Thigh Gap Thursday (20 Gaps)

We didn’t invent the Thigh Gap, just Thigh Gap Thursday.


Gatorade Pays Homage To Derek Jeter In New “Made In New York” Commercial

With Derek Jeter getting ready to play his last home game ever later this month, Gatorade decided it was the perfect time to release this gem of a commercial. The ad follows Jeter as he walks around NYC interacting with his fans and just being the all-around badass that he is. The Frank Sinatra soundtrack doesn’t hurt either. Check it out above. 

Portraits of Birds Posing like Humans

Leila Jeffreys is the photographer behind these bird portraits.  As a child, Jeffreys was taught by her pops to rescue and nurse birds back to health.  That would explain how she gets these amazing portraits of different species of birds.  If you enjoy her work, then you should follow her on Instagram.

Archer quotes on pictures of James Bond are hilarious

It’s pretty much impossible not to read these in Archer’s voice. 


Learn About All Things Beer with “The Beer Book”

Have an obsession with beer?  Then you need this book on your coffee table.  The Beer Book is a visual catalog of over 800 breweries, whistle-stop beer trails, and key beer facts.  It’s pretty much a must-have for any beer lover.  Order the hardcover here for just $19.50.

Relonch Camera is the iPhone Photographer’s Perfect Accessory

If you find yourself taking a lot of pictures with your phone, you might be interested in this Relonch Camera.  The Relonch is currently available for pre-order for not only the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 6 as well.  Not only does this connect to your phone via Lightning connection, but it will charge your phone through that connection as well.  Expect release to be late 2015, pre-order here.


“Puns of Food” on Twitter Will Make You Laugh & Hungry

Puns of Food on Twitter is a hilarious account that is filled with food puns.  There’s rarely a day that goes without an update, and they’re all pretty good.  I gathered up about 20 of the best & most recent food pun pictures they’ve done.  Follow them here.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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