Jim Beam Adds a Little Cinnamon for new “Kentucky Fire”

There’s no doubt that the major players like Jim Beam have seen the rise in popularity of the whiskey, Fireball.  In an attempt to get a piece of the pie, they have introduced a new bourbon whiskey that’s infused with cinnamon liqueur.  Kentucky Fire should be a viable option when it comes to cinnamon-ey alcohols.


Hide Your Booze In This Sunscreen Flask

  If you’re looking to smuggle some booze into your local public pool this weekend, the Sunscreen Flask is the perfect summer accessory. The 8 oz flask is made to resemble a normal sunscreen tube so no one will suspect a thing. Not only will it greatly improve your family trip to the pool, you can freak some people out by drinking straight from the tube. 


This Video Shows How Ramen Noodles are Made

Ever wondered how ramen noodles are made?  Potluck recently paid a visit to this factory that specializes in making ramen noodles, and actually makes 150 different styles of them.


Real Life Krusty Krab Restaurant is Currently Under Construction

Growing up, I was addicted to Spongebob Squarepants, and learned life lessons that still hold dear to me today.  Well, now a little piece of that show is becoming a real thing.  That’s right, an actual Krusty Krab restaurant is currently under construction in Palestine, in the West Bank to be exact.  I’m curious about the copyright/trademark issues here, but either way I need to go visit once completed.  Stay up to date with their progress on their Facebook page.


Vāpshot is the Newest Way to Consume Your Alcohol

You remember the powdered alcohol we showed you awhile back?  (Check it here).  Well, this seems about as dumb as that, only difference is that this is actually available for purchase now.  Not only that, but prices start at a whopping $699.  Thanks, but no thanks, I’ll stick to my already overpriced Jameson & ginger ale drinks at the bar.  If you’re interested visit their website.

Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” Contest Finalists are a bit Shocking

Lay’s has unveiled the “Do Us a Flavor” contest finalists, and well, I think they missed the mark on this one.  The 4 flavors include wasabi ginger, mango salsa, bacon mac & cheese, and certainly the weirdest, cappuccino.  Look for the flavors to start hitting the shelves on July 28th.  


Watch This Dude Drink a Gallon of Honey With Thousands of Bees On His Face (video)

This guy calls himself the “LA Beast” and he makes YouTube videos of himself eating crazy stuff. He once ate two whole cacti just for fun. In his latest challenge he attempts to drink a gallon of honey while thousands of bees cover his face. Why does he do this? For your viewing pleasure of course.


The Coolest Is The Ultimate Cooler

The Coolest is the cooler that has everything you need to keep the party going this summer. It has tons of added amenities you won’t find on any other cooler including a blender, bluetooth speaker, USB charger, waterproof light, bottle opener, and even a cutting board. The Coolest recently launched a Kickstarter with a goal of $50,000. There are 45 days left in their campaign and they’ve already raised close to $5 million dollars. It’s safe to say that The Coolest will be making its way to party near you. Head over to The Coolest Kickstarter to get your own. 

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