Marvel Comics X Stussy

Marvel Comics and legendary streetwear brand Stussy have come together for an unlikely collaboration. They are creating a limited edition series of T-Shirts featuring 5 super heroes: Captain America, Punisher, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, and Silver Surfer, along with 2 super villains: Dr. Doom and Doc Ock. Apparently this is the first part of a two part series. The Silver Surfer Tee is probably my favorite but they are all pretty dope. Check out the entire collection after the jump. Via freshnessmag

marvel-stussy-captain-america-01-570x513 marvel-stussy-doc-ock-01-570x513 marvel-stussy-doctor-doom-01-570x513 marvel-stussy-ghost-rider-01-570x513 marvel-stussy-ghost-rider-02-570x513 marvel-stussy-punisher-01-570x513 marvel-stussy-silver-surfer-01-570x513 marvel-stussy-ss-link-01-570x513 marvel-stussy-ss-link-02-570x513 marvel-stussy-wolverine-01-570x513 marvel-stussy-wolverine-02-570x513 marvel-stussy-wolverine-03-570x513 marvel-stussy-world-tribe-01-570x513 marvel-stussy-world-tribe-02-570x513 stussy-marvel-collection-00