15 Rappers Turned into Pokemon Cards

If you happen to like rap and Pokemon, then today is your lucky day. Some genius came up the idea of fusing those two idea together to create 15 rappers turned into Pokemon cards to wage a new kind of rap battle…

Kendrick Lamar Drops New Single Titled “i”

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard some new Kendrick Lamar music.  Well, today he just dropped this single titled “i.”  Not sure if this song will end up on his next album, but it should definitely hold you over until then.  The song itself was produced by Rahki.  Enjoy.

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Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea Just Released A Music Video For “Booty”

Good lawd. It’s like christmas in September. Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea didn’t leave anything to the imagination in their new video for “Booty”. Take a look above. 


Lil Dicky is Back with a Brand New Music Video for “Lemme Freak”

If you’re not familiar with Lil Dicky, then do some research here.  If you are, then you’ll undoubtedly enjoy his latest music video for the song “Lemme Freak.”  You can’t deny that the guy has skills, and it’s fun to watch someone go about rappin’ differently than everyone else as far as subject matter goes.


OnCue Takes it “Way Too Far” in Latest Music Video

OnCue recently released his newest project, Angry Young Man, which features this single “Way Too Far.”  Today he dropped the visuals for the standout track that was produced by Maki, Just Blaze, and Frequency.  Angry Young Man is available for download now.


Snoop Dogg Narrates A Polar Bear Attack In The Latest Episode of “Plizzanet Earth”

Jimmy Kimmel and Snoop Dogg have joined forces to create on of the best shows ever: Plizzanet Earth.  In the latest episode, Snoop narrates a Polar Bear attacking a Walrus. This is must-see TV people. 

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Anaconda (Fart Remix) is way better than the original

It’s rare that you find a remix that is so much better than the original song.


Mac Lethal Raps Over a Mozart Piece to Inspire the Youth

Mac Lethal is well-known for his fast raps, and witty lyrics.  This time around he takes a classic musical piece from Mozart, and does some rapping in hopes of inspiring today’s youth.

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