Star Wars Light-Up Chop Stick Sabers

You walk into your local sushi spot, and you usually use their in-house chopsticks, right?  Next time you walk in, sit down, and BOOM!  You bust out your frickin’ light-up chop stick sabers inspired by Star Wars.  Next thing you know, you’re the cool guy eating his sushi with these sweet things, and everyone wants to be you.  Want that feeling?  Buy these here.


LeBron’s “Together” Nike Commercial Will Give You the Chills

Well, tonight starts LeBron & Clevelands quest for an NBA title.  To celebrate, Nike just released this commercial titled “Together.”  82-0 season anyone?

False Bay is the Ultimate Writer’s Retreat

If you’ve suffered from writer’s block, or any creative block for that matter, you know that getting away from everything for a little while can be important.  The False Bay Writer’s Cabin is a retreat for those who want to be more in tune with nature & secluded, but also want the dwelling to be protected when away.  The cozy levels look to be at an all-time high in this place.  Designed by the good folks at Olson Kundig.


Thigh Gap Thursday (20 Gaps)

Caution: Thigh Gaps ahead


Handwrytten App Has a Robot that Hand Writes What You Type

I love doing hand wrote cards & notes, but I’m going to tell you something.  My handwriting is the absolute worst, and I feel pretty bad when people have to try & make it out what it says.  Not only that, but in this digital age everything is computer screens or typed up & printed out, and there’s not much personalization anymore these days.  In comes Handwrytten, an app that actually has a robot that handwrites letters & cards for you.  Cards start at as little as $5.00, and they’ll send them directly to the recipient for you.  Watch the videos, then check out their website here.

Hunting and Fishing Dopeness (49 pics)

Whether or not you have an animal head mounted on your wall at home, anyone can appreciate this Special Edition Dopeness gallery… made especially for the avid outdoorsman/woman.  


Bronzed Air Jordans by Matthew Senna

If you already have a solid collection of Air Jordans in your closet, and now need some artwork to show off your love for the brand, then these are for you.  These bronzed Air Jordans were done by artist, Matthew Senna, and they look incredibly dope.  The idea of using them as a book stand looks really cool.  What’s it going to cost to get your hands on a pair?  $2250.  Order here.


Kodak Introduces PixPro 360° Action Camera

Kodak has stepped into the world of action cameras with their new SP360.  The camera feature 360° action that lets you capture all the good stuff.  The camera is available now for $349, order it on Kodak’s website.  Make sure you watch the video for an example of what the camera can do.

The Get Sh*t Done Book ($15)

Startup Vitamins has become well-known for their great bits of entrepreneurial wisdom and motivation.  

Thursday Dopeness (30 Pics)

Happy Halloween eve everybody. Don’t be that dude at the party without a costume tomorrow. No one likes that guy. 

Hump Day Dopeness – Part II (39 Pics)

Gameday in KC.  It all comes down to game 7.

Reed Space & Rastaclat Collaborate on “No.2″ Bracelet

The retail store, Reed Space, has teamed up with Rastaclat for this upcoming “No.2″ bracelet.  Reed Space was founded by Jeff Staple who was encouraged by his art teacher, Michael Reed, to think differently.  So, I’m sure that had some of the inspiration behind this project.  The bracelet will be available on November 1st, over on Rastaclat’s webstore.


Taco Bell Launches Mobile Ordering App

Taco Bell, arguably the best fast food chain ever, just launched a new mobile ordering app.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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