Introducing Not Your Father's Mountain Ale

Introducing Not Your Father's Mountain Ale


Introducing Not Your Father's Mountain Ale


Small Town Brewery, the company behind Not Your Father’s Root Beer and Not Your Mom’s Apple Pie, just released their latest boozy beverage and it’s sure to turn some heads.

Not Your Father’s Mountain Ale is a refreshing citrus brew that goes down easy and tastes great. But what most people will notice about it is the color. The bright green brew is reminiscent of those caffeine filled sodas that fueled skaters, gamers and outdoor adventurers for so long. But this version was designed for adults and consists of  5% alc/vol.

Small Town Brewery teamed up with Sara Underwood and Alysha Nett to help spread the word. We’d buy any product these ladies were promoting but that’s especially true when the product is a bright green alcoholic beverage.

Not Your’ Father’s Mountain Ale is perfect after a long hike through the woods, a backyard BBQ, tailgate or a chill night in playing xbox.

Mountain Ale is already flying off the shelves. You can find a retailer near you right here.

Head over to Small Town Brewery for more info Not Your Father’s Mountain Ale.

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