In a Genius Move, Dude Puts Resume on Hershey’s Chocolate Bar

This is how you get yourself a job.  Matthew Hirsch was given an assignment during a summer class to create promotional material for himself.  I’d say he absolutely killed that assignment with this resume he put on a Hershey’s Chocolate Bar.  Creative, and the employer gets to eat a chocolate bar?  Game over.


Instagram Launches Bolt, A One-Touch Picture and Video Messaging App

It looks like Facebook is still scrambling to create an app that can compete with the ultra-popular Snapchat.


Watch The Simpsons and Family Guy Teaser Trailer (Vide)

Two of the most popular animated TV shows will be joining forces for a special crossover episode. In the trailer, which was revealed at Comic Con, the Griffins’ find themselves in the Simpsons home town of Springfield. The 5-minute trailer touches on several story-lines that the crossover could touch on. Make sure you tune into Family Guy on September 28th to catch the entire episode. 

The New York Times Openly Calls For the Legalization of Marijuana

Long known as a balanced and prestigious voice of the nation, The New York Times has released the first piece of its 6-part editorial series that urges political leaders in the United States to legalize the use and sale of marijuana.


Groom Has His 8 Groomsmen Wear LeBron James Jerseys for Epic Wedding Picture

With the news of King James returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers, one fan decided to celebrate in a very cool way.  Nick Jones, and his wife Christa Deckerd, had their wedding planned for July 12th & when news broke of LeBron returning they did a little improvising.  Nick gathered all of his LeBron jerseys, and together with his 8 groomsmen took one of the best wedding photos we’ve ever seen.


Real Life Krusty Krab Restaurant is Currently Under Construction

Growing up, I was addicted to Spongebob Squarepants, and learned life lessons that still hold dear to me today.  Well, now a little piece of that show is becoming a real thing.  That’s right, an actual Krusty Krab restaurant is currently under construction in Palestine, in the West Bank to be exact.  I’m curious about the copyright/trademark issues here, but either way I need to go visit once completed.  Stay up to date with their progress on their Facebook page.


Holy Shit. LeBron is going back to Cleveland.

I bet all those ass-clowns that got all pissy and burned their ‘James 23′ Cavs jerseys when Bron Bron went down to Miami are sure feeling pretty silly right now.  Not only could they have had some sick ass throwbacks to rock at the next home game, but they’re probably worth like a billion dollars right now.

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Andrew Wiggins Signs Endorsement Deal with adidas

Today, adidas announced that they have a partnership with the overall number 1 draft pick, Andrew Wiggins.  With Wiggins being no stranger to adidas gear thanks to his time spent at KU, it’s not too surprising that he went with the “three stripes” over the guys behind “the swoosh.”  Sources say the multi-year deal comes with at least $2 million guaranteed annually, and the overall contract in the $10-12 million range.  Hopefully we get to see a Wiggins signature model in the near future.


You Can Now Get A Ride From Optimus Prime Thanks To Uber

Car service app UBER has teamed up with the Transformers franchise to turn your childhood dream into a reality. In the days leading up to June 27th premier of the new Transformers movie, UBER will allow users to be picked up by a customized Western Star semi-truck that has been painted to look like Optimus Prime. To get ride from the transformer just select the “AUTOBOTS” option on the mobile app. Users will be treated to a 15-minute ride in the Transformer. Unfortunately not all of us will have a chance to use the service. It will only be available in select cities including Dallas on June 16, Phoenix on June 19 and Los Angeles on June 21. 

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This Is The World’s First Photoshopped Image: “Jennifer in Paradise”

Photoshop changed the internet as we know it.

Germany Does World Cup Right: 750 Couches Inside Stadium with 700″ TV

So, Berlin is incredibly excited about the World Cup, and why shouldn’t they be?  IT’S THE WORLD CUP!  They turned the Stadion An der Alten Forsterei into a giant living room, filling it with 750+ couches, and an enormous 700″ TV with the fine details of cheesy wallpaper.   America, we got anything like this going on?

President Obama Declares Proper Pronunciation of the word ‘GIF’

About a year ago, the Internet split into 2 rival groups: those who thought the word ‘GIF’ should be pronounced with a hard G (gun, giggity, goodie goodie gum drops, girl, etc.)…

Spider-Man Statue Removed From Playground Because of Huge Boner

You read that headline correctly.  Indeed, a giant sculpture of Spider-Man (with a giant boner) once hung above a shopping center’s children’s play area in South Korea.


This Voluptuous Broad is The Leader of a Mexican Cartel’s Assassination Squad

Like something straight out of a Kill Bill movie, this Bad Bitch Contest 1st place winner, Claudia Ochoa Felix, is the 27 year-old leader of the infamous “Los Antrax” kill squad.  Los Antrax is the mean muscle behind the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel — used for security, as well as, to carry out hits and revenge attacks. Apparently Felix is the lover of former hit squad leader, Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, who is now in prison.  Felix is believed to have taken over his authoritative duties since his incarceration in January of this year.  She has 3 children, one seen below covered in money. And although she is allegedly tied to — and responsible for — the deaths of many, the media won’t ever really cast her in a bad light because, well, she’s pretty attractive…                 Here is a link to her Twitter. Stay safe. Don’t do drugs. source: dailymail

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