Beer Packaged to Match it’s Pantone Color

Design Studio, Txaber, put together this project where they matched different beer types with their Pantone color.  Honestly, the packaging looks extremely dope.  I could see myself buying a 12-pack of some Pantone branded beer.

Coca-Cola Is Bringing Back Surge Thanks To The Internet

Buzzfeed announced today that Coca-Cola will be bringing back Surge. Surge was first released in 1996 but turned out to be an epic failure. Production of the green drink was ended about 5 years later due to lack of interest from consumers. 

Own Your Next Tailgate With The Instagate

It’s officially tailgating seasons. Parking lots across the country are filled with party animals eager to grill meat and consume large amounts of alcohol. The only problem with tailgating is the mess that comes along with it. Instagate is here to solve that problem. 

Burger King Japan Introduces Two New “Black Burgers”

Well, these certainly do not look appetizing.  Burger King Japan just started offering 2 new Kuro “Black” Burgers.  The black buns are made from bamboo charcoal, and a garlic sauce made from squid ink.  They even have murdered out black cheese.  As a fast food connoisseur, I really wish I could get my hands on one of these bad boys.


Feast Your Eyes On Some Scrumptious Food Porn (27 Pics)

CAUTION: This post may cause uncontrollable drooling.


Walk into the Party Like a Boss with this Beer Briefcase

It’s always incredibly important to transport your precious beer as safely as possible.  This beer briefcase will definitely help you do just that.  Each beer will be secured by padded foam, plus how cool will you look walking in somewhere and opening your beer briefcase.  Downside it only carries 6, upside it’s only $44.95.  Buy it here.  

Unfortunately, X-Men’s Wolverine doesn’t have his own beer, but…

Butcher Billy conceptualized these comic book beers because no one ever made superfriends by drinking milk.  The range of beers includes some superheroes, and some antiheroes.  Head here to check out Billy’s Behance page.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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