Carhartt X Starter Snapbacks

Snapbacks are definitely here to stay.  There’s so many out there that are terrible though.  With that being said, this new collection from Carhartt & Starter is too dope.  The blue joint with the leather square logo needs to be in my closet immediately.

New Era By You

It’s about time New Era came out with a customization program. People would have gone crazy for this 2 or 3 years ago. The New Era by You program allows you to customize almost ever aspect of New Eras signature 59FIFTY hat for only $60.00. Head on over to NewEraByYou.com to start making your own custom hat. 

ONLY NY Holiday Headwear ’11

Although Lids is a great spot to grab hats, you got to switch it up fellas.  I’m tired of seeing every single dude wearing the same exact snapback they copped from their local Lids.  This is ONLY NY’s holiday hat collection, and it’s filled with dopeness.


New Era – 9FIFTY Snake Pack

Thanks to Kanye’s good friend, Don C, snakeskin snapbacks have become all the rage as of late. New Era is now trying their hand at the new trend. What do you guys think? 

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UNDRCRWN Animal Print Snapback Hats

Animal print is not for everyone but it is hard to deny how dope these new UNDRCRWN snapbacks are. These leopard and and snakeskin caps pay homage to the off-court 70s style of Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier. They are part of UNDRCRWN’s  2011 Holiday collection and will be available worldwide at select boutiques and online starting Thursday December 8, 2011.


Benny Gold Winter ’11 Snapbacks

You got to love some new Benny Gold accessories.  This is a collection of snapbacks for the winter season this year.  They’re supposed to be hitting retailers and his online shop soon.


New Era Special Fabric Collection

I don’t know that this was the best decision by New Era, I can see PETA going crazy over this.  I like the idea though, it’s nice to see some materials other than the traditional ones.  The collection includes hats made from textured wool, tri-suede, suede elephant, fur, faux snakeskin, and canvas cord.


New Era 59Fifty Cap Tricks (Videos)

Here’s a few promo videos from New Era showcasing some crazy hat tricks.  Some of the moves in the second video don’t look real to me, but from New Era’s is saying it’s all legit. 3 videos after the jump.


HUF Headwear Spring ’12

HUF had a nice little preview at Agenda of their upcoming hats for spring 2012.  Dope stuff.


The Hundreds Fall ’11 Snapbacks

Got to love new drops from The Hundreds.  These are all new snapbacks coming out for this fall.  Glad to see the corduroy on the bill gettin’ some love, I like that look a lot.


E THE REAL – Skyscraper Snapback

Our friends over at E THE REAL just released a preview of their new Skyscraper Snapback. Its got a clean look, original design, and is reasonably priced at $25 bucks. Although these won’t be officially released until July 1st, E THE REAL will be debuting the Snapbacks at Section 8 KC where they will be available in limited quantities. For those of you who don’t know, Section 8 is an upcoming event taking place at the Crossroads in Kansas City, MO. If you can’t make it to the show be sure to pick a Skyscraper Snapback at E THE REAL’s webstore on July 1st. Keep an eye out for more E THE REAL gear coming soon. This is just 1 of 5 new pieces they are releasing this summer.


Mishka Tees & Snapbacks – Baller Edition

Mishka has possibly one of the craziest looking logos.  Definitely feeling all these items they just dropped.  They’re available now over at Mishka’s online shop.  Still kind of sour LA didn’t make it to the finals.


TI$A Snapbacks Availabe @REVIVEMICHIGAN

For whatever reason, TI$A always has the dopest snapback game.  All these new joints that Revive just got in stock are extremely dope.  Especially those Laker ones, let’s go Kobe!

Carhartt UK X New Era

That corduroy joint is one of the dopest fitted’s that I’ve laid my eyes on.  I really need to find where to get a hold of these here in the states.  They just started shipping to all their accounts, but I have a feeling majority of those accounts are located in Europe.  Anyone from Europe that reads this, hit me up!  Two other hats after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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