James Franco Tried To Pick Up An Underage Girl On Instagram

James Franco found out the hard way that you shouldn’t hit on underage girls using social media.

The Best & Worst Thing About Each US State

This map shows us the best & worst things about each state in the USA.  Being from Kansas I’m incredibly surprised that the best thing about our state is the driving, especially considering that I get road rage nearly every day.


Miley Cyrus Gets Crying Cat Emoji Tattooed on the Inside of her Bottom Lip

Miley got a tattoo on her lip… so obviously this will be the biggest story in pop culture news for another 5 days until “a source close to Miley reports that she allegedly Snapchatted a queef to her close circle of friends.”

A Look at the DIY Weapons Being Used in the Ukrainian Revolution

If you haven’t been paying much attention to what’s been going on in the Ukraine, this should help open your eyes.  Photographer Tom Jamieson wandered the occupied zone, and asked the protestors what weapons they were fighting with.  Read the whole article over on Wired.

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This is How Apple CarPlay Will Work In Your Car (Video)

Apple has teamed up with Volvo to unveil its latest venture: CarPlay. With CarPlay you can integrate your iPhone 5, 5C and 5S with the vehicle’s existing infotainment system, allowing you to access all your favorite apps right from the the dashboard of your car. You can text, make calls, use maps, play music and much more with the system. The best part is that it will function just like your other Apple devices.

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adidas Announces Partnership With BAPE Founder NIGO

In on-going attempt to further establish themselves in urban culture, adidas has added another influential designer to their already impressive roster. adidas Originals announced today that they have officially formed a new partnership with street wear legend and BAPE founder, NIGO.  The addition of NIGO comes right on the heels of their new partnership with Kanye West. There is not much info regarding the partnership, except that NIGO’s first collection with adidas is due to release in Fall/Winter of 2014. Now that they have partnered with both Kanye West and NIGO, can adidas finally overtake Nike as the leading footwear/lifestyle brand?

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14 Things That Are Cheaper Than Facebook’s Purchase of WhatsApp

As I’m sure most of you know by now, Facebook recently purchased WhatsApp for an insane $19 Billion dollars. With that amount of money you could buy a small country (seriously). In fact, you could buy a whole lot of really expensive stuff. For example, here are 14 things that are cheaper than WhatsApp.

Which States Have the Longest (and Shortest) Sex?

This is great info to have when traveling, so be sure to go ahead and bookmark this page.  Read the full article here.

Mom Buys $567 Worth of Van Styles Shirts Because They are “Pornographic”

This is pretty funny to me.  A mom walking through a mall in Utah passed by the PacSun, which had what she felt were “pornographic” images on display.  After complaining to management to no avail, she just bought all of the Visual Heartbreakers by Van Styles t-shirts they had in stock.  What do you guys think of the shirts?  Check them out here.

Oliver’s Travels Announce Mile Low Club for Couples

Are you one of the crazy people that take Valentine’s Day incredibly serious?  Do you just want to take your significant on an amazing trip?  Well, Oliver’s Travels has just announced it’s new Mile Low Club, which is a leisure submarine intended for couples who want to have a private night together submerged beneath the ocean waves.  Biggest problem for most couples will be the cost, which equates to just under $300K per couple.  Head over to their website for more info.


iPhones With Flappy Bird Installed Selling for Thousands on eBay

As some of you Flappy Bird addicts may already know, the game has officially been removed from Apple’s App Store, and Android’s Play Store.  Well, what you may not of known is that if you still have the game installed, your phone might be worth a lot of money.  Check out this eBay search for iPhones with Flappy Bird installed, and prepared to be shocked by some of the prices.

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Facebook Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Personalized “Look Back” Videos (Video)

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Facebook is letting users “Look Back” with personalized videos documenting their biggest moments on Facebook. For most of us, the videos will be a montage of drunken pictures from college. Find your video here.  

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The Best Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials

There are two reasons why people watch the Super Bowl: 1. the game 2. the commercials.

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The 20 Funniest Super Bowl XLVIII Memes

Super Bowl XLVIII was a blow out. The Seahawks controlled the game from the first snap and went on to win 43-8. The game itself was pretty boring but the memes it inspired made up for it. Here are 20 of best we could find. God bless the internet. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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