Never Go To The Store Again With Amazon Dash

There are so many reasons to hate grocery shopping. For starters, getting off your ass and scouring 76 aisles for a bag of Combos is insanity. But that’s not as bad as going through an hour of crowded misery only to forget one of the things you came for. Amazon is trying out a new product called Amazon Dash to help us avoid all that shit. Dash is a small device that you can speak into and scan barcodes to ensure all the items you need get added to your Amazon account. You still need to log in via computer, tablet, or phone to order the items, but they’ll already be in your shopping list so you won’t forget the staples like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The 6 x 1-inch device is easily portable and connects to a wi-fi network. For now, Amazon Dash is available by invitation only, so you have to know somebody who knows someone who has Dash to get your hands on one. Amazon Dash is part of an innovation push from the company, as it also recently launched Amazon Fire TV and teased us with future delivery drones.  


Feast Your Eyes On Some Delicious Food Porn (25 Pics)

Welcome to the unofficial home of Food Porn.


ManBQue: The Recipe Book Every Man Needs ($17)

They say this is the next griller’s “Bible” for men in their 20s & 30s.  ManBQue is a recipe book that’s dedicated to meat, beer, and rock-n-roll.  I’d say those three things are something that every young man is in to.  It’s available over at Amazon for $16.50.

The “Alphabet Sandwich” is Massively Epic

This is just amazing.  DudeFoods have created this humongous sandwich that features 26 ingredients, each starting with a letter from the alphabet.  Think you can take the whole thing down?  Try making one yourself.

How About Some Vodka with a Scorpion in it?

We all know about the worm at the bottom of the tequila bottle, but how about stepping it up a notch with a scorpion in your vodka?  Game changer.  You want to look like that ultra badass at the next house party you attend?  Bring a vodka bottle with a damn scorpion in it!  Hell, you might even go as far as eating the scorpion.  Just kidding, don’t do that, or at least I wouldn’t.  They have a couple of different size options here.

Wine in a Paint Can Concept is Awesome

These paint cans filled with wine were conceptualized for Beaujolais Nouveau by the ad agency McCann Vilnius.  No word on this seeing the light of day as far as actually selling the product, but I think it definitely beats boxed wine.


The Evolution of Pizza (Video)

A short history lesson on how the world’s most beloved food came to be.

Pringles Is Releasing New Sriracha Flavored Chips

Nope, this isn’t an April Fools Day prank. This is real. Pringles has finally hopped on the Sriracha train. Their new flavor, which is sure to be delicious, will be available exclusively at Walmart. You will have to check the Walmart website to find out which stores near you will be carrying them. That may seem like a lot of work for a tube a chips, but we sure it will be worth it.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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