We Tested Out the New LeBron 15 Sneaker

We Tested Out the New LeBron 15 Sneaker


We Tested Out the New LeBron 15 Sneaker


Nike recently had the Sneakhype crew try out the brand new LeBron 15 sneaker. They hooked us up with fresh pairs of the sneakers and had us run through some drills and play a few pick up games while rocking the LeBron’s latest signature sneaker.

I’ve never worn LeBron’s to play basketball in, but this wear test left me wanting more. For starters, the LeBron 15 is extremely comfy without sacrificing any flexibility. The full-length cushioning leaves you feeling fresh even after a few pick up games.

The Battleknit upper is a great addition to this LeBron sneaker. The upper is essentially a sock that conforms to your foot when you put it on. It keeps your foot locked in while still allowing you to maneuver on the court. The Battleknit also eliminates the need for break-in time. You can just throw them on and hit the court.

All in all, the LeBron 15 is great sneaker. Not only does it look great, but it feels great too. If you’re in the market for a new pair of basketball shoes, you can’t go wrong with the LeBron 15.

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