20syl’s Music Video for “Kodama” is the Dopest You’ll Watch Today

20syl recently dropped this music video for the single Kodama, and it is incredibly creative.  It’s pretty cool to see all the equipment used in making the record.  Enjoy.

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Fuck, That’s Delicious – Episode 2 (Video)

The rapping chef, Action Bronson, returned in episode 2 of his new web series, Fuck, That’s Delicious. In the latest episode, Bronson bails his cousin of jail and eats his way through Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. It’s 20 minutes long but worth the watch. Check it out above. 


5-Year-Old Makes a Beat & Writes Awesome Hip-Hop Song

This is just great.  Jordan, who is 5 years old, decided to show the people of YouTube how easy it is to make a hip-hop song.  Pretty impressive, and the lyrics are hilarious.


OK Go’s Newest Music Video is Trippy Once Again

OK Go just dropped another music video, and like a lot of their past videos, it’s very creative & pretty trippy.  The video is for the song “The Writing’s On the Wall,” which is set to be on their upcoming album, Hungry Ghosts.


Brian Williams Is Back and Rapping “Baby Got Back” [Video]

Jimmy Fallon unveiled a new installment of his rapping Brian Williams series last night. In his latest rap, B-Will covers Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back”. This might be his best work yet. You should also watch Brian Williams rap “Roll Out” and “Gin and Juice“.


OnCue Blows “Alotta Smoke” in Latest Music Video

OnCue just let loose some new visuals off his latest project, Leftovers 2.  The song is called “Alotta Smoke,” and was produced by Maki.  Very dope stuff.

Turn Up the Volume on this Weekend Dopeness Mix

How about some tunes to help you push through the rest of this week?  Throw in your headphones, and turn it up loud.


PSY is Back with a New Song “Hangover” Featuring Snoop Dogg

You guys surely haven’t forget about “Gangnam Style” yet have you?  I actually kind of did.  Either way, PSY is back with a new song and music video titled, Hangover.  The song features the one-and-only Mr. Snoop Dogg.


Ryan Lewis Interviews People About Ryan Lewis, No One Recognizes Him (Video)

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have enjoyed a lot of success over the past year. They’ve had hit singles, won awards, and been all over TV. Unfortunately for Macklemore’s partner in crime, Ryan Lewis, the general public still doesn’t seem to knew who he is, what does, or what he looks like. He recently hit the streets to interview people about… himself. Take a look. 


Watch Chuck Inglish’s Video for “Legs” Featuring Chromeo

Chuck Inglish just dropped the music video for the song “Legs” off his latest album, Convertibles.  The song features the group Chromeo, and it’s quite an infectious tune.


Amazing Musical Tribute to Classic Video Game Theme Songs (Video)

This is one of the best tribute videos I’ve ever seen. A YouTuber by the name of FamilyJules7x created this amazing theme song cover video which took over 3 years to make. That isn’t surprising considering how many songs he covers. The theme songs range from classic video games like Space Invaders to modern games like Fallout and Skyrim. It’s over 17 minutes long but that’s 17 minutes that you don’t have to spend working/studying. 

Drake Releases New Music Titled “0 to 100″ & “The Catch Up”

Drake just dropped a new double track called “0 to 100 / The Catch Up.”  These are definitely some solid summer tunes.  The second half called “The Catch Up” slows it down a bit from the beginning, but still features some great Drake lines.


Miguel Appreciates the “Simple Things” in New Music Video

Miguel just released the music video for his single “Simple Things.”  Definitely feelin’ this track.  I can’t wait to hear his next album.


G-Eazy Really “Means It” in Latest Music Video

G-Eazy just dropped the music video for his latest single, I Mean It, off his upcoming album, These Things Happen.  Look for that album to drop in June 23rd.  For now, enjoy this.

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