Hamburger Bedding is here for your love of Burgers

First it was pizza bedding, now it’s hamburger bedding.  Retailer, Emotional Rainbow, just stocked their newest bedding addition.  Who doesn’t honestly love hamburgers?  Show that love, and purchase this brand new bedding here for $80.


How to Make Deep Fried Turkey Balls with TJ Miller

Want to switch up your normal Thanksgiving meal?  Watch as TJ Miller and Chef Andy Windak make deep fried turkey balls.  Be the most impressive dude at your next friendsgiving, and show up with a 12 pack of some good beer & these turkey balls.

WARNING: 33 pics of Food Porn may cause Hunger, Arousal, and Confusion


The Big Book of Bacon ($15)

America’s love for bacon is not going anywhere anytime soon.  Much like the fabulous taste of sriracha, bacon is an undeniable flavor.  The Big Book of Bacon features recipes with bacon ranging from basic to complex, and breakfast to dessert.  Recipe books are always good to own, especially one that glorifies bacon so much.  Head here to purchase your copy for $15.


Consume your Caffeine with this Supreme Espresso Cup

Everyone loves brand name products, so why not a streetwear brand name on an unexpected product?  This Supreme espresso cup just dropped today, and it’s only $12.  Sip your espresso in style by purchasing this here.


HERB: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis

From the people at The Stoner’s Cookbook comes a comprehensive cookbook featuring over 200 pages of how to cook with cannabis.  Herb will feature hundreds of their favorite recipes, beautiful photography, detailed extraction methods, and so much more.  They’re currently in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign to produce the book.  For $37 you can get an ebook version as well as the hardcover.  Head here to reserve your copy.


Pepperoni Pizza Bedding is Finally a Real Thing

We’ve seen pictures of this amazing pepperoni pizza bedding before, but it is now an actual thing you can purchase.  For approximately $75, you get a quilt cover & two pillow covers that have a pepperoni pizza theme.  Head here to purchase yours.


Man Card Bottle Opener ($13)

Behold the real-life Man Card. It’s made from 16 GA stainless steel, ensuring that it will hold up to any kind of wear and tear a true man can inflict. It also fits perfectly in your wallet to help prevent wear and bend on your credit cards. And the kicker? The mustache serves as a bottle opener. 

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