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Ladies’ Obey – Lotus Poster Deep V-Neck

Exciting news for everyone.  Ladies – this new obey v-neck is dope.  Fellas – karmaloop has a new model with a nice (fake) rack.  Ladies – please forgive me for the explicitness of that last statement.  It’s hard to please everyone.  You can buy the shirt here for 34. 

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Kicks On Campus – Sherron Collins Versus John Wall

College basketball is back which means one thing, the return of everyone’s favorite feature Kicks on Campus.   I thought I’d start of with a battle of kicks between two powerhouse programs Kansas vs Kentucky. . .and more importantly a battle between the two best guards in the nation, Sherron Collins vs John Wall.  Who do you think is rockin the best kicks? and what guard would you rather have leading your team?  SNEAKHYPERS let us know what you think after the jump. All-American Sherron Collins at Late Night rockin some Adidas TS BOUNCE Commander 3 KG Team Blue/White. Kentucky Freshman John Wall throws down a windmill dunk while wearing some Nike Hyperize in Blue/White.


Some Hot Chick

This is a new Victoria’s Secret model from South Africa named Candice Swanepoel.  She was spotted by a model scout when she was 15 at a flea market.  Some job that would be… a model scout.  “Hey little girl… I know you’re underage, but you’re very pretty, and I could make both of us very rich if you just take your clothes off for me in front of my friend’s camera.  How’s that sound?” 


Insa Heels Fall Preview

Our favorite producers of chicks kicks, Insa heels, gives us a lil SNEAKpeek at what’s comin’.  Me likey. 


The Natalia Dress by *NYC Boutique

Damn, man.  This girl is just too hot for me handle.  If I saw her on the street wearing this, I would probably pull a Jim-Carrey-starring-in-The-Mask-ogling-Cameron-diaz-at-The-Bada-Bing “AHHHOOOOOGA!!”  Classic.  But back to the matter at hand… you need to check out these other pics:

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SNEAKHYPE EXCLUSIVE: Interview with The Cool Kids

Yeah that’s right.  Sneakhype hooked up with The Cool Kids for a little chat.  Read the full exclusive interview below to find out just how cool The Cool Kids really are.  Sneakhype verdict: pretty F’n cool.


Jordan Brand-The History Of Flight

The Jordan Brand just launched a new feature on the Jordan website called The History Of Flight.  The new feature includes the complete history of Michael Jordan and his 24 year relationship with Nike.  Did you know Jordan orginally didn’t want to sign with Nike? Crazy right? Learn more about the man, the moments, the shoes, and the stories after the jump.

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Art & Copy A Film by David Pray

Just watched the preview to Art & Copy a film by Doug Pray, looks pretty interesting and gives us better perspective of the crazy world of adverstising.  The film is packed with some of the most influential advertising creatives in the world, but for some reason the film is missing my boy Don Draper. Whassup with that?  Check out the trailer after the jump.

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Vans – Color Me Rad Backpack ($32)

Pretty solid deal for some late back-to-school shopping.  I’d say it works as a unisex pack in that (as weird as this may sound) it would look good on a fine chica, and a dude with the right hetero swagger could rock it as well.  For 32 bucks, you could buy it just for your tuesday thursday classes. 


Persuader Bag by James Piatt

Made by the same dude who made that brass knuckles handbag you may remember seeing a while back… but now he’s letting out all the stops and basically just strapping you ladies up with an AK.  The clip acts as a nifty cell phone pouch.  Buy it here. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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