Episode 5 of “Fuck, That’s Delicous” features Lamb Necks, Alligators, and the Blues

Action Bronson is back with the 5th episode of the Munchies series “Fuck, That’s Delicious.”  This time he heads down to New Orleans to partake in the culture.  Enjoy.

Show Some Character with the Mifland Weathered Patina Collection

Mifland just released their weathered patina collection that features 2 of the classic silhouettes that use a leather that already has a worn in look.  They age the leather by using a series of washing & drying the leather, over dyeing the leather, and sun fading.  Both bags are available now over on Mifland’s webstore.

Saturday Night Live Makes Fun of NFL Player Game Intros

With all the legal troubles that NFL players have been in recently, SNL decided it would poke a little fun at the NFL.  The actors take a new approach to how NFL players should introduce themselves during game intros.


Hump Day Dopeness – Part I (28 pics)

Yanno, I’m not exceptionally proud of this gallery of butt pics.  Don’t get me wrong — this is still an amazing photo gallery of butt pics.  But there is something I AM quite proud of, and that is

You’ll never believe these 30 pics of Tuesday’s Tittaes

SPOILER ALERT: You WILL believe these 30 pics of Tuesday’s Tittaes. I just figured I’d put some bullshit sensational title that included “You won’t believe…”.  It was between that or “Try not to get a raging boner after viewing these 30 epic pictures of insane cleavage.”

Liam Neeson is Back for a 3rd Time in “Taken 3″

He just won’t stop.  Liam Neeson is back again to try and dig himself & his family out of another terrible mess.  Is there anyone on this planet as badass as Liam’s character in the Taken series?  Me thinks no.  In theaters January 9th, 2015.

The Whiskey Wedge is the Perfect Gift for any Whiskey Lover

Enjoy whiskey on the rocks, but don’t enjoy when it gets watered down?  The Whiskey Wedge is exactly what you need.  Utilizing a silicone mold the ice forms into a wedge, and melts slowly due to reduced amount of surface area.  Available here for $14.99.

Chiefs Fan Completely Demoralizes Lone Patriots Fan During MNF

Last night night was a bad time to be a Patriots fan. The Kansas City Chiefs absolutely destroyed the Patriots on the field and the Chiefs fans made sure the Pats supporters knew it. Watch as this group of bros completely disrespects this dude wearing a New England jersey. All in the name of America. Man, I love football. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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Hump Day Dopeness – Part II (39 Pics)