0 to Lose - The Dream Team Collection (+ discount code)

In these next few weeks, you would be hard pressed to find a single article of clothing that would be more dope than one of these 1992 vs 2012 “Dream Team Collection” shirts/tanks/crews from 0 To Lose. This lineup is sick. AND, I’ve got a discount code for you to save 15%.

You may recall another timely release from 0 To Lose, when they dropped a collection for the NBA Playoffs. I grabbed a couple of those, and loved em. And I’m about 100x more excited for the Olympics than I was the NBA Finals. Hurry up and grab one of these before 1) The Olympics are over, and 2) before they sell out. In anticipation of becomingreigning world champs, you could also get a Dream Team crew neck to rock this coming fall.

Get yours here at shop.0tolose.com.

DISCOUNT CODE: dopedreams


0 To Lose also has other shit worth checking out.

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