Jordan Tarrant – Obama

Local Lawrence Artist Jordan Tarrant has a new video out of a painting of he recently did of Obama. The whole painting is made using the word “Change”, it is crazy. The video is dope and the piece turned out really well, I saw it in person at one of his shows recently and it looks great. Check it out.


New Balance – 576 Lawrence

Bout time we got our own shoe. You ain’t 785 until you got these on your feet. 120 at Ubiq. Thanks to anon for the tip.


Featured Artist: Orange Fly Design

I came across this Kansas City based Graphic design company not too long ago. Dennis McThompson and Rick Tinney founded their company, Orange Fly Design, in 2004. Their style combines many forms of art and the outcome is crazy. They have some really original and creative work. Im really diggin’ their work, they are some talented people. If you want to check out more of their stuff, go to their website here.


Featured Artist – Stik Figa

Today’s featured Artist is aspiring hip-hop artist Stik Figa. He became interested in hop-hop at a young age and at 13 began putting pen to paper. He was originally born in Kentucky but was raised in Topeka, KS and currently resides there. Being from Top City i have heard a lot of music made by people who claim they can rap and most of the time they are a disappointment to say the least. Stik Figa really stands out from the crowd when it comes to the music scene. He’s not about all the flash or drug dealing and acting hard. He has a cool, calm swagger, and a laid back style. He is a very talented, and knowledgeable lyricist who has some refreshing songs filled with relevant content. I got to give some props to the producer as well, every beat is a banger. He just finished his Twentyfourseven EP project, which was produced Leonard Dstroy; I listened to the whole thing and every song had my head bobbin’. It sounds like he’s got the skills to put Kansas on the map. You can download the whole Twentyfourseven EP at Stik Figa’s Myspace Page here. Check out his songs… More →


Featured Artist – Jeremy Madl

Jeremy Madl is the man behind Mad Toy Design, Inc. I was fortunate enough to stumble across an art exhibit of his in KC. His style of artwork is quickly gaining notoriety and popularity in the art communities and in alternative lifestyle communities across the world. His passion for his work and his industry has driven him to create some of the most progressive and dope toy designs on the market today. Dude has done work with people like Mattel, the NFL, Pepsi, Scion, and KidRobot. Check out his online store to purchase toys like these, as well as, shirts, custom skate decks, and prints. Definitely worth your time and skrilla. Mad respect to Mad Toy Design. Expect to see more from him soon.

Chalmers and Arthur Make The Headlines

According to reports Mario Chalmers and Darrell Arthur were dismissed from a 4 day Rookie Seminar that was being held this week. The two former KU stars were dismissed from the camp for smoking marijuana and were sent home and each fined $20,000. After it was all said and done that’s probably the most expensive sack those two ever bought. In my opinion that fine is a little ridiculous. I mean these two grown men work hard everyday all day playing ball and they cant even come home, relax, maybe burn one down? It is probably bad for their conditioning but the only people they are hurting are themselves. I hope they rebound well from this.


New KU Uniforms Revealed

This past weekend the defending National Champs took a trip to Canada for a 3 game exhibition. The Jayhawks revealed their new jersey’s during their trip and they are looking nice. The only pictures we could find of the new uniforms were from the tournament so they are not great but you can get a pretty good idea of what they look like. They resemble last years jersey’s but the new ones look more refined. I’m loving the red ones. Besides the new uniforms looking off the chain, the Jayhawks game was also looking good. We will throw up some better pictures as soon as they are made available. Pictures courtesy of KUsports.


Kr3w – TK Griff Cr3w White

You can’t get this online nukkas… gotta have a local retailer with the leak on new releases. If you live in Lawrence, Kansas… you’re in luck. White Chocolate is bringing the freshness with this new release from Kr3w – the TK Griff Cr3w in white. I’m lovin how it fits… it’s mad long and really soft and light. It was 38 bucks. Check out other Kr3w gear here.

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Lawrence Original – Diane’s Artisan Gallery

A friend of Sneakhype’s, Diane’s Artisan Gallery has a very unique and classy selection of fine art. We at Sneakhype are big fans of glass art, and Diane has got some great pieces. Located in Lawrence on 8th and Mass in a loft, definitely a spot for you local sneakhypers to check out if you’re trying to step your game up by way of fine art, decor, and accessories.


Featured Artist – Jouvelt

Okay first off, this featured artist, JOUVELT, is mad talented. Not only that but he was raised in Kansas, Dodge City to be exact but now he is residing in Lawrence, KS. So needless to say Sneakhype is a huge fan, we love supporting our local talent from Lawrence. Before moving back to Lawrence JOUVELT lived in Phoenix where he worked in the graphic design field. He now is a self-taught, contemporary painter using the unique Lawrence community as inspiration for his work. He does a lot of his work on recycled wood and canvas and he uses a collection of paints including house paint, spray paint, and clear coatings. The use of organic materials and colors are relaxing to look at. JOUVELT is a very well-rounded and versatile artist, he has also used his skills to create artwork for the logo and skateboards of a local Lawrence skate shop, White Chocolate, which we here at Sneakhype frequent quite often. To get more info and work from JOUVELT click here.


Kind Stampede and the Power of Love

King Stampede is used to standing out from the crowd and part II of their summer hat collection is no different. These brand new New Era caps were just recently released. The black hat was named “The Eye of Ra” and the white one is called “The Power of Love.” Both these hats come in a couple different colors that all go hard. We here at Sneakhype are diggin’ the Power of Love hat, the “KS” on the front reminds us of Kansas. They are going for about $40.00, Get yours before its to late here at boundlessNY.

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The new addition to the Kansas City Art Musuem

In June of this summer the new addition to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum in Kansas City, KS was finally opened. This bold piece of architecture was designed by the Architect Steven Holl. The museum was designed in order to keep the focus on the art pieces but the new addition is a piece of art itself. The museum is said to make to good use of natural lights but i think it looks the best at night time. Critics have claimed that it is some of Holl’s best work. The new addition to the classic Kansas City Museum looks great and is worth checking out if your in the area. . You can get more pics and info here.


Element new releases – Drirelease

Element just released a new line of shirts in July with a new “DriRelease” technology. Apparently, the stuff dries 4 times faster than cotton and is odor resistant. Sneakhype got their hands on a product… feels good. It’s very loose and light. 24 bucks. Picked it up at White Chocolate in Lawrence.

The Represenitives from Lawrence, Kansas

The 3 coolest rookies in the NBA are pictured here wearing some sick shoes (except Arthur). As you can see Rush is wearing some of the AJF 3’s while Chalmers opted to wear the black and white AJF 12’s. Arthur must have forgotten his kicks or something. This picture is from the rookie photo shoot that went down a few days ago. If I were to guess who is going to do the best this season I would have to vote Mario, especially if he starts at the point for MIA. He does not have a number yet because he is trying to get 13 which is currently held by Alexander Johnson. Sneakhype will keep you posted on their NBA status, as well as their kicks – The Chronnoisseur

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