Nike 1960 (Temporary Store in Rome)

As far as historical landmarks that you need to visit when vacationing to Rome, this temporary store just made my top-3 list. Pantheon? What Pantheon? You wanna see a temple of the Gods…? Look no further than this Nike pop-up shop, son. Here’s some words from the artists: “In occasion of the 2008 Olympic games, nike introduced a temporary store in Rome, that hosted many of the most important artists, urban artists, d.j.’s, of Italy and Europe.
To celabrate this event nike asked us to design and realize visual merchandising for five nike icons: Air max 90; Dunk; Air force 1; Hoody ;Windrunner.
We made five panels(80x80cm), that contained the different icons,for the opening night (8.8.08),and 3 panels(100x100cm),that interpreted 3 o the 5 icons in different materials, for a second event in september 2008.
The work you are about to see is copletely hand made, using varius materials such as, rubber, matal, paint, wood, paper, etc…

Julia Finocchi, Corrado Grilli, Maurizio Cignoni, Umberto Putzolu, Guido Vitabile and Francesca Martorelli ART DIRECTION Luigi Vernieri.”

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