Nike Sportswear – The Brasil Black Pack

In preparation for the 2010 World Cup Nike hooked up Brasil’s National Soccer Team with this new Black Pack. Nike switched from Brasil’s signature yellow, blue, and green colorway to an all black one. The black looks real clean.  Brasil’s team is going to look very bad ass in matching blacked out warm ups and jerseys. Players can mix and match from the collection to fit their individual style. The Pack includes the N98 Track Jacket, Destroyer jacket, Windrunner, jersey, shorts, and more. Take a closer look after the jump.

NIKE_Brasil_Black_Pack_AW77_Pocket_Crew_N98_view-600x400 NIKE_Brasil_Black_Pack_Packable_M65_view-600x899 NIKE_Brasil_Black_Pack_Packable_M65_1_view-600x899 NIKE_Brasil_Black_Pack_N98_Track_Jacket_view-600x899 NIKE_Brasil_Black_Pack_Loopwheeler_AW77_view-600x954 NIKE_Brasil_Black_Pack_group_view-600x450 NIKE_Brasil_Black_Pack_Brasil_Short_view-600x902 NIKE_Brasil_Black_Pack_Brasil_Jesery_view-600x902 NIKE_Brasil_Black_Pack_Brasil_Jersey_3_layer_Windrunner_view-600x899

Via Fly Lyf