How To Use the New Nike NBA Jersey With NikeConnect

How To Use the New Nike NBA Jersey With NikeConnect


How To Use the New Nike NBA Jersey With NikeConnect

Nike recently unveiled their brand new “Connected” NBA Jerseys. While you’ve probably heard a lot about it, here is a breakdown of all the cool features it unlocks.


1. GET THE ALL-NEW NIKE NBA JERSEY with NikeConnect at, a Nike store or team retailer near you.

2. DOWNLOAD THE NIKECONNECT APP, available for iOS 11 and Android (iPhone 7 or newer; Android devices with NFC capability) globally.

3. LAUNCH THE NIKECONNECT APP on your smartphone.

4. TAP YOUR SMARTPHONE on the tag at the bottom of your Nike NBA Jersey, where a special NFC chip is located under the NikeConnect logo. The experience will launch automatically on your smartphone.

5. SIGN IN WITH YOUR NIKEPLUS ACCOUNT. A celebration page appears with your athlete jersey; you are now connected. Tap in any time to unlock team and player content such as pre-game arrival footage and highlight packages. Tap in on game day to get additional access to exclusive offers.

6. YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY ENTER THE CENTRAL “TEAM” tab of the app. It has a status bar with either a pre-game countdown to tip-off, an in-game score or a post-game final score. Other information provided includes where and when your team is playing next, plus stats about your player.

Beneath that bar is the “Team” feed, which is a combination of performance and off-court highlights, including recap videos and GIFs, related to your jersey’s player and team. Fans can tap in to this content for greater detail or tap and hold to share externally with friends online.

7. THE LEFT SIDE OF THE EXPERIENCE HAS AN “OFFERS” TAB. Clicking on this tab reveals game day offers at the top of the screen that are available immediately. Beneath that, you’ll see “Upcoming Rewards” for future game days. Offers include exclusive licensed product, NBA 2K18 boosts, tickets to games, Spotify playlists from athletes and other to-be-announced experiences. (In China, NBA 2K18 and Spotify are replaced by 2K Online and QQ Music, respectively.)

8. THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE APP HAS A “JERSEY” TAB, which shows your history of tap-ins and rewards with that particular Nike NBA Connected jersey.

In the end, the Nike NBA Connected Jersey experience, as unlocked by NikeConnect technology, represents the first time that premium NBA content can be accessed through interaction with apparel.

The NikeConnect app is available for both Android and iOS 11 (iPhone 7 or newer; Android devices with NFC capability) globally. The Nike NBA Connected Jerseys launch September 29 at and a team retailer near you.

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