Pharrell’s Miami Bachelor Pad

Yesterday we showed you LeBron James’ recently acquired Miami mansion and I admit I was hatin’ on his spot a little bit. I thought that he could have got something much more baller, especially with his budget. To prove my point, today I am going to show Pharrell’s new Miami crib which cost him a cool $14 million dollars. Not only is the pad itself amazing, but Pharrell’s collection of artworks by Kaws, Takashi Murakami, and Keith Haring  is pretty impressive as well. I think it’s safe to say that Pharrell’s spot is definitely more fly than King James’. My advice to James would be to hire Pharrell’s decorator. Take a closer look after the jump.


LeBron James’ Miami Mansion

As we all know LeBron James recently took his talents to South Beach and he now resides in this luxurious Mansion. The 12,000 square foot crib has all the amenities, including a wine cellar, home theater, and a view of the ocean from every room, but honestly I was expecting a little more from Bron Bron. His castle in Cleveland was almost three times as big at 33,000 square feet and it had a Casino and bowling alley. Hopefully this is just a starter house and LeBron is going to upgrade as soon as he gets a ring. I’m hoping so. Take a closer look after the jump.


AWESOME: Miley Cyrus Tripping Out On Salvia (Video)

Uh-Oh….looks like Miley had a bad trip. 

Durex Ads Make Wearing Condoms Fun

Yeah they got great ads, but honestly who buys Durex?

Welcome Home LeBron James…

If you had a chance to watch the LeBron James vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers last night, you probably noticed the warm welcome the LeBron got from all his fans in Cleveland.  Yeah, right.  They booed, yelled, had some of the funniest signs I’ve seen, but yet it did nothin’ to shake his performance.  Can we give the guy a break?  Gathered for your eyes we have some of the welcome home signs and shirts seen last night.


Andre Johnson: 1. Cortland Finnegan: 0.

Andre Johnson whoops Cortland Finnegan. Andre owners should get fantasy points for this.


LeBron – Bitch Move?

I, too, would be super pissed if my team with lofty expectations was was 9 and 8, I got free back massages every day, I was born a super-human, and made one hundred thousand dollars a day, 365 days a year.  Such is the life of LeBron James — and thus arguably justifies his passive/aggressive shoulder bump into Miami Heat head coach, Erik Spoelstra, after sucking it up against Dirk and the Mavs last night.


Takashi Murakami was at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade?

I suppose it’s pretty cool that an artist that was once only popular on blogs and in urban culture is now getting mass-media attention and mainstream acceptance.  It’s also strange to think that generations from now, when our grandchildren are taking Art History classes, they’ll be learning about KAWS and Takashi.  And I’ll say to my little ones: “Them artists weren’t shit until I done posted ‘em on SNEAKHYPE.  And that’s a true story damnit.  Run and tell that homeboy.  Now fetch gramps a brewski.” 

Happy 18th Birthday Miley Cyrus

Hugs, kisses, and 18 birthday spanks from the Sneakhype crew to you, sweetie.  Enjoy this animated gallery.  …Now we just wait until February when damsel Victoria Justice turns 18.


The Smokers Club Tour

If you live in Kansas and you are  looking for something to do tonight, look no further. Curren$y, BIG K.R.I.T. and Smoke DZA will all be preforming TONIGHT in Lawrence, KS for the Smokers Club Tour. The show is being presented by Crazy Boy Status and sponsored by your favorite website, www.SNEAKHYPE.com, so you already know its going to be a good time. The show will be held in Lawrence, KS at the Bottleneck, doors open at 7, and all ages are welcome. For more information hit up the event page here. And for those of you who aren’t located in Kansas and can’t make it to the show, check out some the videos after the jump and pretend you are.


Mountain Dew Green Label Art: Shop Series

The-only-skater-that-corporate-America-will-do-business-with-aside-from-Sean-White… Paul Rodriguez hooked up with Mountain Dew and 35 different skate shops across the country to all contribute to the Mountain Dew Green Label Art: (Skate) Shop Series contest.  Over a million votes were cast and the winning shop, Street Science (based in St. Tracy, CA) won $10K, got 15 minutes of fame, and their can is going to be used all over the country.  Honestly, I think all these cans are ill and they should just produce them all.  Granted, my (limited) business sense tells me that the manufacturing costs of setting up 35 different can-prints probably isn’t the most profitable course of action.  Regardless, props to Mountain Dew for getting involved with local shops and doing some things against the grain of the aforementioned standard corporate America practices. 

Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger – The Scoop + 34 Pics

Brett Favre is so f*cked.  Here’s the skinny:  Brett Favre (gramps) used to play for the Jets.  This floozy named Jenn Sterger worked for the Jets as an in-house sideline reporter while Brett was there.  Brett saw something that he wanted, saw Tiger getting some young-love around the same time, and just couldn’t help himself.  So, here’s what Brett did.  First, he set up a phony MySpace account and sent her the following messages: Then he dropped his cell digits: Then he tries to use an intermediary to get in touch with her. So around this same time, Jenn Sterger said some dude (who may have worked for the Jets or directly for Favre) approached her asking for her number.  Whether it was through this intermediary or not, Brett ended up with Jenn’s number.  Once he got her number, it was all down-hill from there for number 4. He left 2 voicemails (which you can clearly tell are Brett) on Sterger’s phone.  The voicemails invite Jenn-Jenn to hang out late-night. Then… well then Brett F’d up real bad.  He sent her 3 pics of his dick.  Apparently he was wearing some Crocs in the pics.  What was he thinking!?  (…wearing… More →


Limited Edition Moet & Chandon Champagne Bottle

It seems that everyone is poppin’ bottles in the club these days, myself included. So the only way to separate yourself from the other “ballers” in the VIP is to take it to the next level and only pop bottles of gold-leaf wrapped Moet Champagne. But you better act quick because there are only 1743 bottles (the year it was founded) of the select Moet & Chandon Golden Jeroboam available and word on the street is Jay-Z and Diddy already pre-ordered a 100 bottles each. By the way each bottle cost $1,050 bucks.

Nicki Minaj On Cover Of Complex

Nicki Minaj is everywhere right now, including the cover of Complex magazine. Check out the entire spread after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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