EdgeWalk Attraction – CN Tower Toronto

After years and years of searching I think I may have found a reason to go to Canada. The new EdgeWalk Attraction at the CN Tower in Toronto will undoubtedly attract daredevils from around the world. EdgeWalk allows you to hang suspended over the edge of one of the world’s tallest building, the CN Tower, which stands 1168 feet tall.


NEW: Facebook Comments

Sneakhypers – a heads up from headquarters.  We just installed Facebook comments onto the site.  We got tired of feeling like no one was looking at our posts, so we’re hoping that a familiar Facebook interface might entice you to become more engaged.  We would love to hear your thoughts in the, well… comments section.  What do you think?  Good?  Bad?  Like the old system better? 


Kevin Durant Goes Off at Rucker Park

Kevin Durant is definitely one of my favorite NBA players.  I still can’t quite play with him in 2K, I just can’t get it down.  Watching him in real life, though.  Wow.  Here’s a bunch of highlights from him playing at Rucker Park in Harlem where he dropped 66 points.

Sneakerheads Unite to Fight Famine in Africa

The worst drought in 60 years has caused a severe food crisis in East Africa.  Join our friends at KicksOnFire.com in their efforts to raise 5000 dollars to help families in need.  KicksOnFire is even offering a free pair of Jordan 11 Concords to one lucky donor.


Tom Green – Creator of Planking (Video)

You guys that are planking think you’re pretty funny, right?  I guarantee you that none of your planks caused as much of a scene as Tom Green’s back in 1994.  Who wants to make a “Plankin’ Back” song?


Best Skittles Commercial Ever (NSFW)

This ad may be fake but its still genius.


NFL Lockout is Over! (20 Pics)

Thank God, Almighty!  The NFL lockout is finally over, and every man in this nation has been saved.  I don’t know what guys would have resorted to doing on Sunday’s with no football.  In celebration, here’s some hottie cheerleaders.


How To Make It In America Season 2 Trailer

I love this show. Its basically my replacement for Entourage. Season 2 looks like its going be a hit. Check it out. 

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NBA 2K12 Covers

2K Sports just revealed the covers for the highly anticipated game, NBA 2K12.  Kind of a let down that they went old school for the second year in a row.  They should’ve gave it to Mark Cuban.  That was a joke kids.


Apple’s New MacBook Air

Apple announced today that they will be updating the MacBook Air. The new and improved MBA features high-speed Thuderbolt I/O technology, a back-lit keyboard and Mac OS X Lion, the world’s most advanced operating system. The new MacBook Air’s will be available tomorrow at Apple stores with the 11-inch model starting at a very affordable $999. Get more info after the jump.

Leisure Diving (19 Pics)

Now that “planking” has started to make its way out of popularity, we have another trend that is just shocking the world one pool at a time.  I don’t know that this trend is any better than the last, but these pics had me laughing pretty hard.  I can’t wait to get off work today, so I can ask my friends if they want to go leisure diving later.


The Dark Knight Rises Official Trailer (Video)

The official teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has finally been released. Even though it’s only a teaser trailer it’s definitely going to create a lot hype for the latest Batman film. Take a look.


The Women Of US Soccer (17 pics)

Unfortunately, the ladies of the US Soccer team took a pretty hard loss yesterday.  We had a good run, but just couldn’t quite pull it out.  Now that this is over, is there even any other sports to watch?  I’m going to have a meltdown if something doesn’t start up soon.


KAWS X Hennessy VS Cognac Bottle

Want to impress a fine chica and get her drunk at the same time? Get her a limited edition bottle of Hennessy VS designed by KAWS. The exclusive bottle features KAWS signature chomper teeth, “X X”  eyes, and colorful cartoon graphics. Look for this bottle to hit select retailers next week. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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