How many fingers is Old Spice holding up? …You’re right!

Old Spice has become well known for clever TV commercials and off-the-wall advertising campaigns.

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These Are The 10 Highest Paid DJ’s of 2014 According to Forbes

DJ’s like Steve Aoki and Skrillex have been running the music game for quite some time now. And while they have huge cult followings, many DJ’s are still criticized for using a computer instead of actually playing an instrument. If you ever wondered why most DJ’s don’t seem to be bothered by this criticism, just take a look at their annual earnings. Forbes has released this list of the highest paid DJ’s of 2014. If you haven’t considered taking up DJ’ing yet, this list should inspire you to do so. 

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Nike Unveils Nike+ Vending Machines

Nike has recently released vending machines, spreading rather discreetly throughout New York, that distribute treasured Nike gear rather than sodas and Lil Debbie’s Swiss Rolls.

Woman Uses Nike Running App to Draw Things, Mainly Male Appendages

This is hilarious.  Claire Wyckoff has been using the Nike+ running app to draw things with her running route.  Her most popular works of art feature penises.  I can’t tell if this is great marketing for Nike or not.  She has a Tumblr up now where she posts her masterpieces.


In a Genius Move, Dude Puts Resume on Hershey’s Chocolate Bar

This is how you get yourself a job.  Matthew Hirsch was given an assignment during a summer class to create promotional material for himself.  I’d say he absolutely killed that assignment with this resume he put on a Hershey’s Chocolate Bar.  Creative, and the employer gets to eat a chocolate bar?  Game over.


Instagram Launches Bolt, A One-Touch Picture and Video Messaging App

It looks like Facebook is still scrambling to create an app that can compete with the ultra-popular Snapchat.


Watch The Simpsons and Family Guy Teaser Trailer (Vide)

Two of the most popular animated TV shows will be joining forces for a special crossover episode. In the trailer, which was revealed at Comic Con, the Griffins’ find themselves in the Simpsons home town of Springfield. The 5-minute trailer touches on several story-lines that the crossover could touch on. Make sure you tune into Family Guy on September 28th to catch the entire episode. 

The New York Times Openly Calls For the Legalization of Marijuana

Long known as a balanced and prestigious voice of the nation, The New York Times has released the first piece of its 6-part editorial series that urges political leaders in the United States to legalize the use and sale of marijuana.

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