Wiz Khalifa Likes to “Smoke & Drink” in Latest Music Video

Wiz Khalifa just dropped these visuals for the song “Smokin Drank” off his mixtape, Cabin Fever 2.  The song features Problem, and the video was directed by Gregory Neiser.


Vine Symphony of Pharrell’s “Happy” is Brilliant

It’s Monday, you have a 420 Easter hangover.  You could use something to cheer you up.  How about this Vine symphony of Pharrell’s “Happy?”  I thought you would say yes.  Enjoy.


The Video for Pharrell’s “Happy” without Music is Amazing

This is pure brilliance.  There’s no doubt that you’ve heard Pharrell’s song “Happy.”  There’s also a pretty good chance you’ve seen the music video.  Now watch the video without the music, because it’s awesome.


Get Your Nom On With 27 Bites of Food Porn



Childish Gambino feat. Problem – Sweatpants (Music Video)

Childish Gambino gets his “groundhog day” on in his latest music video.  The video is for the song Problem-assisted track, Sweatpants.


What DJs Do These Days is Hilarious

DJs these days get a pretty hard time as it is, but this video makes it seem deserved 100%.  The captions are absolutely hilarious.  Enjoy your Friday folks.


Who Wore It Better: Rappers or Ancient Works of Art?

You wouldn’t think that modern day rappers would share many similarities with ancient works of art, but you would be wrong. NYC-based art historians Cecilia Azcarate and Ferdinando Verderi have created a brilliant Tumblr account that pairs rap artists alongside classic pieces of art. The mash-ups highlight fashion trends that the two parties seem to share. I guess it’s true, fashion does repeat itself.


Classic Album Covers Seen Through Google Street View

This is pretty cool.  Using Google Street View these classic album covers are meshed with the actual location they were shot in.


Jimmy Fallon & Anne Hathaway Sing Broadway Versions of Rap Songs

Anne Hathaway recently made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, and the two decided to recreate some famous rap songs with a broadway twist.

Kanye West and Future Team Up On New Track “I Won”

Future dropped his new Kanye West assisted track “I Won” last night. It’s the latest single off of Future’s upcoming album Honest. I bet UConn was playing this all night.


Jay Shells Hangs New “Rap Quotes” Signs All Over New York City

Jay Shells continues his ongoing “Rap Quotes” project by hanging up around 20 new signs all over New York City. If you’re unfamiliar with the project, Jay Shells is an artist and hip-hop enthusiast who creates street signs featuring notable rap lyrics and then places them at the exact locations mentioned in each song. He’s already hung up over 60 signs in NYC, 45 in L.A., and he just added 20 more to the streets of the Big Apple. Jay also has plans to travel to Houston, Chicago, New Orleans and the Bay Area to hang signs as well. Check out some of the new signs below. 

Drake Drops New Track Titled “Draft Day”

Drake continues his bromance with Johnny Manziel by dropping this new song called “Draft Day.”  The song features a Lauryn Hill sample, and will definitely have your head bobbin’.  Got to love the Andrew Wiggins line as well.


Rap Group “Hustlenometry” Made A Song For Sneakhype And It’s Amazing

Are you ready to have your mind blown? A rap group by the name of Hustlenometry created this song specifically for Sneakhype. This is the highest form of flattery. It’s also catchy as f*ck. We’ve had it on repeat since they sent it over. Turn your speakers all the way up, click play and enjoy.

Wu-Tang Clan Secret Album to Cost Over $1 Million

Pretty big fan of Wu-Tang Clan?  Well, to prove it you’re going to need to cough up possibly millions of dollars for their next album.  “The Wu – Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” is a secret album that consists of 31 new tracks from the almighty Wu-Tang.  There will only be one copy in existence and it is kept in a hand-carved nickel-silver box.  I’m going to guess that in this day & age the music will eventually hit the worldwide interwebz, but until then, this has got to be one of the rarest pieces in music history.

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