Kickstarter to Bring Back “Reading Rainbow” Raises $1 Million in 24 Hours

That’s right folks, LeVar Burton is on a mission to bring back “Reading Rainbow.”  They set-up a Kickstarter, and they hit their goal of $1,000,000 in the first 24 hours.  They’re already quite a bit above that now, and still have 33 days to go.  Interested in learning more, or donating, you can go here.  $3500 will get you a private dinner with LeVar.  Now that would be dope.

Read The Letter Dan Bilzerian’s Lawyer Wrote To The Porn Star He Threw Off A Roof

A couple weeks ago, millionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian made headlines by throwing a naked porn star off a roof and into a pool (watch the video here). The toss didn’t go as planned and the poor girl broke her foot after clipping the pool on the way down. The injured porn star, Janice Griffith, has since threatened to sue Bilzerian. Dan wasn’t having it though. He had his lawyer respond to the threats in typical rich dude not giving a fuck form. Read the letter he sent to Griffith below.

Here’s A Preview of the New Batmobile From “Batman vs. Superman”

Director Zack Snyder has been tweeting out pictures from the set of Batman Vs. Superman over the past few days. His photos reveal both the new Batmobile as well as the new bat suit – both of which look very different from what we saw in Christopher Nolan’s films. The bat mobile looks to be thinner than the Tumbler and Ben Affleck looks to be much more ripped than Christian Bale. Hopefully Snyder will continue to release pictures from the set of the new movie. 


The Funniest Jay Z vs. Solange Fight Memes

In case you haven’t heard, footage of Solange Knowles (Beyonce’s sister) attacking Jay Z in an elevator after the Met Gala surfaced yesterday. The video quickly went viral and Twitter turned #WhatJayZSaidToSolange into the number 1 trending topic. The internet did what it does best and turned the fiasco into a series of memes. Here are the funniest we could find. 


Kim Kardashian’s Ass Causes Horrifying Tsunami-like Tidal Waves

Los Angeles, California: News outlets from across the world are reporting of severe devastation caused by a series of tidal waves.


Apple to Buy Beats Electronics for $3.2 Billion

In case you haven’t heard the news, tech giant, Apple, is in the process of buying Beats Electronics for a whopping $3.2 billion.  Great news for Dr. Dre, bad news for Dr. Dre fans.  As if it hasn’t taken the music legend long enough to put out his Detox album, he’ll have even less of a reason to finish it now.  It’ll be interesting to see what Apple’s plans are for the audio company.  With rumors of an iWatch, and a bigger screened iPhone on the way, Apple is looking to make some serious moves over the next couple years.

Floyd Mayweather’s Car Collection is Pretty Impressive

Floyd Mayweather’s car collection is rivaled by few. His fleet of all-white of super luxurious rides consists of Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Bentley’s, Rolls Royce’s, and a Bugatti. Basically any car you’ve ever dreamed of owning. After winning around $32 Million dollars for his fight with Marcos Maidana over the weekend, it’s a safe bet to assume that his collection will only get bigger. 

Drake Gives Away OVO Lint Rollers at Game 5 of the Toronto Raptors Series

This is pretty hilarious.  If you happened to watch the Toronto Raptors game about a week ago, you witnessed Drake going to town on his pants with a lint roller right on the sideline.  During game 5 of the Raptors most recent series, Drake, OVO, and the Raptors gave away 1200 lint rollers.  There’s one on eBay right now.  Watch the original vid below:


Call of Duty to be Added to X-Games

Stoned video game players across the nation are rejoicing after this news I’m sure.  X-Games and ESPN have decided to add MLG (Major League Gaming) to the line-up of X-Games events .  Using Call of Duty: Ghosts, there will be 8 teams going against each other with double elimination set-up in place.  Four of the teams then move onto single elimination, with the final 3 teams receiving medals just like all other X-Games athletes.  You got what it takes?  


President Obama Plays Soccer with ASIMO Robot

Obama was recently in Japan, and got to play a little soccer with the robot named ASIMO.  I love how he treats it as if it were a little kid.  I don’t know if this is scary or awesome, but either way it’s a pretty cool video.

See How Quickly Tech Giants Build Wealth

Well, this is pretty crazy.  In the six minutes that I’ve let this website that shows how much tech giants make per second, Apple has made almost $2 million in revenue and $420,000 in profit.  It’s also crazy to see that Twitter isn’t making any money?  What’s up with that?

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