Daft Punk Is The Sh*T

Many of you out there probably already know and appreciate how awesome Daft Punk is, but I never really got into them until now. I’ve been in France for the last 2 weeks and everywhere I go I hear their music and with the Tron Legacy movie coming out they’ve been all over the web as well. With all of this attention surrounding Daft Punk I started reading up on the group and listening to more of their music and have come to love them. Not only are they one of the most creative duos out right now but they inspire their fans to be creative too. So I decided to dedicate a post to them and their dopeness. Inside you’ll find their new music video, a chronicle of the groups music history, a guide to building your own DP Helmet, some dope pictures and more. Enjoy.

Props to Streething for the videos.


daft-punk daftpunkhelmet-2 409752006_small daft-punk-tron-legacy-850-100 daft-punk-encore-costumes daft-punk rock en seine daft-punk-3 daft-punk daft_punk_daft_life_5eea63cf52373e48bb089868be21431e_fullsize daft_punk_3