The Berlin Boombox - Cardboard iPhone Speaker

The Berlin Boombox - Cardboard iPhone Speaker


The Berlin Boombox - Cardboard iPhone Speaker

Today we have another cool idea that is coming to fruition through the Kickstarter program. The Berlin Boombox is a portable stereo speaker made of cardboard with a built-in stereo amplifier. The integrated amplifier is what sets this cardboard speaker apart from others that are on the market. The sound quality might not be the highest quality but as of right now the price is set at only $50.00.

It comes in an easily assembled kit consisting of the die-cut cardboard structure, electronic parts, and batteries. You can use the boombox with the iPhone, iPod or any other MP3 player.

The project is running on Kickstarter for another 4 weeks and you make a donation to support it here.

Check out another cool product trying to get a start through the Kickstarter program, the Galileo.


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