Air Yeezy’s Worn by Kanye West

Do you wear a size 12 shoe?  Do you really like the Air Yeezy’s?  Do you happen to have a spare $40K sitting around?  If you answered yes to all three of those questions, you might want to give these shoes a look.

Apparently, this guy got his hands on 3 different Air Yeezy samples.  All 3 have been worn by Mr. Yeezy, and all three are pretty dope.  Way out of my price range though.  Check out the listing here.

Kanye-West-Air-Yeezy-10 Kanye-West-Air-Yeezy-9 Kanye-West-Air-Yeezy-8 Kanye-West-Air-Yeezy-7 Kanye-West-Air-Yeezy-6 Kanye-West-Air-Yeezy-5 Kanye-West-Air-Yeezy-4 Kanye-West-Air-Yeezy-3 Kanye-West-Air-Yeezy-2 Kanye-West-Air-Yeezy