17 Awesome Animals You Didn't Know Existed

17 Awesome Animals You Didn't Know Existed


17 Awesome Animals You Didn't Know Existed


1. The Blanket Octopus

The male Blanket Octopus dies soon after mating because its reproductive organ detaches and crawls into the female to fertilize them octopussy eggs.


2. The Tufted Deer

This tiny species of deer is located in northern parts of China.


3. The Star-Nosed Mole

Found in northeastern North America, these guys have 25,000 sensory receptors on their freak noses.


4. The Sarcastic Fringehead

This foot-long fish uses its velociraptor-like lips to give kisses to other sea creatures that may cross its path.


5. The Patagonian Mara

An Argentinian herbivore that looks like the spawn of a rabbit and a kangaroo.


6. The Irrawaddy Dolphin

Sometimes referred to as the “Serial Killer Dolphin” or “Child Molester Dolphin,” this creep of a porpoise is actually more closely related to the Killer Whale than the dolphins you kiss in front of the camera on your Royal Caribbean cruise.


7. The Sunda Colugo

Often referred to as a flying lemur, although it is not a lemur and does not technically fly either. It has giant stretchy armpits and uses them to glide from tree to tree. Nocturnal. Herbivore. Cutie patootie.


8. The Maned Wolf

The Maned Wolf’s long legs are an adaptation to its native habitat in South America — filled with tall grass and bushes.


9. The Yeti Crab

Lives near deep-sea hydrothermal vents. Apparently the Yeti fur isn’t quite cozy enough by itself — it has to snuggle up against some underwater volcanos.


10. The Fossa

The Fossa is basically a jungle cat with a house cat head. It is endemic to the island of Madagascar, just like its homie The Mossy Leaf-Tailed Gecko.


11. The Gerenuk

Found in eastern Africa, this antelope enjoys a similar advantage to the giraffe — it can eat plants and leaves that are out of reach for most other animals.


12. The 60-Foot Long Pyrosome

Penguins have been found dead after having accidentally swam inside of them. Nope.


13. The Pink Fairy Armadillo

Holding claim to the most unfortunate name in the animal kingdom, the male Pink Fairy Armadillo actually curls into a ball — not for protection — but for shame. It is an extremely efficient digger, able to bury itself completely underground in a matter of seconds.


14. The Raccoon Dog

Found in East Asia. I refuse to believe there is any evolution here. I think a dog had a raccoon’s babies. Had to be.


15. The Lamprey

The Lamprey is a jawless fish that attaches to other animals and feeds off of their blood. It has been around for some 300 million years, and its body has remained unchanged during its time on Earth.


16. Southern Right Whale Dolphin

Instead of receiving a dorsal fin like most of its dolphin relatives, the Southern Right Whale Dolphin alternatively received the dopest paint job of any mammal on the planet.


17. The Babirusa

Found in Indonesian islands, the Babirusa’s tusks continue to grow indefinitely. If the Babirusa does not regularly grind its tusks, they will actually grow to penetrate its own skull.


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