Germany Does World Cup Right: 750 Couches Inside Stadium with 700″ TV

So, Berlin is incredibly excited about the World Cup, and why shouldn’t they be?  IT’S THE WORLD CUP!  They turned the Stadion An der Alten Forsterei into a giant living room, filling it with 750+ couches, and an enormous 700″ TV with the fine details of cheesy wallpaper.   America, we got anything like this going on?

President Obama Declares Proper Pronunciation of the word ‘GIF’

About a year ago, the Internet split into 2 rival groups: those who thought the word ‘GIF’ should be pronounced with a hard G (gun, giggity, goodie goodie gum drops, girl, etc.)…

Spider-Man Statue Removed From Playground Because of Huge Boner

You read that headline correctly.  Indeed, a giant sculpture of Spider-Man (with a giant boner) once hung above a shopping center’s children’s play area in South Korea.


This Voluptuous Broad is The Leader of a Mexican Cartel’s Assassination Squad

Like something straight out of a Kill Bill movie, this Bad Bitch Contest 1st place winner, Claudia Ochoa Felix, is the 27 year-old leader of the infamous “Los Antrax” kill squad.  Los Antrax is the mean muscle behind the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel — used for security, as well as, to carry out hits and revenge attacks. Apparently Felix is the lover of former hit squad leader, Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, who is now in prison.  Felix is believed to have taken over his authoritative duties since his incarceration in January of this year.  She has 3 children, one seen below covered in money. And although she is allegedly tied to — and responsible for — the deaths of many, the media won’t ever really cast her in a bad light because, well, she’s pretty attractive…                 Here is a link to her Twitter. Stay safe. Don’t do drugs. source: dailymail

Guy Started a Kickstarter Just to Destroy Wu-Tang Clan’s New Album

This guy really, really hates what Wu-Tang Clan is trying to do with their newest album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.  He has started a Kickstarter, and wants to raise $6,000,000 to use as a bid in the upcoming auction for the album.  If everything goes his way, his plan is to have a destruction ceremony that will broadcast over the Internet.  It will be scripted, filmed, and they made available for download.  This dude is not playing around.  If you’re also interested in destroying the album, head here to donate to his Kickstarter.

Black Bear Relaxes in Hammock Because Animals Need Power Naps too

There was a recent sighting of a black bear down in Florida doing some relaxing in a hammock, and well the photo is pretty hilarious.  Apparently, he sat there just soaking it all in for a good 20 minutes.  Life lesson: “be like the bear.”  Meaning only rest when needed, and otherwise be a complete bad ass who will eat your face if forced to.  Anyways, hopefully this makes for some light Saturday comedy for you to get a couple laughs from.


Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Buys LA Clippers For $2 Billion

It looks like Donald Sterling’s time as an NBA owner has officially come to an end. Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (aka Steve Baller) won the Los Angeles Clippers bidding war with a record breaking bid of $2 billion.

Fake Watch Busta Calls out Celebrities & Athletes that Rock Fake Jewelry

So, there’s this Instagram account that was recently started, known as Fake Watch Busta.  Basically, he calls out a range of different rappers, personalities, athletes, and so on, about rocking fake watches.  Want to know who’s faking the funk?  Follow him on Instagram here.

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