The New $100 Dollar Bill

The New $100 Dollar Bill


The New $100 Dollar Bill

The Federal Reserve officially began distributing the new $100 dollar bill this week. The redesigned c-note incorporates several new anti-counterfeiting features including a 3D security ribbon, color-changing bell in an inkwell, and the number “100” on the back changes from copper to green. Check out the video below to get a full run-down of all the new security features.

What’s even more interesting about the new hundreds is that some of the bills could be worth as much as $1,000 dollars to some collectors, depending on the serial number. The lower the serial number, the more collectors will pay. So, before you blow those crisp new hundos at the club make sure you check the serial number first. Your new hundred dollar bill could be worth more than you think.

Via Baller Status

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