Artist Turns Car into a Jacuzzi

Personally, I’d almost rather have a hot tub than my car, so I’m thinking about doing this as well.  French artist, Benedetto Bufalino, has turned this Seat Ibiza into a nice-sized jacuzzi that actually looks pretty damn dope.

Chance the Rapper & The Social Experiment Cover the “Arthur” Intro Song

Chance the Rapper first played this rendition of the intro music to the TV show “Arthur” live a couple weeks back.  Now, in preparation for Lollapalooza he decided to release the CDQ version of the track, and it is dope.  Enjoy.


The Barisieur is an Alarm Clock & Coffee Brewer in One

The coffee brewing game just got real.  With this new machine called the Barisieur you can prep a nice cup of coffee before you hit the hay & then wake up to the smell of a fresh cup being brewed as your alarm in the morning.  No word on actual production of the machine yet, but hopefully they’ll be available soon.  Check out the designer, Joshua Renouf’s website here.

Thursday Dopeness (34 Pics)

Looking at the Dopeness in public is like dating a stripper. Everyone looks at you in disgust, but deep down inside they want the same thing. 

Hump Day Dopeness – Part II (38 Pics)

“Great minds discuss Dopeness; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”


Barefoot Skiing Behind an Airplane Looks Absolutely Insane

Who needs water skis, right?  Devin Supertramp and friends recently hit Florida for some barefoot skiing.  Not only are they skiing barefoot, but they are doing it behind a flying airplane.  Looks nuts!

Get A Rug Burn in Style with this Carpet Table

Enjoy spending time on the floor?  Worried about spilling your green tea all over the place?  Then yes, you need this “Carpet Table” in your living room.  Designer, Alessandro Isola, the brains behind the project, loves to combine & modernize everyday objects.  So grab yourself the latest copy of Cosmopolitan, a Chai Tea Latte, cross your legs indian style, and have yourself a nice little afternoon with this amazing decor piece.

Dude Perfect Heads To The Desert For Their Latest Trick Shot Video

The Dude Perfect dudes are back with another amazing video. This time the crew headed out to the Mojave Desert for some baseball/drifting themed trick shots. Check out the entire video above. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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