Undrcrwn X Mos Def – Cut & Sew Collection

Apparently the versatile rapper/actor, Mos Def ,can also design the sh*t out of some clothes. He recently hooked up with Undrcrwn for the 2nd season of his own line. The line features mostly cut and sew items which feature graphics designed by Mos Def himself. Check out the entire line after the jump.

Via Freshness

undrcrwn-mos-def-fall-2009-rbg-jkt-03 undrcrwn-mos-def-fall-2009-patchwork-rbg-windbreaker-04 undrcrwn-mos-def-fall-2009-patchwork-rbg-windbreaker-03 undrcrwn-mos-def-fall-2009-brooknam-jkt-03 undrcrwn-mos-def-fall-2009-04 undrcrwn-mos-def-fall-2009-03 undrcrwn-mos-def-fall-2009-01 undrcrwn-mos-def-fall-2009-00 undrcrwn-mos-def-fall-2009-rbg-jkt-04
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