Stussy x MadeMe Collection (13 photos)

Ladies, ladies, ladies…we haven’t forgotten about you over at the Sneakhype headquarters. We know you  love us and we love you too. We love you so much that we are helping you step your swag/hipster/Avril lavigne game up with the latest collaboration between Stussy and MadeMe.

Stussy has always been a favorite of mine and now they’ve done it once again by teaming up with designer Erin McGee of MadeMe. Erin combined the iconic street brand, Stussy, with punk values and honestly it turned out just riiiighhhht! There are a few qualities in a girl that are out-of-control amazing: 1) Hot red heads, 2)Freckles, and 3)Hot hipsters. You yourself can knock out 1 of the 3 by rockin’ something from this collection.


trans.gif Stussy11 stussy12 Stussy10 Stussy9 Stussy8 Stussy7 Stussy6 Stussy5 Stussy4 Stussy3 Stussy1 Stussy Profile