So the new iPhone is going to kick some serious ass.

I mean… what did you expect? Did you think Mr. Jobs was going to let these Droid/Nexus 1 wannabes show up the one and only? HA! So get this shit: when Apple makes new gear, they have to register patents for breakthrough innovations. As you might expect, there are G33kz0rz hackk3Rz that actually sift through patent offices trying to find this info before the new product drops with the breakthrough features.

So here’s the scoop: the iPhone 4 (as it’s being dubbed) is going to have a sensor in the camera that will allow users to scroll and click on stuff without having to touch the actual screen. You could imagine all the possibilities: fast forwarding through some ass-dialed-voicemail, scrolling down to read an article, flipping through albums in iTunes… who knows what else.

Shit yeah I’m gettin one.

Source: gizmodo

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