The "F**K OFF" hidden message T-Shirt ($15)

The "F**K OFF" hidden message T-Shirt ($15)


The "F**K OFF" hidden message T-Shirt ($15)


All you have to do is connect the dots. 

This “hidden message” tee empowers its wearer to send a loud-n-clear message to anyone in close proximity.  Said message is “F*CK OFF”.

Whist strolling around in your hidden message tee, viewers of your shirt will be none the wiser and may think,

Wow, gee, that’s an interesting shirt.  Is that Russian or some sort of Slavic alphabet?  I wonder if they studied abroad… or maybe they’re foreign.  How cool!  I wonder what they think about Donald Trump with all this Russia stuff going on right now.

But then, just at the climax of their intrigue, you catch them staring at you, so you grab the very item of the stranger’s fixated fascination — you pinch it right on the bottom two dots.  Then you move those dots up to the top two dots and voila! Slavic enough for ya there, buddy?

Buy yours here for $15.


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