skating. Check it out above.

And the Most Dangerous Selfie of the Year goes to…

Cajones.  All three of these people have a big ol’ cajones.  They climbed up to the top of a skyscraper in Hong Kong for one of the most epic selfies.  You’ve ever seen.

Crazy House in Iran features Rotating Boxes to Adapt to Climate Changes

You would think that having a house with rotating boxes that allow you to adjust for the weather would be the highlight of your pad.  Nope, this place is filled with dopeness throughout, especially the downstairs pool.  The Sharifi-ha House is located in Tehran, Iran.  Glorious.

High-Speed Jet Ski Video will Trip You Out & Make Your Heart Race

This high-speed jet ski ride through a canyon is sure to make your heart rate just about double.  I’m a huge fan of getting wild on a jet ski, but this might be a bit much.  Any daredevils out there think they could handle this with as much ease?


Dope Jordan ‘Triangle’ Art By JC Ro

Artist JC Ro creates these insanely dope Jordan prints out of thousands of triangles (literally). JC Ro has featured such classics as I’s, III’s, IV’s, V’s, VI’s, IX’s, and XI’s in these prints, and they vary in size from 28″x36″ to 18″x24″. All of this featured work (and more) is available for purchase at his webstore: triangleshit.com

Thursday Dopeness (32 Pics)

If it’s Dopeness you seek, you have come to the right place.

Hump Day Dopeness – Part II (39 Pics)

I have the 8th pick in my fantasy football draft this weekend, who do I take?


Mac Lethal Raps Over a Mozart Piece to Inspire the Youth

Mac Lethal is well-known for his fast raps, and witty lyrics.  This time around he takes a classic musical piece from Mozart, and does some rapping in hopes of inspiring today’s youth.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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