Wood MacBook Accessories ($7+)

Wood MacBook Accessories ($7+)


Wood MacBook Accessories ($7+)

Are you tired of being basic?  Tired of being just like everyone else with a couple-thousand-dollar laptop?  I know I am!

Stand out from the crowd and achieve that highly sought-after baller status with some wood grain.

Real Rosewood Macbook Skin by Artsn Goods – $79


Pretty pricey at $79, but it’s handcrafted from real wood.  It’s going to have that soft wood feel. Purchase here.


Real Rose Wood Macbook Keyboard Skin by Artsn – $69


Here’s the matching real wood keyboard. Purchase here.

The wooden exterior and keyboard skins from ARTSN are genuine wood, and come at a cost premium.  If you’re just into the look, you can get it for much cheaper if you stray away from real wood.

Wood MacBook Skin by UNIQFIND – $25


Purchase for 25 smackaroos.

There’s also a slew of cheap options on Amazon, all with dees reviews.


Maybe wood’s not your thing?  How bout some frickin’ marble?

Hyper White Marble MacBook Skin – $25


Buy here.

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