The 10 Best Bottle Openers For $20 or Less

Two things you should never overpay for: Beer and bottle openers.


10. Luchador Bottle Opener ($8)


9. Mermaid Bottle Opener ($10)


8. Truss Minimalist Bottle Opener ($8)


7. Butterfly Knife Bottle Opener ($7)


6. Recycled Skateboard Bottle Opener ($12)


5. 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener ($16)


4. Bull Corkscrew and Bottle Opener ($20)


3. Magnetic Bottle Opener by Brendan Ravenhill ($15)


2. Brass Bottle Opener + Corkscrew/shank ($15)


1. The Bottle Wrench Bottle Opener ($10)


Honorable Mention: This last bottle opener is a little more expensive than the rest but it’s also more functional.

Kebo One-Handed Bottle Opener ($25)

And it comes in this cool case…


Shout-out to CoolMaterial for all the pics and info.

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