Nixon Blaster - Portable Wireless Speaker

It looks like Nixon has decided to throw their hat on the table when it comes to wireless audio products. This is the new Blaster, and it comes in a variety of different colors.

nixon-blaster-portable-wireless-speaker-01 nixon-blaster-portable-wireless-speaker-02-570x807 nixon-blaster-portable-wireless-speaker-03-570x807 nixon-blaster-portable-wireless-speaker-04-570x807 nixon-blaster-portable-wireless-speaker-05-570x807 nixon-blaster-portable-wireless-speaker-06-570x807 nixon-blaster-portable-wireless-speaker-07-570x807 nixon-blaster-portable-wireless-speaker-08-570x807 nixon-blaster-portable-wireless-speaker-09-570x807


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