#KUBoobs (40 Pics)

#KUBoobs (40 Pics)


#KUBoobs (40 Pics)

If you go to KU you have probably heard about #KUBoobs which is trending all over Twitter right now. But in case you aren’t familiar with this craze here are 40 of the best #KUBoobs we could find.

We got to extend some props to @DjSoap for helping to create this craze and make #KUBoobs what it is. He was born and raised in Lawrence, KS and is a lifetime Jayhawk fan. He helped start this craze during the NC State game and it has helped carry KU to the Final Four. If you want to contribute to the #KUBoobs trend make sure you send them to @DjSoap and @Sneakhype.

KU plays Ohio State tonight 8PM. Make sure you tune in and watch KU dominate.

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