Nike reveals the redesigned Magista 2

Nike reveals the redesigned Magista 2


Nike reveals the redesigned Magista 2

What if your foot evolved specifically for Soccer?

Nike-MAGISTA-2-football-boots (2)

The beloved football boot gets an update just in time for the Olympic Games. The Nike Magista 2 redesign focuses on the defining areas of the foot that are most sensitive to touch and emphasizes the evolution in traction.

Nike football designer Phil Woodman describes the inspiration behind the Magista 2.

“After reading research around evolution and morphology, I was interested in the hypothesis that pruning hands were an evolutionary development for maintaining grip on wet surfaces and tools. That got me thinking about how the foot might have adapted had its primary purpose been football.”

The all fluorescent color way is expected to launch on July 24th.  Stay tuned for more details.



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