Nike Just Unveiled Their Latest Innovation - Nike Flyprint

Nike Just Unveiled Their Latest Innovation - Nike Flyprint


Nike Just Unveiled Their Latest Innovation - Nike Flyprint


This morning Nike launched their newest innovation in performance footwear – Nike Flyprint. Nike Flyprint is Nike’s first 3D-printed upper in performance footwear, which utilizes computational design and athlete data to create a precisely engineered product for Nike elite athletes.

Nike will debut Nike Flyprint in the new Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite Flyprint, created specifically for Eliud Kipchoge, to be worn by the fastest marathoner during his next 26.2 on April 22 in London.  The Vaporfly Elite Flyprint, a new version of the coveted Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite, was driven by Eliud’s feedback following last year’s Berlin Marathon where heavy rain and 99% humidity made for less than ideal conditions.

Nike’s Design Team worked with Eliud to understand how the rain and moisture, unable to evaporate, impacted his performance while wearing the Vaporfly Elite. These insights led the Nike team to explore performance printed 3D uppers as a possible solve.  Through advances in computational design, and through this process, Nike reinvented the 3D printing process to create the Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite Flyprint.

Check out Nike News for more information on the technology behind Nike Flyprint and for a behind-the-scenes look at Nike’s journey to Vaporfly Elite Flyprint with Eliud.

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