Puma “Monster Pack” @ Overkill


If you and your homies are looking for some new kicks to rock at your next photoshoot, I found a nice pack for you all.  Overkill just got the 5 pairs of the Puma Monster Pack in.  All excessively excessive and flashy.  My faves are the Moth Kings (above)… furry little guys that actually have a very nice moth wing pattern on the side.  But the pack contains some dragon-skin lookin ones, and some other fuzzy wuzzies as well.  Check out the whole pack here: 5789_2 5785_0 5785_1 5785_2 5786_0 5786_1 5786_2 5787_0 5787_1 5787_2 5788_0 5788_1 5789_0 5789_1

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